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Mars in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

A moving horoscope is necessary when you want to calculate the risks in advance and understand the pros and cons of living in a new city. Since it is difficult for an ordinary person to objectively imagine how life will turn out, and especially its financial side, or where it will be better and more comfortable when choosing from several options, the relocation map is the most accurate tool for opening a portal to the future.

Mars is responsible for areas of activity where you need to show maximum determination, courage without delay, impulsively and creatively, but at the same time, if the planet is weakened and amazed, these same qualities will attract danger and destruction. The transition to the 2nd house will encourage the native to earn money in active ways, but in the negative he will stop at nothing to achieve material comfort.

Features of the transition to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

When compiling a moving horoscope, new geographical data are entered, and the time of birth is corrected according to Greenwich Mean Time. If everything is correct, the planets remain in their natal signs and degrees, but the grid of houses itself shifts.

Mars is a very sensitive point in the horoscope. Sometimes it is better not to turn on certain sectors of the horoscope through it, so as not to provoke events that are not provided for by natal, but active actions will not interfere with the 2nd house. He is responsible for energy and financial resources, the level of wages in employment and the state of immunity. And here there are nuances, because Mars is still an evil planet: what is good for making money is not always beneficial for health.

Most often, Mars moves into the 2nd house of the relocation chart from the nearest 12, 1 and 3, 4, but different variations are possible. This is also affected by the distance travelled.

The owner of the natal planet in the 12th house will have the most difficult time, because he is used to suppressing aggression and becoming a victim of circumstances, and now he will either have to act actively, grab any chance of a side job, or the Neptunian sphere becomes his main activity: art, esotericism, photography, theater, psychology, medicine.

If there are negative aspects, there will certainly be interference by secret enemies in the affairs of the native.

The transition of Mars to the 2nd house of the relocation chart from the 1st is quite logical and harmonious. A person is already accustomed to rely on himself, sweep away obstacles, go ahead to the goal. Now he will throw all his efforts into gaining financial well-being and at the same time he realizes that the healthier and more energetic he is, the more money he manages to attract. That is why there is a desire to play sports in the style of the sign where Mars stands.

If he moves from the 3rd house to the 2nd, financial success will happen through useful connections, acquaintances, work in the media, social networks and any information business, from the 4th – in real estate, psychology, but there is also a potential danger in the event of the defeat of Mars. This promises conflicts with the immediate environment, as well as within the walls of the home due to financial problems. The native will either earn little and get nuts for it, or vice versa: demand more benefits for himself, envying those who easily attract money.

Mars in the 2nd house relocation cards way of earning

If a person receives a small salary or is engaged in routine work, then after the transition of Mars to the location 2 house, he will want to quit everything. At a low level of development, he will do just that, he will be attracted by easy money and the ability to quickly take it from someone, but if the native is smarter, then he will think about starting his own business, where he will not obey anyone and will carry out his and not someone else’s dreams.

He needs a job where initiative is valued, the ability to independently choose tactics for solving problems, act quickly and impulsively.

The exception is Mars as the ruler of the 6th house. The program of service is already genetically invested here, especially when it comes to the male card. The native may be the boss, but there will always be someone else above him who he serves, otherwise he will lose his sense of security. It is also an indicator for work in medicine, the army, and sports.

Money will come to the native with a fairly aggressive style of earning it. That is why it is good to start your own business, so that there is a personal interest in sales, profits, and customers. Distracted shifting of papers and living in a quiet office will not work here. Therefore, you have to get out of your comfort zone and go where it’s scary. That’s where the treasures are buried.

Mars in the 2nd house relocation and health charts

Harmonious Mars strengthens immunity, and a person even recovers faster. I want to go in for sports, and such that seven sweats come down. It doesn’t have to be gym equipment. For example, if Mars is in Pisces, the native is engaged in dancing to the point of exhaustion, in Gemini – tennis.

However, physical activity is also needed to work out the evil planet, especially if there are negative aspects. When there are more than three, it is obvious that it is better to choose another option for moving, since injuries, burns, violent encounters such as robberies, as well as acute inflammatory diseases during the transit of the planet are possible.

The negative influence of Mars in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, a person wants to take by force what he internally feels as his own. This is a propensity for violence, crime, a desire to go over the heads to the goal and not just push back, but destroy competitors. This is an indicator of criminals and racketeers.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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