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Quickons Sun-Pluto: Dreams of Glory

Quickons creates a paradoxical effect on the life of the native. Not only does it bring a repetition of the same situation from the past, including the affairs and themes of those houses and signs where the planets stand, it also creates contradictions in the soul. It combines the forces of trine and opposition , which are, of course, directly opposed to each other. It turns out that a person is lucky along the line of planets in the aspect, but internal fears and complexes make him again and again make the wrong choice and erroneous actions. The main thing is to determine why the same rake occurs again and again in life and change your attitude to the situation within yourself.

This is especially true for the wards of the quincunx Sun-Pluto. These people are ready to turn the earth in order to become famous or justify the expectations of others, but they perceive someone else’s attitude towards themselves too painfully. They are so in awe of the fame and fortune of other people that they are ready to break the law for the sake of possessing the same.

Character and health with the quicon Sun-Pluto

A person constantly finds himself in situations where you need to change yourself for the sake of good earnings and power. It’s not always bad. For example, in order to meet the high standards of the circle of the elite, the native begins to take care of himself, lose weight, study economics textbooks, take financial literacy courses, that is, he transforms externally and internally for the life of a dream.

Most often, he wants to stand out in the topics of Pluto: money, secret influences, psychology, science, esotericism. However, everything depends on the level of spiritual development. A person who is not burdened with moral principles will just as well get the opportunity to become the leader of a local gang or go over to the side of evil, for example, the same “werewolves in uniform” often go astray precisely under the influence of the oppositional side of the Sun-Pluto Quicon.

Willpower, charisma, the very personality of a person, for which the Sun is responsible, are constantly undergoing changes under the influence of Plutonian energies. The native takes on a huge wave of responsibilities, curtsied, but huge ambitions rage in his soul. He plays the role of an obedient subordinate, but having received a high position, he changes beyond recognition: he becomes an imperious, tough, even narcissistic dictator.

However, this does not exclude the constant experience of feelings of guilt with or without reason. Some suppress it, but most are keenly aware of their mistakes and therefore try to take on more work or secretly help those who have been wronged or left out.

Many unconsciously choose dangerous professions associated with weapons, disasters, death and investigations. They work as rescuers, policemen, surgeons, miners, criminalists, investigators. In this case, health is constantly threatened, but in most cases, the native attracts injury and injury by his desire to be in the center of the problem. Behind this, again, lies the desire to curry favor and show oneself as a hero.

Excessive experiences and inability to take a worthy place in society can turn on the psychosomatics of oncology. However, this will not happen if you constantly grow professionally, spiritually, transform fears into victories with the help of a psychologist.

Quickons Sun-Pluto, personal life and synastry

The owners of such a horoscope are amorous, but they are afraid of rejection. The aspect often attracts mystical acquaintances into their lives, including with the rich and famous, but if in the case of the Quicon Sun-Neptune these are representatives of creative bohemia, capricious and infantile, here they are rather imperious and integral natures from the ruling elite of politics, finance, show- businesses before which the native trembles and bows down.

If one of the planets affects 5 or 7 houses, then with a certain degree of probability such an acquaintance will turn fate upside down, transform the personality of the native. Whether this is good or bad will already depend on the overall picture of the horoscope and the level of awareness of the person himself. It can be both incredible professional growth, gaining personal wealth and developing one’s uniqueness under the influence of a partner, or destruction of the psyche and a path along a crooked path if a life partner is associated with crime or is cruel.

How to work out the Sun-Pluto Quinceon

The native often takes on work that others consider impossible or dangerous. In this way he asserts himself, and this really brings him glory if trines predominate in the horoscope. However, an abundance of stressful changes can cause injuries, due to which a person will have to change himself as a person, including the professional sphere, so you need to remember that Pluto requires transformation and changes in the themes of houses and signs affected by aspects, which means you need to change and grow up before disaster or illness occurs. If a person undertakes a dangerous business for the purpose of good changes, and not just personal gain, then nothing bad will happen.

When stressful situations caused by the quickons are repeated in life, it is important not to fall into strong negative experiences, including the psychosomatics of oncology, but instead ask for help from people in power or law enforcement agencies.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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