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Neptune without aspects

A planet without aspects presents a problem for people, because it has great potential, but it is like a treasure with seven seals. It needs to be recognized, dug up and pulled out into the light of God. This will require courage and healthy self-esteem, therefore, if the chart is harmonious, then the owners of the horoscope can easily cope with this task. If most of the planets are in fall or exile, afflicted with negative aspects, everything is very difficult.

Neptune is the highest planet, and it turns on quite late, when the personality is already formed, but the prerequisites for creative success appear already in childhood. Here much depends on how people themselves and their parents are able to see glimpses of light and expand it.

If there is no self-confidence, and parents believe that there is no need to engage in music, dancing, acting and photography, they laugh at fantasies and vivid plot dreams, the owners of the horoscope refuse a powerful creative and extrasensory beginning, and it is very difficult for them to find themselves in a cruel material world. Neptune without aspects is the key to the door to the world of subtle energies that help fulfill cherished desires, but not everyone can get it. Sometimes they have to go down to the very bottom of life for this.

The positive influence of Neptune without aspects

It is difficult to talk about the unambiguously positive impact of such a higher planet as Neptune. Its intoxicating influence is too strong when illusions are perceived as reality, however, it is obvious that Neptune wakes up without aspects at the age of about 30, and it is then that a strong desire arises to develop in the directions in which people were happy in childhood. They recall how they liked to sing, draw, play on the stage, and also possibly immerse themselves in meditative-religious ecstasy. They want to do what their soul desires.

Will it be a happy change? It’s impossible to say for sure, because one will be lucky in a creative career and a change of activity will really bring fame and success, again, if there are prerequisites for this in the natal chart, while for the other everything will freeze at the level of a hobby, or they will be disappointed halfway and will not wait for their star hour.

Neptune is also responsible for medicine, pharmaceuticals, psychology, maritime affairs, church ministry, therefore, knowing that the owners of such a planet will be attracted to these areas at the age of about 30, they can initially choose one of them as a professional implementation, so as not to change everything completely and not relearn in the middle of life.

Among other things, at a high level of development, a harmonious Neptune without aspects serves as a source of unique creative ideas, powerful intuition, a channel of communication with the subtle worlds, when they are guided only by their inner knowledge. However, this requires self-reliance. If it does not exist, and people are brought up in material values, denying the divine, intuition and a creative streak are blocked.

Neptune without aspects also lays the idea of universal love of sacrifice. It is no coincidence that it is in the charts of many clergymen and nuns.

The negative influence of Neptune without aspects

However, it is far from always possible to call the owners of Neptune without aspects as creative people with a developed intuition. It all depends on the level of development and the environment of education, as well as the predominant element in the horoscope. The indicators of the owners of Neptune in Pisces or Sagittarius will be very different from those who have Neptune in Capricorn or Virgo. In the second case, there are already prerequisites for skepticism and a tendency to believe only in what can be verified empirically. Again, this is not always bad, but with certain indicators it leads to inertia of consciousness, a complete denial of religion, creativity, miracles and healings, in which medicines and logic are not present.

The reverse side of Neptune – lies and fraud – should not be overlooked. Without a spiritual core, people realize quite early that they skillfully mislead other people and skillfully use it. Moreover, the immature Neptune without aspects distorts reality, the owners of the horoscope believe that their lies are for the good, and only inferior stupid people are deceived, so they are  kind of guru teaching them a lesson. Considering that they teach people not to blindly trust just anyone, they do not hesitate to use their money and cheat for their own benefit.

Such people create totalitarian sects and financial pyramids, or actively involve in them, sincerely believing that this is for the benefit of everyone.

In a calmer version, Neptune without aspects leads to the fact that people:

  • sacrificethemselves when no one needs it and harms themselves;
  • have difficulty expressing their feelings and do not respond to the emotions of others, they lack emotional intelligence;
  • fall into dependence on certain tastes, smells, drinks, including alcohol;
  • are sure that no one loves them and are not capable of a healthy equal relationship, preferring the role of a victim;
  • read a lot about psychology, but do not understand how to apply this knowledge in life.

It happens that Neptune without aspects is manifested by voices in the head and leads to schizophrenia, but this requires other indicators, in particular, the affected Moon and Mercury.

Elaboration of Neptunewithout aspects

It is important to understand that the idea of unconditional love does not mean the loss of one’s own personality and eternal service to other people to the detriment of one’s interests, and creativity on an empty stomach has never brought happiness to anyone. It would be wise to create a financial cushion, and only then go on a Neptunian free float as creators or freelancers.

It is important for such individuals to find their psychological anchors that keep them on the edge of reality, but do not prevent them from revealing their creative talents.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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