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Quickons Jupiter – Ascendant: the boss is always right

Quickons is an aspect of unmanifested karma, which a person begins to realize gradually, trying to reveal talents for the affairs of the planets that form it. This is the effect of opposition in striving for a trine . The giftedness of the native seems to be hidden from him, or those around him assure that there is no zest in him, and he certainly wants to succeed precisely in the topic of the affected houses and signs. Overcoming internal resistance and fears, he approaches success and harmony, thereby working through the opposition through the trine. At the same time, there will always be an irresistible desire to go to a new peak, not stopping there. This is commendable, but sometimes a person simply has no time to realize his achievements and gain confidence, he acts out of fear.

The owner of the quincunx Jupiter Ascendant strives to be the main and right in everything. He is lucky to have an environment that admires him and is ready to become a support group, because the native himself dramatizes any event in his life, and he needs helpers and fans to feel on a horse. Otherwise, it may not rise from the crisis.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Jupiter Ascendant

The owner of the horoscope strives to become the first and foremost in any business he is engaged in, but especially in the affairs of the house where Jupiter stands. This burning need cannot but affect his appearance, since the Ascendant is directly related to the presentation of himself in society, while a real person turns out to be more modest and calm than his social mask. It’s just that the quinceon Jupiter Ascendant literally pushes him to the forefront, and if the Sun is in fiery signs and Mars is in exaltation, then the fear of obscurity burns him from the inside.

However, the path to success will not be cloudless. A series of ups and downs is expected, and despite the optimism inherent in the native, he will doubt more than once that he will succeed at all.

The main problem is the lack of self-discipline in a globally creative approach to solving any problem. Napoleonic plans, but the native does not know how to systematically implement them in life.

It is important for both a man and a woman to give the impression of an influential person, so they often choose the Jupiter style of clothes of famous foreign brands, wear leather, furs, large jewelry with precious stones, even if their Sun is in Virgo or Cancer. Sometimes such people tend to embellish themselves excessively, and also make deliberately impossible promises in the style of Ostap Bender in order to feel at least for a moment a sense of belonging to power. At the same time, by nature they are generous and sincere, but sometimes they overplay the role of the boss purely because of intoxication with their own greatness, which sometimes exists only in their imagination.

If it is not possible to reveal sensuality and realize ambitions, a person begins to overeat, abuse sweets, and sometimes alcohol, which leads to problems with the liver, pancreas and metabolism. This causes diabetes and obesity.

Quickons Jupiter Ascendant, personal life and synastry

In the first place, the native puts the satisfaction of his desires and needs, but quickly switches to other people’s problems, because helping, he feels himself an important and sought-after person. In love relationships, he wants to dominate and painfully experiences any criticism, especially if it concerns appearance, for example, a remark about being overweight will cause him great irritation.

In addition, karmically, the Jupiter Ascendant quincunx attracts unreliable friends, colleagues and partners. There are two options that apply to personal relationships, including:

1. The native helps all his life, fulfills other people’s desires like a workhorse, allowing him to ride on himself, and he is abandoned as soon as he is no longer needed.

2. The native experiences acute disappointment from the first betrayal and becomes an egocentric, whose whole life is concentrated on the enjoyment of personal victories.

In any case, vanity and the need for admiration will not allow him to choose an introverted homebody as a partner. The owners of the Quinceon Jupiter Ascendant seem to highlight themselves as a bright personality in marriage, or vice versa, they prefer to shine against the background of an outwardly unremarkable life partner, but it is important for them to be with their husband or wife in society, to be in sight.

In the synastry, this aspect portends success and good luck to the owner of the Ascendant. The horizons of his world will expand significantly thanks to this union, and personal luck will also increase. Both partners will reap their benefits and important relationship lessons.

How to work out the Jupiter Ascendant quincunx

The main problem of the native is intoxication with his own righteousness. In fact, this is his personal point of view, but he seems right and infallible to himself, imposing this opinion on his retinue. As long as he is successful, they will maintain this illusion, but with mistakes and failures, they will quickly leave him to sort out the problems on his own.

With the Quince Jupiter Ascendant, it is extremely important to choose reliable friends, be wary of the boss’s adventures and prevent possible intrigues of colleagues. For a complete picture, you need to study the nuances of 7, 10, 11 houses.

You will also have to develop critical thinking through Mercury and not be afraid to make mistakes, because any creativity is associated with ups and downs.

A developed sense of proportion will reduce the degree of vanity. It is important to get a good education and learn at least one foreign language, especially if Jupiter rules the 9th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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