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Quickons Jupiter – Chiron: curiosity is not a vice

Quickons is a minor aspect that creates a state of vulnerability and at the same time attracts favorable circumstances to affairs and topics where the native feels insecure. He is given a lot, including the talents of those planets that form the aspect, but misunderstanding prevents success: how exactly to combine all this and overcome the feeling of inferiority. This is a sign of a test that must be passed to the end.

In the case of the quincunx Jupiter-Chiron, the situation escalates. This union gives the native a sharp, flexible mind and a sense of humor, a desire to get to the very essence of any issue, but Chiron itself symbolizes a deep wound in the family, the native needs to heal it, so any success is achieved at the limit of possibilities, internal experiences and disputes with oneself .

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Jupiter-Chiron

The native has good intuition and insight in everything related to social relations. These are excellent interlocutors, it is easy for them to adapt to the type of thinking and even the intonation of the interlocutor, it is no coincidence that Chiron is the patron of actors. The native unconsciously makes a psychological adjustment to the counterpart, repeating his gestures, verbal turns, delving into the train of thought, thereby he understands the personality itself at a deep level. This helps a lot in the work of a lawyer, investigator, doctor, teacher. It is common for a person to put himself in the place of another, but in addition to the positive influence, there is also hanging in the role of the devil’s advocate, when the motives for immoral acts are so clear that they are accepted as the norm or justified.

Choosing jurisprudence for himself, the native will have to overcome the temptation to work for criminals and scammers, because Chiron, on the one hand, helps cunning wards, but in combination with Jupiter , sooner or later it will lead to the restoration of justice and the boomerang law will work.

In the positive version, the owners of the aspect are able to benefit from someone else’s worldview, but they also skillfully manipulate people through their religious and mental values, which they themselves do not share. They may also not be satisfied with the social norms and traditions adopted in their native country or family. The strength of the protest depends on the number of tense aspects in the horoscope. They either gently make it clear that they live according to other canons, or angrily denounce relatives, break ties and move to another country.

It is important for the owners of Jupiter-Chiron to restrain their exorbitant curiosity, because low-vibration energy is discharged into the liver, and as a result, blood diseases and varicose veins can occur if a person tends to mentally hang in other people’s problems, scrolling through them again and again. If Neptune is affected, do not get involved in alcohol.

Quickons Jupiter-Chiron, personal life and synastry

When one of the participants in the aspect affects 1, 5 or 7 houses, there is a possibility of a completely unexpected acquaintance with a famous person, which will continue as a love affair or marriage. Affected first house shows the general ambitions of the native, and these in turn translate into relationships with the opposite sex. Men and women with the Jupiter-Chiron quincunx want their partner to be a bright and interesting person, perhaps with unusual hobbies or professions. It is important for them that society admires them, and due to this they could make up for the lack of enthusiasm on the part of their parents or some kind of trauma associated with the insufficiently good attitude of teachers and classmates towards them. Being next to an attractive and socially successful person, they flourish. If Jupiter has additional quincunxes with Neptune or Venus,

At the same time, such people are wonderful partners who are imbued with the way of thinking and desires of their spouses, like to arrange surprises, care for and help. The only thing is that it is difficult for them to resist the need to poke their nose into the personal affairs of their loved ones and spouses, for example, they often check their phones, read correspondence and diaries, which can lead to problems.

In the synastry, the quincunx Jupiter-Chiron creates ease of communication, understanding from a half-word, and also promises romantic acquaintances with a foreigner, especially if there is an additional connection with the 9th house through Venus. In a relationship, you will have to learn to push the boundaries and avoid excessive pathos through humor.

How to work out the Jupiter-Chiron quincunx

Great success awaits the native, subject to the strong position of Mercury and Saturn, allowing them to bring any bold research and experiment in the profession and science to the end. If these planets are weak, you need to start working on the quikons from them, since Jupiter and Chiron will continue to create favorable conditions for self-manifestation, but without being able to clearly plan and bring things to an end, it is unlikely that you will be able to take advantage of this chance.

In any situation, generally accepted social norms should be adhered to, but according to Chiron, it is important to examine the laws themselves and find clues in them for a new reading, if it is about saving the innocent in court, but on the contrary, it does not work: an attempt to distort the law in order to free the criminal will ricochet through to the native.

It is important to listen to the voice of intuition in making decisions about the house where Jupiter stands. The ideal option would be to find a spiritual teacher and mentor who would direct advice in the right direction, but if there is none, you can choose a role model and follow it.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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