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Quickons Moon-Venus – emotional loop

Quickons is a minor aspect with a hidden karmic influence. It is often overlooked, but like an undercurrent it draws you into a whirlpool of recurring events from which you need to learn a lesson and be able to realize the potential of both planets on their higher floors. To do this, it is necessary to show their positive qualities to the maximum precisely in controversial issues that are repeated and cause a storm of negative emotions. The fact is that the aspect has the properties of both opposition and trine . Until the higher energies of the planets are manifested, a person will be torn apart by repressed emotions and disappointments.

This is especially felt in the quincunx of the Moon and Venus, because both planets are affected by deep feelings, the need for love, approval, joy and enjoyment of life. The native, on the other hand, often runs away from pleasures, tormented by feelings of guilt. He keenly feels the imperfection of the world, the suffering or disappointment of other people, the pain of animals, and cannot believe that one can be happy and joyful when there are only problems around.

Character and health with the Quince Moon-Venus

A repetition of situations requiring a solution will occur in the sphere of affairs of the houses where the planets stand. A person is given empathy, intuition, artistry and charm in order to taxi to a new level of understanding of what is happening. However, most often, the owners of the Moon-Venus quincunx take on the role of a noble savior of the world, designed to correct the imperfections of reality. They give more than they allow themselves to take. Such people listen to other people’s experiences, getting used to them as a role, feel all the processes of the interlocutor’s events and often pull them over to themselves. For example, a woman with a Moon-Venus Quinceon, who helps her friend survive a divorce or her husband’s infidelity, but in fact is a vest for draining negativity, suddenly finds that conflicts in her own family are growing and result in similar events or completely repeat them.

Aspect makes it possible to project one’s emotional state onto the surrounding reality. With strong and harmonious Moon and Venus, such people perfectly visualize their dreams. One has only to imagine the desired, as it immediately appears, especially if the desire is connected with the sphere of affairs of the houses where the planets stand. But if both planets are struck by squares and oppositions, then a person experiences a secret pleasure from suffering and attracts precisely them. This just explains why, empathizing with someone else’s grief, penetrating them to the roots of consciousness, the native recreates the same thing in himself.

The desire to serve and please others motivates us to spend not only energy resources, but also money. Buying new clothes and eating out at restaurants is a kind of cure for sadness and longing for an ideal world for the native, but he also feels guilty if he spends money only on himself, so his budget is often stranded.

Due to internal contradictions, emotional burnout and nervous exhaustion often occur.

Quickons Moon-Venus, personal life and synastry

Both men and women cannot imagine life without love. Given that both planets are associated with the sensual sphere, recurring events will always affect personal relationships.

It is important for the owners of the Moon-Venus quincunx to be loved, but they only understand this feeling in a very peculiar way. For them, love means the opportunity to prove their sympathy with romantic deeds, gifts, dedication of their time to a partner. Thus, they attract people who constantly demand proof of love, including through total jealousy, possessiveness, the need to constantly solve pressing problems, not only through care and attention, but also financially. Energy vampires and abusers stick to the native. In this way, he solves his own problems, wanting to be needed and irreplaceable by opposition, while shifting the focus on self-respect and understanding of personal value, one can attract love on the energy of the trine for a healthy and happy relationship.

In the synastry, the Quicons Moon-Venus creates a strong sensual attraction and a feeling of a kindred spirit, although often each member of the union will have the feeling that he is being suffocated with excessive attention and the desire to “get under the skin”. The owner of the Moon seeks to retire with a partner, and the owner of Venus wants to be more in the light and communicate together with other people.

How to work out the Moon-Venus Queens

Deep in the soul of the native lives an inferiority complex. Perhaps the parents replaced the expression of their love with valuable gifts and saved on warm words. They probably brought up strictly, believing that they were fed, clothed, and that was enough. To harmonize the aspect, it is important to work out resentment towards the mother, girlfriends, sisters, to reconsider one’s role in these relationships.

Most often, the native of either sex is shy in front of the feminine energy. Girls do not know how to deal with it correctly, considering femininity as a sacrifice in the name of love, and men tend to please their partners, being afraid of being rejected, especially if there was such an experience with their mother or the first love happened without reciprocity.

You need to learn to love yourself first, to decide on personal values and priorities, and also not to lend money to friends and partners if you don’t feel like it, for fear that they will turn away. This will not make the owner of the Moon-Venus quincunx an egoist, because he already gives more than he receives, but it will make it possible to anchor a healthy self-esteem and attract people who will appreciate and respect him. The development of acting skills, vocals, and public speaking helps a lot in this. The native bathes in applause and compliments, thereby removing the tension of the opposition and turning into the powerful energy of the trine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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