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Quickons Venus – Jupiter: in pursuit of love

Quickons brings both luck and internal resistance to the life of the native on the way to success, which is why it is believed that it combines the properties of opposition and trine . The aspect creates recurring events on the theme of houses where the planets stand, so that the native finally overcomes the fears and complexes hidden in the depths of the subconscious and enters productive activities.

Venus and Jupiter are considered planets of small and great happiness. In theory, any harmonious aspect with them is the key to easy success, but given the pitfalls of the quincunx, the native is in dire need of love and approval and becomes dependent on other people’s applause. Self-confidence appears only with outside support, and willpower is in doubt. Luck can be grabbed by the tail only if you reach the higher energies of both planets.

Character and health with quincunx Venus-Jupiter

The key feature of the native is the need not so much for love as for admiration. For the sake of this, he can become weak-willed and soft-bodied, make any compromises, including betraying his own values and beliefs. If Mars, Saturn and Mercury are strong, there is a possibility of a strong character and fidelity to one’s ideals. However, with their defeat, the danger of dependence on a more confident person increases.

The native often looks back at the opinion of society when making a decision, and sometimes even comes up with a problem that does not exist. He is afraid in advance of a negative reaction to his work on Venus, although in fact, these are just his fears, and people can treat his self-expression very favorably, but the fear of rejection freezes actions in the bud.

Jupiter gives huge ambitions, in which a person is afraid to admit to himself. A very big problem for the owner of the Quinceon Venus-Jupiter is to face criticism or depreciation of his cherished dreams in reality. It is difficult for him to recover from such a wound, unless he is the owner of a strong Pluto and Mars.

The main enemy of the native is the fight against fictitious obstacles. He is afraid of competition, dismissal, depreciation of his achievements, although in reality this may not threaten him, fear exhausts and encourages him to fill the inner emptiness with delicious food and expensive purchases, which leads to waste of savings and excess weight.

In addition, a person is very afraid of not living up to other people’s expectations and takes on more responsibilities than they should. The key to overcoming is revealing the talent of an organizer and leader, as well as a spiritual teacher. The native will succeed in being an art therapist, a teacher of foreign languages, dancing, painting.

Quickons Venus-Jupiter, personal life and synastry

The owners of the aspect often underestimate themselves and the importance of their person for a partner. It seems to them that they deserve more attention, care and luxurious gifts. If a life partner does not give them anything, they feel worthless and do not believe in the sincerity of his feelings.

Men and women with the Venus-Jupiter quincunx often exaggerate the needs of a partner and give him too much, and then are offended that the person does not do the same in return. It seems to them that being constantly present nearby, touching, adjusting the clothes of a loved one, asking about his well-being several times a day, they show the depth of their feelings.

Sometimes their love becomes too obsessive, and care resembles persecution. At the same time, they think that they are expressing love, but for a partner this is too much, he just wants to run away. When the same scenario is reproduced in a relationship, you need to go to the highest floor of the planets: to understand and accept the partner’s values and give him more freedom.

Quickons Venus-Jupiter in the synastry symbolizes several loves at first sight. This is mutual love, romantic and fabulous like in the movies. Partners help each other gain wealth and fame.

How to work out the Venus-Jupiter quincunx

The native needs to realize that this aspect always creates problems in the relationship, but it is not fatally destructive. The karmic task is to learn to understand and respect personal value, and at the same time the significance of a partner, without falling into humiliation and self-aggrandizement. To do this, you need to form a clear system of values and understand where personal boundaries are located that cannot be violated by another person.

Art and dance classes, learning foreign languages will help a lot if one of the planets is affected by negative aspects or is in a fall.

It is necessary to abandon the desire to please superiors, not to curry favor, but to find a foothold in oneself, to always behave with emphasized dignity.

Marriage or business partnerships with foreigners are likely, so any trip to another country can bring long-term long-term acquaintances to the native.

At work, you also need to value yourself and clearly stipulate your responsibilities, because Venus and Jupiter will bring good money only if you get rid of the guilt of owning them, which is exactly what the owners of the quincunx suffer from.

You also need to get rid of the need to solve your emotional problems through romantic relationships and rely on self-love, and only then look for a life partner.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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