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Mars in the 5th house of the relocation chart

Even a person unfamiliar with astrology notices that for some reason in one city all things go easily, he is in the spotlight, quickly earns a decent standard of living, and in another he suddenly finds himself in a whirlpool of problems without friendly support, and the mood is decadent. No mysticism, all the answers are in the relocation chart. After the native moves, the planets move to other houses . Sometimes this is really for the good, but sometimes a person takes not only the evil planet, but also its negative aspects into the prosperous sectors of the natal chart , which has a devastating effect on the eventfulness of this sphere.

Mars in the 5th house of the relocation chart is quite strong and this is what makes it a kind of demon-tempter for the owner of the card. A passion for pleasures and even forbidden pleasures awakens in him, and the boundaries depend on the level of development. I want not just love, but drama with jealousy, chases and battles, not only victories, but also competitive struggle with excitement and spark. If the native has a child, he will have a hard time, especially if in his horoscope Mars also moves into the 5th house.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 5th house of the relocation chart

The planets move into new sectors, keeping the degrees and signs of their natal positions. Thus, emotional reactions and astropsychological characteristics remain the same, but they will manifest themselves in completely different circumstances, for which it is better to prepare in advance, or compare with those that will occur in another place of the move, and make a choice.

Mars is activity, rage, self-preservation and passion. On the other hand, sports excitement or anger, which brings a person to a new level of activity.

You need to be very careful with the choice of its position, because a flame will flare up from a spark. In the 5th house, it burns especially brightly, making the native hostage to his desires.

Most often, Mars moves into the 5th sector from the nearest 3, 4, 6 and 7, the movement can occur from either side, but in any case, calm can not be expected.

When the planet of passion moves from the 3rd house, then talking about love, creating a circle of like-minded people who are passionate about common ideas, inspiring meetings will become a familiar lifestyle. If the native works in the media field, he will make a breakthrough in his career. Falling in love with a colleague is not ruled out.

The transition from the 4th natal house brings either a passionate acquaintance within the walls of one’s home, or a revival of the fire of feelings in a married couple. Here you need to be more careful, because the negative aspects, on the contrary, will bring the flame of quarrels and conflicts, and you can count on a second honeymoon only with a harmonious planet.

The movement from the 6th house of natal to the 5th location contributes to finding one’s destiny, work for love. It can be better working conditions or an increase due to the diligence of the native, or even dismissal and the creation of your own business. Also, for sure, the native will feel an improvement in health, but the negative aspects, on the contrary, will bring the likelihood of strong feelings due to heart affairs or inflammatory processes due to excessive pleasures.

The transition from the 7th house to the 5th is one of the best: marriage for love, partnership with mutual benefit, and not always material, when partners are inspired by each other, as well as promoting oneself as an expert and creating a personal brand. The tense aspects here create many enemies and quarrels with competitors.

In this way, you can synthesize the functions of other houses, understand how to perform the tasks of the natal chart in new conditions, and most importantly, what to expect from a quick-tempered Mars.

Mars in the 5th house of the relocation chart: love and money

Although Mars does not affect the native as quickly as the Moon and Venus, after a while he catches himself in true desires. I want passionate experiences, drama and a fountain of sharp impressions. The opposite sex becomes more and more attractive, and the native begins to force events in every possible way, because the level of energy increases and it urgently needs to be spent on creating what is desired, and Mars does not know how to wait at all. During this period, cardholders note the following changes:

  • increases their own attractiveness and libido;
  • I want to dress brightly, wear red things, behave defiantly and provocatively;
  • draws on spicy food, risky adventures, extreme sports;
  • women like brutal, muscular, assertive men, even if they did not pay attention to them before.

Moving really helps to find personal happiness, even if it is short-lived, but passion can also be transformed into strong relationships.

However, with negative aspects, the attention of the opposite sex will not be desirable. Possible harassment, harassment, intrusive suggestions.

Also, at this place of residence, the native will have a desire to quickly and easily earn money. This leads to evil places, such as casinos or financial pyramids, which is fraught with losses and dangerous situations.

Mars in the 5th house relocation charts and children

The native begins to be very actively involved in raising his child, which the latter may not like, because any disobedience is now perceived as resistance and is severely suppressed.

The negative aspects are especially dangerous here. They bring mutual aggression, quarrels and physical punishment. In a good version, parents and children are united by common hobbies, an active lifestyle, the desire to make every day interesting.

Sport will be a good compensator here, in order to drain negative energy and replenish the resource state, it is important to find an intense and interesting option for both the parent and the child.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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