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Mercury without aspects

When the planets form aspects, their energy cooperation begins. In the case of Mercury, in the process of learning and revealing the intellect, the owners of the horoscope are helped by people and circumstances represented by another planet, or vice versa – they develop in spite of obstacles and problems. If there are no aspects, it turns out that people think in an original and independent way, but on the other hand, it is more difficult for them to learn, because they are not able to take the experience and knowledge of other people as a basis.

Such individuals need to reach everything through personal mutual conclusions, and this takes time. Communication does not enrich, but irritates them. The most difficult thing is that there is a great desire to be realized in the intellectual profession and to have a huge circle of friends, but life does not provide opportunities for this. They either do not know how to win over people, or do not consider it necessary to do this, and in the end do not understand why they are lonely and not in demand.

The positive influence of Mercury without aspects

It is difficult to isolate the positive traits of unaspected Mercury. The only plus is thinking independent of other people’s assessments and criteria, thanks to which the horoscope holders can become brilliant scientists, actors, writers, teachers, but even in this case, they will brightly reveal themselves only in the field of their activity, and then, leaving the stage, will again become closed and laconic.

There are a lot of comedy artists who brilliantly play the main roles of humorous and talkative characters, but in real life they are their complete opposite. This is very surprising and offends fans, but this is how Mercury appears without aspects. It is included only in professional activities or even outside the desire of the people with this position of the horoscope. For example, they can talk to a fellow traveler on the train and lay out all their secrets that they never told their spouses or friends about, and then wonder what came over them.

A scientist or child prodigy in this position is more likely to be quirky and eccentric.

The negative influence of Mercury without aspects

Such people are easy to recognize. Thier thought process is separate from the personality. They hover in the clouds, obviously not hearing the interlocutor, and even pretend to be attentive very ineptly.

They really are not interested in what happens to other people, what they talk about, what thought they want to convey to them, if this is not related to themselves and their aspirations.

Learning is also difficult for them, because it is difficult for them to concentrate on the information provided by the teacher or presented in books. They can do this selectively within the framework of those subjects that are of interest to them, but in most cases they will be lagging behind. For example, a brilliant mathematician who absolutely does not know literature or history.

The third problem of the owners of Mercury without aspects is difficulties with travel and business trips. They are disrupted or canceled at the last moment, there are difficulties with paperwork, or they lose them on the eve of departure. Sometimes it happens that the owners of such Mercury  passionately desire to travel, but cannot due to reasons beyond their control: early pregnancy, low salary, even the spouse’s unwillingness to travel further than their native city.

Such individuals do not have useful connections, most often the rhythm of life is tied to the “work – home” mode without interesting leisure.

Features of Mercury without aspects by zodiac sign

The position in the sign also introduces additional meanings into the interpretation of the planet.

If unaspected Mercury is in Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, then its owners are distinguished by external coldness, restraint, but in certain situations they try so hard to please that it looks unnatural and repels the right people from them. Because of this, they again hide behind the ice shell of indifference.

It is necessary to consciously leave the comfort zone, strike up a conversation, learn from own mistakes and failures, choosing the right tone in communication, and cultivate self-confidence.

Unaspected Mercury in Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces creates an explosive temperament under the guise of cheerful and pleasant individuals in all respects. The more striking is the flash of anger when they are hurt to the quick in matters important to them.

It is important for such people to own their own emotions. Yoga, meditation, communication training, acting studio classes, and sports activities will be very useful to throw out suppressed emotions in an eco-friendly way.

Mercury without aspects in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius often wastes energy on idle chatter, gossip, computer games, conversations on forums in social networks, although the mind here is sharpened for development in communication, invention and creativity, so if the owners of the Mercury in these signs find the right environment, anyone can achieve goals. The best thing is not just to sit in social networks, but to look for a community that matches their goals and plans.

Elaboration of  Mercury without aspects

An unaspected planet fails its owners at the exact moment when they really need it. For example, at an exam, a concert, a job interview, such people lose the thread of the conversation, forget what they brilliantly told their loved ones yesterday, rehearsing before an important event.

There is only one way out – to understand this peculiarity and to concentrate the Mercurian energy by an effort of will, mentally setting themselves up for victory. Neuro-gymnastics for hands or rehearsed gestures help well. They can specifically talk with someone before an important event, so as not to withdraw into themselves. Man thus turns on Mercury in its strong manifestations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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