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Quickons Pluto – Chiron: a wound for life

Quickons in any scenario is considered a karmic aspect. It is difficult to interpret, as it is often lost in the background of more striking configurations, and when they come into play, the quincunx as the root cause of what happened is simply overlooked. At the same time, he periodically makes itself felt by a feeling of dissatisfaction and a desire for great accomplishments in the affairs of the houses that he touches. The complexity of understanding is due to the paradoxical combination of the energies of the trine and the opposition. They also manifest themselves unpredictably in the life of the native until he learns to reconcile them.

Both Pluto and Chiron were discovered relatively recently and are considered the most mysterious participants in the aspects. Their union rarely happens, approximately every 30-50 years, and as a rule, the wards are marked by a non-standard fate. Most often, at least once in their life, they get a strong shock, which then affects their choice and behavior, determining consciousness.

Character, fate and health during the Pluto-Chiron quince

The ancient Greek centaur Chiron, wounded by his beloved disciple Heracles, would have been forced to suffer forever from an unhealed wound because of his immortality. However, Pluto, the lord of the kingdom of the dead, took him to himself when he gave his eternity to the suffering Prometheus. In this myth lies the key to the influence of the Pluto-Chiron quincunx on the fate of man.

If there are many affected planets in the horoscope, this aspect only aggravates the situation, constantly provoking betrayals and accidents involving friends and loved ones. Consciously, no one wants to harm the native, but this happens unpredictably. For an accurate analysis, you need to interpret the signs and houses where the participants are. If 1 house is affected, physical injuries are possible, 2 and 8 – financial problems, 3 and 9 – the likelihood of suffering at school, college, an accident with relatives or negligence of neighbors. A particularly careful person needs to be in the crowd and in underground rooms, where the double vulnerability of the aspect (Chiron + the specifics of the Quinceon) will be especially obvious. If you ignore this influence, then just in crowded places it is possible to receive a symbolic non-healing wound,

This key event works as a trigger for self-doubt, especially in matters of public speaking, finances and sex. However, there are positive examples of Chiron-Pluto Quinceon holders – British Prime Minister Tony Blair and writer Georges Simenon, who at least outwardly achieved popularity and prosperity, although it is possible that deep down they were acutely experiencing certain events. In general, the aspect gives its wards infantilism and the habit of going with the flow according to the principle “whatever happens”, unless they have strong Mars and the Sun.

At the end of life, such people are more likely to have oncology if the Plutonian rules of behavior are not followed, so you need to regularly undergo examinations and not accumulate anger and rage in yourself.

Quickons Pluto-Chiron, personal life and synastry

If the aspect affects the 1st, 5th, 7th houses, then it is likely that the key trauma of life will be related to personal relationships. In this case, deep vulnerability will be associated with members of the opposite sex. Here you need to look at how harmonious the Moon, Venus, Mars and the Sun are in order to understand what is missing to change the situation. It is also important to analyze the connections between the houses, because if there are references to the 8th and 12th, then this exacerbates the problem.

Initially, it is assumed that the surrounding world is hostile to the native, but it is necessary to determine where the threat comes from: the Sun, Moon and 4-10 houses as parents, or all the same partners – 5 and 7 houses, Venus and Mars.

Chiron-Pluto men and women have a habit of going deep into themselves and pretending that there is no painful problem, that everything is fine, while they dig their nails into their palms until they bleed to hold back a scream. This is what can turn on the psychosomatics of neoplasms, but if you work out the problem with a psychologist, there will be no consequences. Also, in a relationship, they can act irresponsibly, which also has its consequences: they get into a car with a stranger, go to a party in hot places, drink in the company of potentially dangerous people. In marriage, they try to get maximum attention in order to heal the trauma of a lifetime.

Quickons Pluto-Chiron in the synastry also means a wounded relationship. Partners constantly stir each other’s souls, despite the powerful physical attraction, quarrel and provoke painful experiences. The exception is a high level of development, then, on the contrary, they will find a solution to a common problem.

How to work out the Pluto-Chiron quincunx

The answer lies in the ancient Greek myth of Chiron. When he gave immortality to Prometheus, the noble hero who brought fire to people, he was healed of pain. Any social activity for the benefit of others, and especially the heroes of the war, who suffered as a result of someone else’s injustice and cruelty, is karmically favorable for the native. The more he gives away on the topic of houses where he has the Quince Pluto-Chiron, the less likely he is to get injured. It is necessary to act ahead of the problem, preferably from an early age, although Pluto, as the highest planet, turns on in adulthood, but karma must be worked out as early as possible.

It is important to do good to the people that the house symbolizes. If this is the 12th sector , which already implies accumulated tribal sins, you will have to live according to the commandment: “Love your enemies.”

Vasilisa Vishneva

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