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Quickons Saturn – Pluto: the manager of the house is a friend of man

Quickons is considered a minor aspect, and it really is revealed through circumstances that a person does not immediately compare with a karmic context. These are not so significant events at first, but even one little thing can turn the course of personal history in a different direction, especially if there is a clear predominance of positive or negative configurations in the horoscope. The Quicons will then join them with one of its two energies: trine or opposition . It will appear in accordance with the general picture of the chart, but in the houses where the planets stand. You can know its impact by recurring events that cause violent emotions in a person.

Quickons Saturn – Pluto – an interesting combination that creates a real politician who is not indifferent to the needs of the people. He always takes on more responsibilities than anyone, fearing that he would be considered a lazy person or a callous cracker. Nativa offends other people’s idleness, and the best way to eradicate any evil, in his opinion, is to become a hard worker and inspire by example.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Saturn-Pluto

The participation of the higher planets in the quincunx reveals to the native’s gaze a whole series of defects and shortcomings not only around, in the external world, but also in his own soul. Pluto is impossible to ignore. He encourages the mentee to change for the better and transform difficult and painful circumstances into a springboard for success or healing from illness.

The participation of Saturn also does not go unnoticed, because it is associated with the karma of the family. It is difficult to expect that the inclusion of a quincunx between them will be easy. A person is waiting for a series of tests in which he must immediately declare himself as a leader, because at first his organizational skills and high ambitions will be repeatedly criticized.

It is easier for the owners of the Saturn-Pluto quincunx to stand out and succeed in matters related to facilitating the social conditions of life for the disadvantaged segments of the population. Becoming officials or deputies, they will be able to satisfy the need to lead and feel like a significant person, and at the same time they will bring undoubted benefits, because with this aspect it is important for a person to feel that he lives not just like that, but is changing this world right at the moment .

However, this also has a downside:

  • exaggeration of the importance of one’s work for others;
  • too serious and corrosive attitude to work, categorical, suspicious and touchy;
  • perfectionism, obsession with details that do not matter against the background of a common cause;
  • fear of creative actions and even ideas in your own head.

The native knows how to manage collective resources, so he will be well suited for work in the financial sector, and investments will be successful, especially if Pluto is in the 2nd or 8th house. Colleagues often use his workaholism for personal purposes, so you need to get rid of the guilt of refusing to help someone perform his own duties on a regular basis. In fact, the native is afraid that other people’s flaws will interfere with the overall good result and heaps an unbearable burden of affairs on himself.

Unable to resist conflicts and suppress negative emotions, a person turns on the psychosomatics of bone diseases, problems with teeth and legs. You need to learn to put unpleasant colleagues in their place without fear of losing service bonuses.

Quickons Saturn-Pluto, relationships and synastry

If the personal planets of the native are in fall or exile, then the likelihood of his partner using him for personal gain increases. It is all the more difficult for those whose Saturn or Pluto affect 1, 4, and especially 7 houses. They constantly fall in love with people with whom they experience painful experiences that transform their soul and mind.

The nature of this influence depends on the level of awareness and karma of the native: from despair and depression to working through problems and becoming a personal relationship coach. However, you still have to go through this crucible of complex and dependent relationships.

Men and women with the Pluto-Saturn quincunx attract despotic, domineering and persistent partners. At first, it seems to them that they care and solve their problems, and since the owners of this aspect are used to dragging other people’s hardships on themselves, they perceive their partner as a savior, and only then they realize that in fact they were subjected to someone else’s will.

Quikons Saturn-Pluto in the synastry indicates the karmic nature of the relationship. Each tests his own strengths and the limits of the other, trying to dominate and limit free will. It is necessary to move from mutual irritation and co-dependence to the exchange of accumulated life experience and forgiveness.

Working out of the Saturn-Pluto quincunx

The aspect will have to be harmonized throughout life, because the transits of Pluto, during which it is activated, are long, which means that its influence, inducing changes in the themes of the affected houses, is felt more strongly than with other Quicons.

The main recipe is to learn to love and appreciate yourself for real. To do this, you need to study psychology or go through at least a few sessions with a specialist.

You will have to eradicate the habit of dwelling on the details, try to see the big picture and the main inspiring goal. You can relieve stress through dynamic sports, mountain climbing, dancing, and to develop flexibility, it is better to choose yoga.

In personal relationships, it is better to refuse to communicate with people who distract from moving towards the main goal, otherwise there will be energy disruptions in the body.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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