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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Pisces

The destination point, the middle of the sky, falling into the sign of Pisces of the 10th house, puts people in a very difficult position. From the outside, it seems that such individuals do not have a vocation and they just drift along the waves of life, however, success from the point of view of these owners of the Meridian in Pisces is not measured by the general idea of ​​self-realization characteristic of ambitious egoists who push rivals with their elbows. They want to swim towards the goal, enjoying the process, and not to row in the sweat of their faces, straining their muscles.

The Inner Artist wants to create beauty, embodying it in works of art, moreover, in a comfortable environment, without time constraints and dependence on salaries, which is different from the concept of success in the modern world. These carriers of the MC in Pisces iare  born artists, poets, artists who love art in themselves more than material solvency. The clearest example of a starving genius who creates masterpieces is Vincent Van Gogh, whose Midheaven in Pisces made him strange to those around him, but filled the pictures with the eternal wisdom of the universe.

Features of a psychological portrait

People with MC in Pisces are looking for themselves for a long time, not knowing how to express the raging waves of emotions, which is why those around them consider them as passive losers, going with the flow. Kind, sensitive and compassionate individuals with a fine mental organization do not tolerate conflicts well and will never compete with rivals, even being a talented nugget. They need a sensible manager who deals with organizational issues, and they will create, being in a comfortable environment.

A spiritual teacher will help such individuals to become independent wise people. With the defeat of the dominant planets – Jupiter and Neptune, the birth of the creator occurs through emotional crises and shocks, with a withdrawal into alcoholic and drug intoxication, or people simply float past their success, dragging out a gray existence. The strong position of the planets compensates for the suffering with a happy accident that pulls the artist to the starry Olympus.

Dream realization is hampered by:

  • an illusory view of the world, a distorted vision of oneself;
  • fantastic plans, rash decisions, inability to calculate the consequences of actions;
  • religious fanaticism, infantilism, lack of practicality;
  • absent-mindedness, gullibility towards potential scammers, apathy, hysteria;
  • emotional vampirism, demagoguery.

The owners of the Meridian in Pisces do not pursue fame, but enjoy its fruits with pleasure. An extraordinary falling in love with persons of dubious behavior can become a source of major troubles or a compromising history in the professional sphere, as actually happened with Van Gogh, who cut off his earlobe in a fit of passion for a prostitute.

Professional preferences

It is difficult for such individuals to work with a harsh pedantic boss, but with the harmonious position of Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter, they skillfully adapt, rubbing themselves into trust or beating pity, seeking privileged conditions specifically for themselves.

External complaisance and gentleness create the impression that it is easy for people to shoulder a mountain of responsibilities, but these owners of the Midheaven in Pisces are skilled in eluding unnecessary work and creating the illusion of vigorous activity, doing only what is interesting to them personally.

It is also not easy for the subordinates of such bosses – it is difficult for them to clothe requirements in clear forms existing in the imagination, and the result of work rarely suits them.

Success comes in creative professions and areas of helping citizens:

  • civil service, ministries, departments – secret organizations and secret departments, committees for combating sects, guardianship bodies;
  • internal and external intelligence, detective agencies, social services;
  • medicine – narcologists, psychotherapists, pediatricians, gynecologists, neuropathologists, employees of hospitals, dispensaries, sanatoriums of the middle and junior level, healers, herbalists;
  • art – actors, lyric poets, writers of the genre of fantasy and fairy tales, photographers, artists, choreographers and dancers, readers, costume designers, make-up artists, designers, decorators, museum workers;
  • naval affairs – captains and sailors on long-distance ships and river transport, ichthyologists, marine archaeologists;
  • guardianship – orphanages, boarding schools for adolescents and the elderly, hospices;
  • trade – alcohol, medicine, paints and chemicals, cigarettes, drinks;
  • occultism – magicians, astrologers, tarologists, psychics;
  • service sector – hotels, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, dairy farms and shops;
  • manufacturing – perfumery, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, footwear, diving equipment, shipbuilding, chemicals and fertilizers.

At a low level of development, Meridian in Pisces gives swindlers and thieves, and at a higher level – representatives of the clergy, from monks to patriarchs and bishops.

Influence of the Ascendant and the planets near Meridian

Since the Middle of Heaven in Pisces gives a rather abstract and calm attitude to vocation, an ascending sign paints it in emotional tones.

If the Ascendant is in the earthly element (Taurus, Capricorn people are able to become  good leaders and loyal performers in Libra and Gemini – they are torn between two areas of activity: for the soul and earning a living, constantly tormented by doubts and not being able to choose one. The position in Virgo shows lone intellectuals. Ascendant in Leo and Aries helps to manage energy flows for healing and penetration into the future.

Neptune in MC in Pisces shows that individuals will spend many years next to the sea or lake, and in the presence of harmonious aspects, heralds success in theater, cinema and photography. In a female horoscope, this often means a housewife with creative hobbies. Mars near Meridian pushes to overcome oneself and strengthen willpower, and the Moon blurs the vision of the goal and gives addictions.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Pisces:


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