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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Cancer

The Cancer meridian highlights feelings, not career aspirations. People do not receive warmth and care in a family in which they are in a rigid framework of submission, or their thirst for love is so high that their parents are not able to satisfy it. Such individuals understand ambition as the desire to get maximum attention to them in the professional and public arena.

Any business is assessed from the position: “will they love me for this”, and there are also hesitations and fears of losing reputation if the step is risky. That is why these owners of the Midheaven in Cancer in their youth are marking time, not knowing which direction of activity to choose and being afraid of a negative assessment from loved ones, if the dreams are not related to the parental business or professions familiar to their social circle.

Such people choose target with feelings, which is due to the influence of the dominant planet of the Moon, but if they decided, they will go to the top skillfully adapting to the circumstances and the right people, due to innate empathy.

Features of a psychological portrait

Since the karmic task of  MC carriers in Cancer is to find a kindred friendly environment, a job where relationships will be like in a family, they literally radiate warmth and kindness, making others feel like they have met an old relative or friend.

The indecision and many doubts of such carriers are compensated by a large number of disruptive friends attracted by their bright aura and inspiring to take decisive steps. Success in the profession and efficiency completely depend on the mood of the moment, therefore, these owners of MS in Cancer simply need a powerful motivator whom they trust and consider a friend. An emotionally colored goal pushes for bold accomplishments, but if the fuse fades away, people quickly cool down and do not finish what they started.

Typical manifestations of individuals with Meridian in Cancer:

  • the habit of changing professions and internal vision of oneself in purpose;
  • strive to work in a small team with a family atmosphere, when discussing personal problems, celebrating employees’ birthdays;
  • do not tolerate criticism of their professional skills, are touchy and vindictive;
  • at the slightest failure, favorable trends and the right moment await, which sometimes brings good luck, and sometimes leads to failure;
  • internal insecurity and good upbringing do not allow to push competitors with their elbows and, despite the talent, such individuals are often left behind without patrons.

Repressed emotions cause psychosomatic diseases, which is why these people often choose the creative professions of actors and singers in order to throw out the heat of inner passions, transforming into different images, as the movie star with MC in Cancer, Denzel Washington, successfully does.

Professional preferences

People with such MC in Cencer need to maintain a balance between the desire to create a strong, happy family and a career that benefits society as a whole. Knowledge of psychology will help to overcome life’s hardships, relying on intuition, so as not to be mistaken in choosing the environment. There is a magnetic craving for water. They will be happy to work in a corporation with an ocean or lake view, as well as associate the profession with activities near the water.

These owners of the Midheaven in Cancer always choose a job with a touch of romance and charity:

  • science: medical research, archeology, history, astrology;
  • maritime affairs: seamen, captains of hand craft, fishermen, owners of fish processing plants, dolphinarium workers, cruise liners, guides;
  • food industry: employees and managers of restaurants, breweries, wineries, cafes, grocery department stores;
  • hospitality, social services, charities;
  • state service for work with the population, consulting departments of banks;
  • hospitals, sanatoriums, massage parlors, hairdressing salons;
  • art: theater actors, singers, screenwriters, decorators, painters;
  • psychology: therapists, child psychologists, teachers;
  • agricultural area: agronomists, flower growers, farmers, livestock breeders, farmers;
  • medicine: obstetricians, neonatologists, nannies, nurses, veterinarians.

Individuals as bosses are the best thing that could happen to their subordinates. With one presence, they create an atmosphere of benevolence and understanding, delve into the slightest nuances of the psychological state of employees and always meet halfway in unforeseen circumstances.

Influence of planets and the Ascendant

In the position of the Meridian in Cancer, parents play an important guiding role, ignoring the vocation of the child and pushing to a monetary specialty. If the Ascendant is in Scorpio, Leo or Aries, then people will be able to defend their dream and go against the family, which is completely impossible for the owners of ASC in Pisces, but the carriers of the Ascending degree in Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will prudently agree with a practical profession, not forgetting to donate tithing for charity.

The Ascendant in Sagittarius will encourage these individuals to wander and preach eternal truths. Creative activity will be preferred by people with the Moon or Venus on the MC or in the 5th house, Jupiter and Mercury will direct the pedagogical sphere, and Neptune will show good luck in sea affairs and religion.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Cancer:


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