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Mars in the 9th house of the relocation chart

For most people, moving is a portal to a new reality, where tomorrow is better than yesterday. However, dreams do not always correspond to future events. If a friend is lucky somewhere, it does not mean that a gold mine will open for others in the same place. How to choose your city and country without wasting time in vain, the relocation chart will tell you . It is especially important to look at the position of Mars in it, because without its penetrating power, courage and determination, if it is struck by negative aspects, it is impossible to achieve success.

If in the moving horoscope Mars is in the 9th house , most likely this country is only the beginning of a series of movements. A person passionately wants to live differently, in a new ideological and religious environment, where he can receive awards for his merits, and perhaps it is the dissatisfaction with the attitude of society towards his work that pushes him to leave. However, the afflicted Mars makes the native a fanatic and an oppositionist.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 9th house of the relocation chart

In the moving map, the grid of houses is shifted. Their pointers move both clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively, the planets themselves remain in the same degrees and signs, but find themselves in a completely different house.

The explosive energy of Mars can add much needed movement to the affairs of this realm, but in the presence of negative aspects, its appearance stirs up the water so much that it is difficult to remain unscathed. At the same time, it is important to take into account from which sector Mars itself moves, since the horoscope of moving does not cancel the task of the birth chart.

Most often, the red planet moves into the location 9th house from the nearest 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th, therefore, using their example, you can figure out how the synthesis of the influence of natal and local occurs.

When Mars moves from the 7th house to the 9th, the owner of the horoscope moves after a foreign partner, or marriage abroad due to passion is not ruled out. A native can meet such a person at a new place of residence, but how happy such a union will be depends on the position of the Moon, Venus, the ruler of the 7th house both in natal and in the horoscope of the move. The same goes for business partnerships. The owner of the horoscope, however, begins to show aggression and excessive assertiveness in relationships, considers himself an opinion leader and imposes his will.

Significant relief will be felt by the owner of Mars in the 8th house of natal. Of course, the 9th house is much more pleasant for Mars, especially if the native is a student who needs energy to learn new material and promote himself in society. Again, negative aspects will lead to conflicts with foreigners, professors, important people, on whom the prestige and rewards of the card holder depend. Luxury and foreigners can cause life-threatening situations.

The transition of Mars from 10 and 11 houses is again favorable for students, teachers and careerists who want to finally receive recognition from society, to see the brilliant results of their work. In a good scenario, work in foreign missions will bring success, and it is also important to have a multinational social circle. When bad – conflicts based on politics, religion and ideology, racism and snobbery.

Mars in the 9th house relocation charts, ideas and perspectives

In this city, a person actively takes up the implementation of old ideas that disturbed his head into reality. If his main activity and the reason for the move is study, then active students or the organization of teaching activities take up all the time.

In the case when this is an adult, he either requires his children to expand the horizons of knowledge, enrolls in additional courses, or he himself does not mind getting a second higher education or at least improving his qualifications.

There are usually a lot of ideas at this time, and most importantly, the native does not want to dream, but to act. He is interested in something new, be it politics, religion, travel to exotic countries.

Very often, Mars in the 9th house of a relocation chart shows that staying in this city is not the last destination. Something does not suit the owner of the map to the end in this place and he is actively making plans to conquer the world. Since it is impossible to sit still, the native will definitely go further.

The negative influence of Mars in the 9th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, a person quickly becomes arrogant and aggressive. If someone expresses disagreement with his beliefs, especially regarding religion or patriotic beliefs, he immediately rushes into battle with the enemy. If Mars is in an air or earth sign, it is likely that everything will be limited only to violent disputes, but in other cases, fights and conflicts based on insults on a national basis are quite possible.

When the native lives in marriage with a representative of another nation or race, and in natal the planet is in the 7th house, conflicts are more likely, up to divorce.

Any ideas that are important to a person literally attack his brain and make him a fanatic if he does not know how to control himself during a surge of negative emotions.

In the presence of negative aspects, maximum caution and respect for the traditions of the country where the native is or where he is going to go should be observed.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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