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Quickons Sun-Mars: Terminator in action

The mysterious minor aspect, surprisingly combining the properties of the trine and the opposition in its impact on the fate of the native, is not immediately felt. If there are a lot of squares, sextiles and other fashionable configurations in the map, then they draw the focus of attention to themselves. However, the recurring situations in the themes of houses and signs that the Quicons touches on make one wonder how random this is. The aspect unites planets located in signs that do not see each other, and accordingly, a paradoxical situation develops, a kind of energy cacophony, when the participants in the aspect do not understand how they can act together.

If they are not overwhelmed by tense relationships, then the quicons bring a repetition of positive situations and pleasant events. However, in the case of Mars, everything is ambiguous. The planet of war is a priori considered evil and creates discomfort even in a minor aspect. Man does not know how and where to apply his power. He is enthusiastic, but associates with the wrong people or ruins what he does.

Character and health with quicon Sun-Mars

The sun in the natal chart symbolizes the archetype of the father not only literally, but also figuratively, denoting the adult position of the owner of his life. This is willpower, personal charisma and energy. The sun is a military leader, and Mars is a soldier-executor who does not discuss orders, but clearly executes them. A quickons between them gives a strong need to prove one’s personal worth to the world, preferably in a battle for show. The native subconsciously looks for enemies or problems, in the fight against which he can show courage, quick reaction and external beauty in all his splendor.

From the outside, it looks like shooting at invisible targets, hoping to hit at least some target.

At the event level, this is reflected as the need to constantly adapt to changing circumstances.

If Mars is in water and air signs, then the native chooses detours, trying to get around the obstacle, and not smash it with a sword. Another thing is the position in the element of fire. Here, impulsive reactions, open aggression, the desire to prove one’s superiority bring both a quick achievement of the goal and an open war with the whole world.

Health is strong, the native is physically strong, but often the excitement and upheaval associated with the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, cause psychosomatic diseases of the heart and blood vessels or repetitive injuries due to haste and verbal intemperance.

Quickons Sun-Mars, personal life and synastry

Nativ is a sincere and responsible person. For him, a positive assessment of others in the affairs of his profession, personal skill and sex appeal is very important. A man with a Sun-Mars quincunx is not a clear leader. He comes to the fore only under certain circumstances, waiting for his finest hour. He really needs a woman who will admire and support him, then he will boldly go to storm any height.

Quickons Sun-Mars in the female horoscope includes recurring events associated with the personality of the father and husband. The plot depends on the signs and houses of the planets. This can be lost as constant help from men and support for her leadership aspirations in her career, as well as the need to overcome their prohibitions, to fight for her independence.

If the Quince Sun-Mars affects the 7th house, the native often hastily marries in a fit of passion, which he may later regret, but having fallen in love, hurries to the registry office again.

In the synastry, this is an indicator of mutual physical attraction, but at the same time competition, when it is close together and boring apart, but everyone strives to prove their importance.

How to work out the quincunx Sun-Mars

The native really wants to be perceived as an impeccable professional in his field, but great fame does not appeal to him, unless his Sun and Ascendant are in Leo.

These are excellent artisans: carpenters, designers, jewelers, technicians, as well as the military: from a soldier to a general, depending on other indicators of the horoscope. In addition, a person can be a wonderful doctor: a diagnostician, an orthopedist, a therapist, a traumatologist. The fact is that it is a matter of honor for a native to do his job flawlessly, so in these areas he will not only enjoy the results of his work, but also work out the imbalance of the quincunx.

In addition, it is simply vital to play sports in order to release the internal Martian aggression and transfer it into the sphere of creation. An excellent study will be work as a sports coach, here the principle of the Sun and Mars is realized at the same time.

There will always be people around the native who want to use his ideas. This is especially true for people involved in applied art. It is necessary to ensure that the sketches of creativity do not end up in the wrong hands and file a patent for inventions in time.

In personal relationships, you need to start appreciating yourself, because it is not easy to find such sincere, reliable and economic life partners as a native. Women, on the other hand, should pay attention to their Venus in order to harmonize a strongly pronounced Mars.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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