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Mercury in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

Moving is a big stress, and it is not surprising that people want to calculate the risks in advance and see where favorable opportunities lie in a new life. For this, there is a relocation chart, showing where the planets fall after the house cusps move according to the new geodata system.

Mercury is responsible for communication and intellectual development, but in the horoscope of moving, it still shows the sphere to which all thoughts of its owners will be directed. Through it, they will grow, make useful connections, position themselves in the world. The 2nd house through material values and energy resources will give grounding to air, fire, water Mercury, and earthly and completely anchor on finances.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

It is on the example of the planet of communication that one can clearly see how the principle of shifting the cusps of houses works. If they move counterclockwise, the countdown starts: people with such a postion of the horoscope look younger, the enthusiasm and penetrating courage of youth return to them, they suddenly decide to fulfill those dreams and plans that they cherished at school. Since Mercury is, in principle, eternally young, fast and gender-neutral planet, it quite quickly ignites its wards with these energies. The exception is retro-Mercury, here on the contrary, a similar effect can be expected if it passes into other houses in a clockwise direction.

Most often, a jump to the 2nd house comes from the 1st or 3rd, but of course other options are possible. It all depends on the destination and its distance from the previous location.

The transition from the sectors mentioned above will be very harmonious and inspiring, because both of them denote an active life position originally laid down in the natal chart and a focus on rich communication with the outside world.

When such Mercury enters the 2nd house, the semantic accents simply shift. The owners o bef the relocation chart begin not just to communicate for the sake of pleasure and connections, but are looking for practical applications for them. Such individuals make their Mercurial talents and skills a source of wealth, put the intellect at the service of the needs of the body. This means a period of salary growth, because now it is impossible to resist talking with the authorities about its increase, as well as a surge of interest in new projects, since they are waiting not only for admiration, but also for financial returns, and are ready to work.

It is much more difficult when Mercury moves into the 2nd house of the relocation chart from the 12th house, because in this case, rather vague figurative thinking confuses people where it is necessary to clearly build a step-by-step movement towards the goal. It may seem to them that here they are – the source of well-being, but this turns out to be a mirage and deceit.

In the presence of negative aspects, they are completely disappointed in their ability to earn money or are led by the promise of easy money of financial pyramids.

Mercury in the 2nd house of the relocation chart and money

All the thoughts of such horoscope holders are directed towards a secure and well-fed future. They no longer intend to work for the idea and are sure that even at the project level their ideas should be sold and bring in a regular income.

First of all, they begin to study the topic of time planning in order to keep up with everything, and, accordingly, earn more thanks to this.

Then comes the turn of financial literacy. Even whose who are far from this topic suddenly want to learn the secrets of investing, schemes for saving a lot of money in a short time, as well as courses on these topics.

If earlier these guys did a lot of things disinterestedly, now they expect that their kindness will return with some kind of profit and material values. This may be a surprise for them, and of course, they will not speak directly about their expectations and may even pretend to be altruists, but they will be internally offended if no one appreciates their efforts.

This position of the planet is favorable for representatives of professions related to economics, real estate, finance, accounting, investments, however, it will also help creative people to ground themselves and realize their value first in their souls, and then reach a higher monetary level.

Mercury in the 2nd house of the relocation chart and health

Since the location planet shows where the thoughts of people are directed, it is natural that they think about their health and energy potential, especially if there are already some problems and complications. The natal position of Mercury in other houses, except for the 6th and 8th, does not contribute to thoughts about health, on the contrary, the focus is on the leading topics of these sectors: 12th – secret knowledge, 1st – intellectual leadership, 3rd – communication and business relations, 4th – real estate and family, but here Mercury in the 2nd house location encourages people to realize the connection between the good condition of the body in the resource and the ability to earn more money.

It is the material component that leads to the need to undergo medical examinations, go in for sports and even visit a psychologist, because in a depressed state, it will not be possible to attract finance.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the native’s thinking is limited exclusively by material interests: where to buy something cheaper, how to benefit from others, how to use the situation for one’s own benefit, while such individuals do not think about other people, all attention is focused on commodity-money issues.

In the presence of negative aspects, this position of Mercury speaks of financial losses, inadequate spending, fraud and deceit.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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