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Quickons Uranus – Chiron: head in the clouds

Quickons – one of the pointers to the karmic study of repetitive situations. In those houses where the planets stand, strong tension accumulates due to a misunderstanding of their principles. In this life, the native needs to reach the conscious interaction of the best qualities of Uranus and Chiron. Such a movement is similar to the transition from the energy of the opposition to the trine , but given the specifics of these particular participants in the aspect, it is difficult to do this.

Quickons creates a feeling of vulnerability similar to Chiron’s, so the pain is doubled here. In an effort to escape from problems, a person lives with his head in the clouds, spending time in useless fantasies, just not to start working in harsh reality, or vice versa, trying to figure out the causes of difficulties and turning into a bore, tormenting loved ones with millions of questions. He is like a squirrel in a wheel, again and again decides what has already been done.

Character, fate and health under Quince Chiron-Uranus

If the native has strong Sun, Mercury and Saturn, he is able to emotionally disengage from the problem and apply his intellect and experience to solve the problem in the most favorable way. To a large extent, intuition helps here in the form of impulsive insights, when there is a clear and precise knowledge of what to do.

The main thing here is not to follow the Chironian doubts: “what if it just seems so to me.” This fear makes the native put off decisive action, and instead re-examine all the subtleties and nuances of the painful issue, compare the facts, tell his relatives about his problem, forcing them to assure him for the tenth time that everything will be fine.

Such tediousness does not help get rid of experiences, but people around you quickly get bored. In most cases, he cannot understand why, because Uranian openness makes him answer the question: “how are you?” Inborn egocentrism excludes empathy, unless the Moon and Venus are in Pisces or Cancer, and it seems to a person that the whole world around exists to solve his problem. On the one hand, he really systematically achieves his goal, on the other hand, the price of success is loneliness, because people get tired of him quickly.

Despite the innate tediousness, and partly even thanks to it, the owner of the quincunx Uranus-Chiron succeeds in creativity, but in a very peculiar way. It is as if he reads musical compositions and poetic rhymes from a subtle information plane and transfers them to paper, and only then hones them to perfection.

Loneliness adversely affects the health of the native. Nervous strain and resentment cause psychosomatic lung disease, as well as cerebrovascular accidents. Out of the blue, fall injuries and electric shocks occur. Strong anger can attract a lightning strike, so it is better not to leave the house in a bad mood.

Quickons Uranus-Chiron, personal life and synastry

It is difficult to live with the native if the personal planets are weak or afflicted with negative aspects. It is especially difficult to get along with the owners of the Moon and Mercury in the signs of the earth. Such people are picky about words, intrusive and demanding on cleanliness in the house. The wives of men with the Uranus-Chiron quincunx are forced to adapt to their changing mood, which calms down only in the familiar home atmosphere of cleanliness and minimalism, and also listen in detail about problems at work.

Women with this aspect, on the contrary, are careless in everyday life, but love to chat on the phone. It is difficult for them to keep secrets, which also complicates family life. However, the owners of the quincunx Uranus-Chiron have one talent, thanks to which they keep their partner next to them. Knowing how to hear the harmony of the heavenly spheres, they incomprehensibly tune their loved ones to the tones of creativity. These are real muses. It is easy to feel a surge of inspiration next to them: writers and journalists begin to create vivid works, artists write memorable paintings, and composers create music.

Unfortunately, representatives of more earthly professions are not able to appreciate this talent, which causes quarrels and conflicts.

Quickons Uranus-Chiron in the synastry creates an instant interest in each other on the basis of unusual hobbies or joint creativity. Conflicts and confrontation are not excluded, where each defends his point of view and hurts the integrity of the other. Here you need to work out grievances and learn to admire other people’s creativity as well.

How to work out quicons Uranus-Chiron

The native should literally track the tendency to paint the details of his life in the smallest detail. You need to learn to look at yourself from the outside and stop in time. This will help the study of Mercury as well.

It is also important to find a good friendly environment, especially if a person is interested in astrology and esotericism in general, because due to his corrosiveness and ability to create something new from the smallest details, his innovative ideas seem extravagant and strange to ordinary people, and they may doubt the mental health of the native.

It is good to engage in creativity to relieve nervous tension, singing and dancing are especially useful here. Personal relationships are also desirable to develop with representatives of creative professions, because they will appreciate the inspiring influence of the native on the productivity of their work. A good alliance will also be with owners of Internet professions, bloggers, healers, esotericists.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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