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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in Aquarius

Destination point – The middle of the sky , in Aquarius at the top of the 10th house gives a person the desire to change the world by what he does in the professional field and to transform himself to a higher level. The native is not interested in routine work without a higher noble goal. With a stream of inspiration and innovation, he seeks a unique way to embody talent, challenging social rules and morals.

The genius of Midheaven in Aquarius, unpredictable and intriguing, seeks to create a future where there is happiness for everyone. Purpose is realized through the ability to see a lucky chance, grab onto it and stand out from the crowd. In a work team, it is necessary to instantly show individuality and an original approach to solving problems, as well as initiative and courage.

Features of a psychological portrait

The owner of an MC in Aquarius often involves friends and family members in dubious projects that seem to him to be an innovative breakthrough, and then pays for this with bankruptcy, loss of reputation and the trust of loved ones. This is not deceit, but rather a lack of cunning and prudence, from which the native himself suffers. Before making a decision to achieve professional goals, he is torn between choosing the beaten path, a priori approved by society, and an extravagant, risky way.

This is a reflection of the struggle between the lower and higher “I”, as well as the influence of the dominant planets – Uranus and retrograde Saturn. Working out consists in the ability to practically evaluate the irrepressible flight of fantasy of the higher “ego” and the refusal to immediately implement extravagant plans. Just the case when “the morning of the evening is wiser” and you need to think over the details a hundred times before acting.

Success is hindered by:

  • excessive idealism, coldness in communication, arrogance;
  • fear of spiritual teachers and religious practice;
  • anti-social position, inflated ambitions and self-aggrandizement;
  • lack of higher education and rejection of ancestral traditions.

The bearer of the Meridian in Aquarius loves to give original and difficult to understand the interlocutor advice, poorly navigating in human psychology, which makes it difficult to understand with colleagues and does not contribute to the sympathy of subordinates. He strives to surround himself with original thinking innovators, inventive, distinguished and reliable. Famous personalities with MCs in Aquarius – Peter the Great, A. Conan-Doyle, K. Castaneda, D. Mendeleev, L. Tolstoy, J. Verne, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Suvorov.

Professional preferences

A native should know that in his professional and social life there will be at least one or several shocks with the complete destruction of everything created earlier. Only spiritually developed people with harmonious aspects of Saturn and Uranus can avoid this. But thanks to the enthusiasm and faith in the dream given by the Midheaven in Aquarius, he will be reborn as the Phoenix bird and gain new heights. The native’s chief is most often an erudite, inventive person who provides freedom of action, but necessarily infringes upon the interests of a subordinate in one thing, but significant (the influence of Saturn).

The success of the MC in Aquarius is expected in areas related to the invention of new:

  • design of airplanes, spaceships, cars, computing, television and electronic equipment, electrical appliances;
  • communications – development of new areas of telephone and radio communications, secret signals of intelligence services, the Internet, information technology;
  • engineering research – system programmers, engineers, pilots, cosmonauts, electricians;
  • science – atomic physics, computer science, cybernetics, astronomy, meteorology, psychology;
  • medicine – physiotherapists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, dentists, psychotherapists, psychics;
  • art – writers, poets, ballet and ethnic dancers, stage movement directors, cartoonists, television, circus, cinema, fitness trainers, graphic artists, animators;
  • business – commercial directors, bank employees, financiers.

After 40 years, the native begins to be keenly interested in the occult sciences, trying to cognize invisible energy flows, and may well acquire a new profession of an astrologer or energy healer.

Influence of the Ascendant and the planets near Meridian

An ascending sign imposes an additional influence on the carrier of the Midheaven in Aquarius. Under the Ascendant in Gemini and Virgo, the native seeks to get higher education and constantly develop intelligence, travel, and strives to new horizons, and in Aries – to fulfill bold fantasies, not paying attention to the shock of the public and choosing unusual exotic professions.

ASC in Taurus and Capricorn, on the contrary, thoroughly ground a person, and only by the position of Uranus in the natal chart, one can determine the area of ​​professional consistency. If he is well aspected, the native will be successful in politics, astrology, computer technology.

The Sun 10-20 degrees from the MC in Aquarius gives popularity and the ability to stand out from the gray mass with an inner radiance, the Moon removes the coldness and detachment inherent in the native in communication, endowing with sensitivity and responsiveness. Mars awakens revolutionary spirit, forcing to strike against the boss-dictator or constantly act against social foundations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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