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Mars in the 5th house

The 5th house symbolizes joy, love, is responsible for creative inclinations and hobbies. Mars is the planet of manifestation of strength and energy, and therefore the owner of the horoscope is happy to engage in any active activity. He finds time for sports and physical education, loves high-speed driving, and in his personal life everything develops rapidly. The native quickly falls in love and does everything possible and impossible to achieve reciprocal feelings from the person who has taken possession of his heart.

The fifth house of the radix is ​​also associated with the theme of children. The owner of the horoscope considers them an important part of his life. He is good at taking care of both his own and other people’s children. The most important thing for him is the physical development of the child, and for this purpose he organizes outdoor games, hikes, sports competitions and events for his pupils.

The influence of the planet on character and behavior

The owner of Mars in the 5th house of the radix is ​​energetic, enterprising, independent and ambitious. It is important for him to love the business in which he is engaged. The native is a creator by nature, and if he chose the right profession, then he literally “burns” at work, developing his projects and embodying creative ideas.

The owner of the horoscope loves speed and, as a rule, has some kind of hobby associated with danger and extreme. For such a person, a vehicle can be a source of pride.

Passion and love of risk bring the native to the casino and make him try his hand at gambling on the stock exchange. If Mars is unfavorably aspected, then a person can suffer from gambling addiction and spend large sums on entertainment (making sports bets, buying lottery tickets, gambling, etc.).

Mars, its aspects and some signs of the zodiac

Since Mars is a malevolent planet, it is important to evaluate the strength and aspects of the luminary in order to understand its influence on a specific area of ​​life.

For example, a negatively aspected and weak Mars (in Libra , Taurus , Cancer ) can cause trouble and disappointment in love. Personal life can suffer from infidelity, jealousy, aggressive behavior and quarrelsome nature of one or both partners.

In addition, an essentially weak Mars provokes problems with children, while a favorably aspected and strong Mars (in Capricorn , in Scorpio and in Aries ) will indicate an active, promising, strong and healthy child. There will be healthy competition in the family, and therefore, as they grow up, children will delight the native with their achievements and successes.


Mars in the 5th house of a man

Mars in the 5th house of a man will tell about his passionate and carried away nature. An important place in his life is occupied by creative pursuits, hobbies and sports. With a negative aspect of Mars, a man can become an avid gambler, betting everything he has. It is possible to enjoy extreme sports and participate in risky entertainment such as Russian roulette.

In his personal life, such a person manifests himself as a romantic and conqueror. He knows how not only to look after beautifully and effectively, but is also capable of a heroic act for the sake of his beloved woman.

Mars in the 5th house of a woman

Mars, its location and aspects will help to understand what type of men the owner of the horoscope considers ideal for herself. A woman with the significator of marriage in the 5th house prefers athletic, energetic, optimistic and open-minded members of the opposite sex.

There will be a lot of flirting, romance, and adventure in a relationship. Partners will be happy to attend cultural and social events, appear together in public, organize holidays and family celebrations. Children play an important role in such a family.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mars in 5th House:


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