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Quickons Mars – Pluto: the battle for recognition

Quickons is a rather difficult aspect to interpret. He points to a karmic lesson, which, although small in scale, but if it is not passed, there will be no access to the positive energies of the planets. If the card is full of harmonious configurations, then their influence will make the influence of the quincunx hardly noticeable, but the negative aspects, on the contrary, will strengthen its oppositional character. A person has a vulnerability in the affairs of the planets and houses involved, he is not sure that he will cope with those desires and ambitions that he passionately wants to embody.

Quickons Mars-Pluto is difficult to turn for good if a person does not work on himself. It includes periodic outbursts of aggression in people without much spiritual core and bouts of workaholism in conscious individuals. It turns on in adulthood, but in children it can manifest itself as pugnacity and foul language during a period of stress. If a person does not transform this inner anger into action, it begins to destroy him.

Character, health and fate with the quincunx Mars-Pluto

As a person grows older, it seems that electric wires seem to be buzzing inside him, but it is difficult to understand the cause of this tension. Pluto is more closely than other planets associated specifically with the karmicity of the quincunx. In the house where he stands, the ancestors of the native could misuse power, money or a magical gift. You need to carefully monitor the following point: what recurring events in life correspond to the theme of this house and try to do justice without breaking the internal tension on other people.

Most often, the native strives for power. It seems to him that others doubt his professional competence, so he seeks to prove to everyone his leadership qualities, going too far. As a result, he dominates at work through aggression, tough politics and walking on the heads to his goal. The situation will soften if the Moon and Venus have harmonious aspects, but with the fiery Sun and Mars, the desire to be the first and destroy any rivals will still not be overcome.

If the native works on himself and tries to transform destructive emotions into the energy of creation, then he, on the contrary, takes on other people’s duties or does more than the situation requires in order to prove to himself and others how strong and competent he is. This is a more productive way, but it is dangerous in that a person very quickly wastes his reserve of strength. It seems to him that he is naturally incredibly energetic and hardy, but as in the case of a trine, this bonus of the Mars-Pluto quinceon works only up to a certain age, and then his ward simply burns out from exorbitant loads, which until recently were familiar to him.

It is very dangerous to accumulate anger and resentment in oneself, they can start the processes of neoplasms if the experiences are too strong and cause long-term suffering. You should also stay away from dungeons, basements, any armed conflicts, rallies, rock music concerts, as well as any events where there are crowds of participants.

Quickons Mars-Pluto, personal life and synastry

If the aspect affects the houses of personal relationships, or its participants are their rulers, the native will have to go through several karmic love relationships, and since both Mars and Pluto symbolize ardent passion and deep feelings, the test will not be easy. You will have to thoroughly work out the habit of being jealous, depending on the strong emotions of falling in love, the desire to control your partner and subordinate your will.

However, such manifestations are most often characteristic of men and women with Venus, Lilith, Mars and the Sun in Scorpio. The more fire in the horoscope, the stronger the person will seek to dominate the relationship.

Girls with a softer position of the Moon and Venus, on the contrary, tend to obey the subject of passion. They like powerful, even abusive, men who keep them on the verge of pain and pleasure through emotional swings. They will have such an addiction until they look at everything that happens from the outside and determine comfortable boundaries for themselves. They often like the military.

In the synastry, the quincunx Mars-Pluto creates physical attraction and passion at first sight. Perhaps it will develop into love, but initially an attraction is created that is difficult to resist, even if the partners are married to other people. However, due to the fact that the aspect is minor, it is still possible to overcome the temptation.

How to work out the Mars-Pluto quicon

Once and for all, it is impossible to harmonize this particular Quicons. The only option is to control your emotions, not to give anyone power over yourself, but also not to break the character of loved ones and colleagues yourself, and start loving yourself, working through childhood emotional trauma with a psychologist.

With Mars-Pluto quiconce, it is also good to play sports with increased physical activity and cardio training, if there are no medical contraindications. Martial arts and historical reenactments are suitable for men, when they can feel like a medieval knight on the battlefield.

It is also necessary to give yourself passive rest and relax in places of power in nature, because the higher the level of a person’s personal energy, the greater his well-being. If the finances are in order, then most often, the deep uncertainty inherent in the Mars-Pluto Quinceon is not included.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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