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Quickons Saturn – Chiron: old problems

Although the quicons are a minor aspect, its influence is very clearly seen in the chain of recurring events in the affairs of the houses where the planets are located. A person seems to fall into a time loop, returning to circumstances similar in emotional impact again and again. There is an opinion that the quincunx contains the possibilities of the opposition and the trine , and the internal problems of the first must be solved by developing the favorable possibilities of the second.

Quikons Saturn-Chiron is little studied, because it hinders the popularity of a person, encourages to stay apart, gives rise to doubts about one’s own competence. Such people do not shine on TV screens and rarely go to astrologers because of their innate skepticism, although they are fond of traditional medicine and psychology.

Character, health and fate with the Quince Saturn-Chiron

When analyzing an aspect, it is important to take into account the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, because if they are strong and supported by favorable aspects, the native may not notice the influence of the Saturn-Chiron quincun at all. If it affects, for example, the axis of 3 and 9 houses, such a person will not have problems with studying and communicating at school and university, as the classical reading prescribes. In his case, the energy of the aspect will play out as small doubts about the faith and the religious norms accepted in the country.

If initially there are many oppositions in the chart for personal planets and luminaries, while the native does not live a social life according to the Sun, then the Saturn-Chiron Quince will create many problems in the affairs of the affected houses. On the 3-9 axis it will be learning problems, slow-wittedness, reading in the clouds, extreme shyness in public speaking. A person gives the impression of being clumsy, clumsy, thinking for a long time, although in reality this may not be so.

Again, position in signs matters a lot. Saturn in Gemini will prove to be, by definition, a knowledgeable “teacher” eager to share his discoveries with less educated fellows, but Saturn in Taurus or Capricorn will be afraid to express his opinion directly so as not to get into trouble.

In a person’s life, unresolved old problems pop up all the time, many of which appeared long before his birth, because Saturn also shows ancestral karma. It is important to consider it together with the house where it stands. It is especially difficult if it is the 12th sector of the horoscope. Here you need to know the history of your family and identify recurring problems in the family in order to solve them in the present tense. If you ignore these moments, there are problems with the spine, through which energy does not flow. Any stresses and suppressed conflicts will be reflected on the spinal column, like curvature, osteochondrosis, salt metabolism disorders.

Quickons Saturn-Chiron, personal life and synastry

Aspect affects relationships with the opposite sex indirectly. If personal planets are not manifested, a timid and shy person will simply be afraid to be active in search of the second half. He is very afraid of rejection, awakening a chironic vulnerability, which is then difficult to cure.

At the same time, these are wonderful partners who can feel the mood of the spouses, read their thoughts and desires, and most importantly, be faithful. However, sometimes this plays a disservice, because they adapt too much to others, forgetting about themselves. On the one hand, this is how they work out the karma of the past, especially if one of the planets affects the 7th house. Here the partner is a karmic teacher, sometimes deliberately offending and limiting the native’s self-manifestations, so that he finally learns to value himself and enters into true service, and not groveling before the representative of the opposite sex he likes.

A similar situation in the synastry is an absolutely karmic connection, where one tries to know the subtle worlds, being sensitive and tactful, and the second grounds, teaches with a stick and a carrot. It could be part of a breakup. It all depends on the Chironian’s card and his sense of humor, because if the asteroid is in a strong position, a caustic laugh at the seriousness of the Saturnian will force him to leave first.

How to work out the quicons Saturn-Chiron

The main thing to remember for the native is that you can’t put off solving problems for later. This is the aspect of chronic wounds that will hurt for a long time, like a bullet stuck in the body. Any conflict, misunderstanding and difficulties of a different nature must be cleared up immediately, otherwise similar complications in communication and self-manifestation in society will be repeated, triggering internal vulnerability, and the native may even develop a phobia of open space or public speaking.

It is necessary to fight against pessimism and despair in the areas of houses affected by the aspect, and pay special attention to the health of the spine and teeth. Nervous shocks can cause toothache, and suppressed guilt can cause fractures out of the blue.

It is very good to do yoga to strengthen and develop the flexibility of the spine, but active cardio loads are contraindicated until the back muscles are sufficiently strong. Parents of a child with a Saturn-Chiron Quinceon are advised to monitor his posture from childhood.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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