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Mars without aspects

A planet without aspects is either inactive, since it has no connections and confrontations with other participants in the natal chart, or it turns on suddenly and its owners simply carry somewhere in a stream of violent energy. It is difficult to manage it, and it is not always clear how. Considering that Mars is an inner fire, boldness, determination and courage, most often these qualities are absent or they appear unexpectedly, but always in an exaggerated form, because the owners of the horoscope simply do not know how to manage them.

It is interesting that when Mars is without aspects, it is better for it to be weak, because a strong position inflames people from the inside and they burn out without having had time to do half the job. Only a strong Saturn or a sporting character will save the situation, so the parents of such children need to instill in them will and courage from childhood.

The positive influence of Mars without aspects

In the best version, the red planet with no aspects is like a volcano, inside of which the fire of passions glimmers. If people understand the peculiarity of this energy, they learn to interact with it, and then its huge charge becomes an internal motor, on which they steadily fly towards the goal.

The ideal scenario for the owners of Mars without aspects would be to play sports corresponding to the sign of the zodiac in which they are located. For example, if Mars in Gemini is shown tennis, triathlon and cycling, then of course they can’t choose boxing. Such individuals will simply withdraw into themselves, get injured and become disillusioned with the sport.

If they grow up in a friendly family atmosphere, they develop pure thoughts and ambitions, based not only on the thirst for self-affirmation, but also on helping other people. Outwardly, the owners of the natal chart look calm and peaceful, it seems that they are not particularly conceited and not leaders at all, but if they have set a goal for themselves, they will certainly want to achieve it.

Another thing is that their main problem is quick burnout, therefore, only under the condition of a strong Saturn, owners of such Mars bring even their favorite business to the end, and most often the process takes many years, but in the end they can also fulfill their dream.

In addition, Mars without aspects has a talent for crafting, designing, sewing, building, repairing.

The negative influence of Mars without aspects

Despite the inner flame and the desire to act, the most difficult thing for the owners of the horoscope is to decide and start doing something concrete to implement the plans. They are very lacking in motivation. Imagining yourself on a podium is one thing, but working out tirelessly every day is a completely different story.

Such people are often blown away halfway, not only in sports, but also in other areas of life, if there is no strong coach or motivator nearby. It is extremely important for the owners of Mars without aspects to look for a partner with whom there would be a good synastry. If Mars without aspects is associated with a favorable aspect with the good planets of a husband or wife, then next to such a person the owners of such Mars suddenly manifest themselves as brave men, craftsmen and achievers, although they could be lazy, rude and careless all their lives.

The owners of unaspected Mars are very vindictive and never forget insults, another thing is that at a high level of development they do not act against enemies, but simply carry their experiences in themselves. This destroys them from the inside and includes the psychosomatics of diseases of the liver, spleen, blood, head injuries.

At a low level of consciousness, they crave revenge, moreover, if Mars is in fiery signs, then its owners are simply covered with an avalanche of anger in stressful situations, and they destroy everything around, and both bad and good come across at hand. The problem is that such explosions occur in addition to the conscious desire of the owners of the horosocope, as if they are being sucked into a funnel of chaos, and then it’s too late.

The influence of Mars without aspects on men and women

Mars symbolizes the image of the desired man in the female chart. If it is without aspects, it is difficult for the owner of the horoscope to find a partner for herself, because neither people nor events can help her in this matter. In other words, her friends will not introduce her to the man of her dreams, and circumstances will not turn out in such a way that they collide in an elevator or at a bus stop. There are karmic reasons for this, when there were some destructive events in the family aimed at harming men. Perhaps one of the women of the family married without love, by calculation, or caused severe pain to the spouse. Now the owner of the horoscope will have to behave as disinterestedly as possible, without aggression towards the stronger sex.

Such girls should not anger partners, provoke jealousy and deliberately compete with them, since it is the position of the red planet in this case that will work as a signal for violence.

It is difficult for a man with Mars without aspects to reveal his strength. It is especially difficult if his mother is an imperious and categorical person. Most often, the native becomes henpecked, but if he is brought to it, he explodes and does terrible things, which he later regrets very much. Violent acts against women were also committed in his family, and now it is necessary to prove that his male power is directed to exclusively noble and good deeds.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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