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Quickons Jupiter – Pluto: star disease

Quickons is a minor aspect that has a slight impact on the life of the native in the presence of stronger configurations, but its karmic essence cannot be discounted. He recreates a chain of recurring events in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, so that a person learns to combine the highest principles of the participants in the union in real life. This can be difficult, because the planets do not seem to see each other and do not understand the general principles of contact.

The quicon usually doesn’t cause serious problems, but in the case of Pluto and Jupiter , it is difficult to ignore. It makes the native intolerant and categorical, with a morbid predilection for violence, and obsessed with self-importance. This, of course, is less pronounced than in the case of quadrature or opposition, but it greatly spoils life in the themes of the affected houses.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Jupiter-Pluto

When interpreting the aspect, it is extremely important to consider how close a person has come to fulfilling his main destiny. The farther away from him, the more aggressive the circumstances around him will be, and the more painful and furious the native will prove his personal indispensability and significance for the world, impose his interests on others, trying to turn them into an enthusiastic retinue, and even followers of his chosen cause.

With a calling, such people tend to make mistakes due to innate megalomania, which is the brighter, the more the elements of fire in the horoscope, for example, when the Sun, Mars, Venus are in Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. If they are in water signs, ambition is deeply hidden or repressed, which makes the Jupiter-Pluto quincunx even more painful. It is important for the native to stand out and achieve success in the affairs of the houses affected by the aspect, and at the same time, he is terribly afraid of not justifying the reputation of a professional invented by him.

It is better to look at the calling on the 10th house, because it is important for a person to become famous at least in narrow circles, but at the same time one must not make a mistake when choosing an education according to the 9th house. Without a university diploma, the owner of the Jupiter-Pluto quincunx will always feel internal inferiority, even if he gains wealth and financial independence, for which he has undoubted prerequisites. However, he takes the hard way to success in business, not allowing other people to change his plans and interfere with his decisions. Sometimes this is good, but if the Moon and Neptune are in earth signs, intuition may not work, and advice from more sensitive people with good intuition would come in handy.

Such people cannot work in submission, otherwise unrealized ambitions will literally tear them apart from the inside with anger and irritation, and on the physical plane they will rapidly gain weight in order to symbolically occupy more space in space.

Quickons Jupiter-Pluto, personal life and synastry

The combination of a social and a higher planet does not directly affect personal relationships, however, due to his ambitions, a person is happy in the circle of the rich and famous, and it is more than likely that he will also look for a partner there.

Men and women with the Jupiter-Pluto quincunx have an imperious character. They are used to getting what they want, and if the aspect affects 1, 4 or 7 houses, then falling in love, they will seek an interesting person using Jupiterian methods of attracting attention: luxurious gifts, invitations to travel together, international business trips and symposiums. It is very likely that they will meet a life partner just during their studies at the institute or in advanced training courses, but here it is also important to take into account the position of the Descendant.

If a partner tries to subdue such a person in marriage, for example, by requiring a woman to become a housewife, giving up her career, then she will provoke strong negative emotions, from physical dislike to intense hatred.

Quickons Jupiter-Pluto in the synastry is a sign of wealth and success in joint ventures, although a Plutonian can use a partner as a sponsor for his projects or simply dominate in common affairs. In the negative version, there is a danger of thoughtlessly wasting resources and suffering from resentment for the whole world.

How to work out the Jupiter-Pluto quincunx

The first stage in the development of the aspect will be higher education. When choosing a profession, you need to analyze the cusps and planets in the 9th and 10th houses, as well as the connections of Jupiter with the 9th house and Pluto with the 2nd and 8th, because these topics will always cause a feeling of vulnerability and a desire to assert oneself at all costs. If you initially move in the direction of a destination that harmoniously fits into the program set by the South and North nodes, then aggression and a tendency to violence will be minimized.

The second point is that it is absolutely impossible for a native to remain without money and live on a small salary. It is necessary to consciously increase the level of financial literacy, learn to invest, and show generosity to others.

An excellent compensator is to give gifts for no reason. The environment is of great importance, but here you will have to put yourself in a leadership position from the very beginning, but at the same time not dismiss the advice of people with a strong Jupiter in the horoscope. You need to get rid of fears that other people dream of hindering the achievement of ambitious plans, and it is better to make even enemies your allies, thus working through the low vibrations of Pluto through a friendly and optimistic Jupiter.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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