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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Taurus

Point MC – Meridian, crowning the cusp of the 10th house, in Taurus indicates a conservative realist, whose purpose is inseparable from a steadily increasing capital. Individuals in such position choose a profession from a practical point of view, soberly assessing their abilities. Even with an amazing artistic talent, for example, a beautiful voice or a poetic gift, they will not go on the creative path if it does not bring money.

The high opinion of themselves, the owners of the Midheaven point in Taurus are confirmed by the organization of material comfort – branded clothing,  cars, apartments in a prestigious area inspire them to work tirelessly. It is happiness when theirs talents coincide with the potential profit from their development, because the dominant planet MC in Taurus – Venus generously endows them with a desire for art, but they will never become a poor artist: the desire to occupy a high position in society is too great.

Features of a psychological portrait

Unlike other Midheaven Meridians, being in Taurus does not require people to challenge themselves. Patience and endurance allow, in a relaxed state of mind, to achieve the goal set in their youth and also philosophically observe how the corpses of old enemies who could not withstand the struggle with obstacles sweep through the stream of water.

Such individuals initially create an image of a sparkling diamond, worthy of all blessings, attracting the appropriate opportunities. Of course, these owners of the MC in Taurus meet with difficulties and injustice, but the radiance of the goal, drawn by the fantasy of a creative alter ego, inspires to overcome obstacles and justifies misconduct if they have to give up principles.

Success of such people comes most often in the same country or city where they grew up. However, they rarely strive to break away from the roots, realizing that stability gives comfort, and it is easier to start a startup on a solid foundation.

Despite the Venusian charm and the ability to dispose to oneself, there is also a shadow side of MC in Taurus:

  • will never give up the goal, even if you have to go to extreme measures;
  • greed and envy awaken at the slightest hesitation in a stable position;
  • protects property and loved ones to the last breath;
  • hates obeying and rarely listens to advice.

Marilyn Monroe, who managed to become an iconic movie star for all time, has always remained a bright representative of the MC in Taurus. Even after her death, her image brings financial dividends to directors and writers.

Professional preferences

The dominant planet Venus strongly influences the behavior of the native chief: he is biased, royally arrogant, favors flatterers and high ranks, adhering to the canons of justice only where it is profitable.

Success will come in both technical and humanitarian directions, but, as a rule, in the applied version:

  • agriculture, architecture, construction;
  • economics, sociology, anthropology;
  • pharmaceuticals, medicine – therapists, ENT specialists, veterinarians, ultrasound specialists;
  • finance – bank employees, accountants, realtors, insurance agents, merchants;
  • wholesale – sales managers, advertising agents, suppliers;
  • sports – karate, boxers, bodybuilders, gymnasts;
  • folk crafts – potters, jewelers, cabinetmakers, weavers;
  • the field of beauty – hairdressers, stylists, designers, decorators, perfumers, cosmetologists;
  • customer service – managers of hotels, restaurants, chefs, pastry chefs;
  • art – artists, vocalists, musicians, directors, screenwriters, cameramen.

A native can also be indirectly related to the world of show business, be the financial manager of a producer or a famous singer, or combine the practical with the beautiful – to independently conduct accounting, being a creative person.

Influence of planets and the Ascendant

The meridian of the Midheaven is closely connected with another point of the karmic Cross – the Ascendant , which shows the way a person manifests in the world. If ASC rises in Leo, then a high social status becomes an obsession for the MC carriers in Taurus: they will build a multi-stage strategy to achieve what they want, in Sagittarius they will look for treasures abroad, torn between the stability of their native walls and the tempting promises of foreign partners.

When ASC is located in the signs of Air – profit from financial transactions in trade, in the element of Water – practicality weakens, releasing the creative side to the fore, in the signs of Earth – the desire to shine disappears, it is more important to occupy a leadership position and follow the usual algorithm of actions – the favorite chair, coffee, personal computer.

People with MC in Taurus can safely try their luck in an artistic career if Venus or the Moon are located next to the Meridian in Taurus, as well as if there are favorable aspects to them. This is a sure sign of a successful combination of the desire for wealth and the disclosure of an artistic gift. In part, Neptune also contributes to this, but it also gives vibrations and fears: “I want to, and it injects.”

An indication for successful implementation in business are Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter within 10 degrees from the MC, in the natal chart. It is important to get a good education, expand the social circle: friends and business connections will contribute to a career. Mars indicates agricultural application of abilities.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Taurus:


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