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Quickons Saturn – Uranus: the ascetic against the conservative

A minor karmic aspect can greatly complicate life if you do not pay attention to it in time. It creates a chain of recurring events in which you need to maximize the best features of both planets, regardless of the contradictions between them and the fears in the soul of the native himself. The problem is that the principles of the participants in the union are in confrontation, they do not see and do not understand each other, especially when the planets are initially opposite in meaning as a strict Saturn – the lord of karma and a freedom-loving revolutionary Uranus .

The quickness between them makes a person rush between family traditions and the desire for bold changes, novelty, relocations that have not yet been in his family. This makes self-identification difficult, because the native does not understand who he is: a conservative or an ascetic, which is why sometimes he is simply afraid to act. That is why success in society is more important for him than personal relationships. Having received recognition, he gets rid of the internal inferiority of the generational karmic line.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Saturn-Uranus

The native is a very inventive person, although he himself may think otherwise. The fact is that in any aspect with Saturn, the lord of karma is stronger than another planet, and therefore dominates it. Given that a person must first unearth and develop talents according to his quincunx, for a long time he may believe that he is not able to create something new and original, except only to repeat after others.

This is the secret key to revealing the Saturn-Uranus Quincex: to create for yourself a support from known rules, so that on their basis later create and create something new. For example, Picasso and Dali first studied traditional painting techniques, then to move away from the canons and create a revolutionary revolution in style. In order to beautifully break the rules, you need to study them thoroughly.

However, most often, the native turns out to be shackled by the old algorithms of behavior adopted in his family or at work, although a lot of creative ideas are born in his head to solve problems faster. If Uranus is in exaltation, then the native literally blows his head from extravagant fantasies, which he himself seems quite feasible, but in reality this may not be so. Faced with a gap between dream and reality, he is disappointed and may completely go into the shadow of Saturn and not stick out anymore.

With a strong Sun, Uranus and Mars, failures, on the contrary, incite and I want to prove my case to the whole world. Most of the inventions that are unique and unusual for contemporaries were created by the owners of the Saturn-Uranus quincunx, because they understand how to materialize a bold idea in practice, and not just hover in the clouds.

Very often, such people lead a sedentary lifestyle, working to turn dreams into reality, which affects the joints, bones and vascular system. They need to monitor their posture and do exercises to prevent cervical osteochondrosis.

Quickons Saturn-Uranus, personal life and synastry

If the native has Venus and the Moon in fall, as well as weak Mars and the extinguished Sun, then the quincunx in this scenario will be an additional signal of a lack of interest in the opposite sex, or at least a desire to marry.

It is much more interesting for such a person to achieve professional recognition than to start a family, and he will throw all his strength into achieving this ambitious goal, especially since with this aspect success awaits him in any chosen field of activity, but in communicating with the opposite sex, much depends on the position both planets. Saturn is a priori stronger, but if Uranus is also in exaltation, then it is easier for a person to express his feelings, especially when there are harmonious Venus, Moon and Mars in the chart. Here, the native will be able to win any person with original and romantic courtship, having developed a whole plan to conquer the heart. Yes, and it will not be boring with him. For success in a relationship, it is important to find a compromise on controversial issues, not to hush up painful moments and not to turn to direct accusations without evidence, as is often the case with this aspect.

Quickons Saturn-Uranus in the synastry symbolizes the union of different types of thinking, but with mutual interest in each other, when partners get the qualities they lack, practicality or courage, in another person. Together they can achieve more than alone.

How to work out quicons Saturn-Uranus

The native should always be aware of new developments in the area of interest to him. This is especially true of technical developments and modernistic trends in art. He will have to constantly learn, improve his skills, but most importantly, develop his talents. Even if he does not show great promise in his youth, the Saturn-Uranus quincunx will give him the opportunity through work to reveal the abilities inherent in him, so you should not miss meetings with interesting people, participate in qualifying competitions, go to electives.

Shy and constrained at first, the native can be much more talented than more nimble and sociable peers, but he needs to overcome himself, his fears and complexes in order to break out of the prison of Saturn to the brilliant peaks of Uranus.

Programming, public speaking, learning a foreign language, and maintaining your own blog on social networks will bring significant benefits. Ideally, you need to do business from which the soul sings, but clearly plan your activities.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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