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Mars in the 7th house of the relocation chart

For the move, you need to prepare not only things, but also a relocation chart. It will show in which houses personal planets will move, which means where the main events will take place. How destructive or pleasant they can be judged by the aspects , but one thing is obvious: the so-called evil planets initially pose a threat, especially if they appear in empty sectors, being in a square with their rulers, so you need to think a hundred times whether to choose this particular city, if there is an alternative .

Mars in the relocation map adds not only drive and vigor, but also includes aggression and anger if something goes wrong. Moreover, this is a new position, and sometimes the native does not know how to act and manage these energies at all. In the 7th house, he adds passion to the relationship, but at the same time, the partner begins to annoy. In addition, this provision brings problems with the law, attracts enemies, destroys agreements. However, not everything is so scary if you know how to manage it.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 7th house of the relocation chart

In the moving horoscope, only the grid of houses shifts, hinting that the eventual circumstances for the planets are changing. The sign, degree, psychological characteristics of Mars remain the same, but will appear under different circumstances. Do not forget that the tasks of the natal house will also have to be solved. After the move, the birth chart is just as relevant, and sometimes even more pronounced, as the meanings of the houses of Mars are synthesized.

Plus, there is also a purely relocation effect of the red planet – a surge of energy in the new sector of the horoscope, through which both natal events and others are realized.

Most often, Mars moves into the 7th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 5, 6 and 8, 9 houses, and in each case there are pluses and minuses. In the second option, the energy increases, rather stressful situations begin to happen to a person, repeating the events of youth, but this is not always bad, because a shake-up can be the beginning of positive changes. The first variant is more logical and not so fast-paced, rather progressive development is going on.

The transition of Mars from the 5th natal house to the 7th brings love experiences in the workplace. The native falls in love both with his profession in the circumstances offered by the move, and with one of the employees. This is a good position with a harmonious Mars, otherwise conflicts, showdowns, cruel enemies will ruin your stay in a new city. Jealousy and quarrels with a husband or wife may also arise.

The movement from the 6th house to the 7th most often gives a powerful impetus to professional growth, especially if the native works with people, sells, consults, heals. It can also affect health. If there are negative aspects, working conditions will hit health. It can be a nervous strain, but such a transition is especially dangerous for hospital employees – the risk of catching an infection. With a trine or sextile, you should not be afraid of this.

The transition of Mars from the 8th house to the 7th is quite difficult, because the native takes the tendency to take risks, provoke dangerous situations and crises into the 7th house of marriage and partnership, which means that difficult situations are likely associated with other people’s big money, jealousy, in some cases with violence in family or work harassment.

For women, the movement of Mars from the 9th house to the 7th brings marriage to a foreigner, for men, partnerships with foreign firms, as well as popularity through spouses or their own advisory activities.

Mars in 7th house relocation and marriage charts

Two options are possible here: a flash of former passion in marriage, or irritation and conflicts. The same applies to joint activities with a business partner.

First of all, you need to look at aspects: trine and sextile tip the scales towards the first option, oppositions and squares towards the second.

However, even with a successful scenario, the Martian energy in marriage is a ticking time bomb. It is necessary to correctly distribute it in events: nights of passion, an active lifestyle, moderately extreme sports with a touch of adventure, even a new type of physical activity, for example, cycling, electric scooter, Latin American dances will help to relieve tension and create passionate warm relationships instead of explosive claims.

With negative aspects and connection with the 11th house, this position portends a divorce.

Mars in 7th house relocation charts and law

Increasing aggressiveness and the desire to remake everything around, including partners and spouses, to your taste and ideas about life often leads the native to the bench. The reasons may be different and depend on the level of development of the cardholder:

  • infliction of light and grievous harm to the health of spouses and partners, intentionally or in a state of passion;
  • sexual harassment of subordinates;
  • unintentional accidents at the place of work;
  • personal legal claims against dishonest partners;
  • divorce, division of property, copyright, business ownership.

All of these situations are indicative of low-frequency Martian energies. At a high level of awareness, the native, on the contrary, will be able to protect his innocence and defeat those who unjustly and viciously accuse him of what he did not do.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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