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Quickons Venus – Ascendant: Master of Compromise

Quickons always points to a certain vulnerability in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, and at the same time, a person is given by nature talents in these areas to achieve the most daring desires. Another thing is that sometimes they need to be developed through internal resistance, because the overall influence of an aspect is similar to the influence of a trine and opposition at the same time. From the point of view of karmic astrology, a person has experience on these topics from a past life, which he needs to develop or, conversely, reconsider.

Quickons Venus with the Ascendant affects the native more than other unions of the planet of love with other personal and higher ones, because the Ascendant is directly related to self-manifestation in society and appearance. The owner of the horoscope is picky about his appearance, constantly tries to appear in the best light, avoids conflicts and is always ready to compromise, even if it is to the detriment of his interests.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Venus Ascendant

It seems to a person that he is not handsome and attractive enough, although objectively his appearance may be ideal. This feeling of inferiority pushes the owners of the aspect to participate in beauty contests, castings in modeling and acting agencies, but even having received the coveted title and popularity, they continue to doubt. It seems to them that someone else is much more beautiful and desirable, which awakens in them jealousy, envy and deep sadness. They are exacerbated by the presence of negative aspects of Venus itself, as well as the Moon and Mars, and a difficult childhood, when the child did not receive enough compliments and support from parents. Then it will seem to him all his life that love and recognition must be earned, to please everyone who has influence on his life, not to argue and agree to any conditions, so long as he is not rejected.

If the owner of the quincunx Venus Ascendant is unlucky with his parents, and then with his life partner, he is criticized and his soft character is used to dominate and twist ropes out of him, then the positive influence of the aspect will not manifest itself at all. Initially, these are acting and artistic abilities, the ability to present oneself favorably, to see the light of kindness in another person, and also to be an example of beauty that saves the world. These are born peacemakers, able to find the right words and stop strife in time and reconcile the already warring parties.

However, without knowledge of astrology and analysis of their chart, they rely on appearance, mistakenly believing that the more beautiful they are, the more honor and respect they will be treated.

The desire to please and help others is based on a passionate desire to be noticed, to receive praise, to be a good girl or boy, but in the end this leads to emotional burnout and damage to one’s own interests.

These people are prone to psychosomatic diseases of the throat after suffering stress. If they are not allowed to speak out and if their work is grossly devalued, then angina and laryngitis begin. Hair may also fall out after severe shocks.

Quickons Venus Ascendant, personal life and synastry

The main fear of the native is to be rejected. If there are many oppositions and quadratures in a woman’s map, then most likely already in her youth she could experience unhappy love when she was not accepted for who she is.

The self-esteem of such a girl directly depends on her satisfaction with her appearance. She can sit for hours in front of a mirror, spend all her savings on outfits, but she will never understand that without inner confidence, a beautiful wrapper will only attract consumers, but not a loved one. Hence the complexes that no one needs her.

In the map of a man, this is a recurring dependence on a girlfriend he likes. When she favors and reciprocates, he grows wings, but if he manipulates, then at first he will fulfill all her requirements so as not to be rejected, but in the end he may earn an inferiority complex, and in the end, he will still fall in love with appearance, not those with good hearts.

Quickons Venus Ascendant in the synastry symbolizes love and a creative union, when the owner of the planet of love has a powerful effect on a partner, literally catalyzing his creative qualities. It can be the relationship between the Muse and the creator, when a stream of inspiration descends from above at the mere sight of a loved one. The owner of the Ascendant also gives the partner a bright start in creativity, for example, helping to choose the right image, style and form of self-expression.

How to work out the quincunx Venus Ascendant

The native needs to find a middle ground between the desire to live with everyone in the world and the resulting need to endlessly please and adapt to others. It is important to find support within yourself, relying on your talents according to Venus, and choose the way to express them according to the sign of the Ascendant. If he is in the fiery element, there is no need to be ashamed of his ambitions, but on the contrary, go towards the fear of condemnation, and be a leader. Earth signs on the Ascendant call to reveal sensuality and enjoyment of material wealth, air signs – to be an ideological inspirer, water signs – to influence the world through art.

The native should get rid of the feeling of guilt for paying too much attention to his appearance. There is nothing wrong with striving to be beautiful and bright, as long as it does not turn into perfectionism. The sooner he realizes that true love arises from sympathy for the individual, on the basis of common goals and values, and not due to exceptionally beautiful appearance, the higher his chances for happiness in his personal life.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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