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Lilith (Black Moon) without aspects

A planet without aspects is unpredictable and difficult to work through. It has no connections with other parts of the psyche and people who could help, suggest and become an example. In the house and the sign where it stands, people really want to succeed, but they have no idea how to do it, so as not to seem ridiculous, not to disgrace themselves. Only during transits it becomes easier, an understanding of how to act comes, however, negative transits encourage inappropriate behavior.

If we are talking about a fictitious point, Lilith, symbolizing the dark side of the subconscious and tribal sins, the study becomes more complicated. The Black Moon, of course, is afraid of a conscious attitude towards it, but it is difficult for its owners to understand exactly when they will behave like a demon, because this funnel turns on unpredictably, and now they have already succumbed to the temptation, knowing full well that this cannot be done. Only knowledge of the specifics of Lilith in the house and sign and its consistent bringing to the highest level will save here.

Features of the influence of Lilith without aspects

The Black Moon distorts the perception of reality in the affairs of the house where it is located. The owners of the Black Moon without aspects easily succumb to temptations, because they still do not have the experience of correct behavior in this area, but their ancestors most often walked along the dark side.

For example, Lilith in Gemini easily perceives huge flows of information: as soon as it wants to get the necessary knowledge, the opportunity to do so immediately appears. But in the family they misused this talent, perhaps there was gossip or the education received was not needed when, for example, a woman became a housewife and did not develop intellectually, and the man only chatted, but practically did not use this knowledge.

Now the natives got this energy in a blocked form, so that they would experience a burning interest in the topic of Lilith, but would get what they wanted through personal effort.

Even a fictitious point in the mine has the same features as a planet without aspects – a strong desire and zero support from outside, with the exception of transits. However, in the case of Lilith, interest turns into an obsessive passion, because in fact the Black Moon is an energy funnel that feeds on the energy of the planets with which it is in aspects. If it is without aspects, there is nowhere to take energy, except to create an insatiable hunger in the owners of the chart themselves or to force them to “hang” on people represented by planets during certain transits.

For example, the transit of Mars through Lilith without aspects contributes to a passionate love for young men or energetic women with a masculine style of behavior, who during this period helped the natives in some way along the line of their interest. The transit passes, but obsessive love and addiction remain.

It is even more difficult when Lilith without aspects enters into aspect with the personal planets of another person in the synastry. The owners of the Black Moon vampirize energy, but this is expressed in painful dependence on a partner, when life seems impossible without this girlfriend, wife, husband, father, mother or child. Overprotection, overcontrol, jealousy, fear of loss begin.

People can cope with this only by developing independence and achieving significant success at the highest level of Lilith in sign and house. In some cases, they can not do without the help of a psychologist.

Three types of influence of Lilith without aspects on fate

Depending on the level of development of the owners of the natal chart, it will be seen how free they are from the destructive programs of karma. The fact is that any planet without aspects does not depend on anyone, thanks to which people can very clearly declare themselves as unique personalities. It can be a talent or external beauty that no one has ever had before, setting a whole trend in fashion.

If such individuals have Lilith without aspects in the 1st or 8th house, then they are distinguished by witchcraft attractiveness. People around can guess for a long time what the secret is, but they will not be able to understand the essence of this energy. In addition, such a Lilith makes its owners of the chart  magnets for material wealth. But it will be used for good or for harm, depends on one of the three levels of spiritual development:

1. Inferior: people commit evil because they do not see the difference between it and good. There is only one trigger when they behave demonically – their desire. For their satisfaction, such individuals will easily go to the crime and will not experience any remorse.

2. Medium: the owners of such a natal chart live in a fantasy world of illusions. If they cannot get what they want, they simply invent that it already exists, and sometimes wait all their lives for the fulfillment of a dream. Such people are easily used blindly by the owners of a strong Lilith in the same sign. They read their dark desires and involve them in their intrigues, playing on emotions. Consciously, the owners of Lilith without aspects do not do evil.

3. Higher: the program of evil worked out in past lives. People in this level can see through criminals, intriguers, thieves and sometimes bring them to clean water, so it is impossible to deceive or use them. At this level, they are able to develop a bright talent according to the sign of the Black Moon and use it for the benefit of people.

The study of Lilith without aspects comes down to a conscious rejection of evil intentions and criminal temptations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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