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Neptune in the 12th House – Sensual Sage

The bearer of the highest wisdom of the entire zodiac – Neptune is in the 12th house in his element. It is not easy for the native to manage the generous gift of fate – natural foresight of events, understanding the essence of things and unrestrained imagination require endurance, constant self-development, grounding in order not to get away from reality, choosing astral flights instead of material success.

These are artists and creators in the highest sense, endowed with a delicate artistic taste and talents in painting, acting, literature, singing, and especially dancing abilities.

The native finds himself in radically different fields: from a medium and a clairvoyant healer to successful financiers who top the Forbes list. A supernatural instinct for money, however, does not make a person a fan of material goods. He perceives the enrichment process as a game with high stakes, and in everyday life he is content with little.

Features of the life path

The upper planet Neptune, in the 12th house of karma of the clan, gives hints through sudden revelations and constant luck in difficult situations, but negative aspects show that you will have to work off the sins of your ancestors.

Probably, in the male line, there were sorcerers and psychics in the family, which helps a person to see the future, getting the desired result, but when the Moon is hit, it is obvious that there were problems with alcohol, drug addiction in the family, and the native cannot even drink a glass of champagne, so as not to pay off with health … Water transport and long sea voyages in this life are also dangerous.

The main need of the owner of Neptune in the 12th house is solitude and loneliness, when the soul relaxes and is filled with the highest wisdom. He may suddenly turn off the phone or leave for several days without explaining anything. Without periods of loneliness, the native will turn into a nervous and scandalous person, poisoning the existence of himself and others.

In addition to talent in music, dance and poetry, he can take place as a doctor, psychologist, detective, secret agent and owner of a shadow business. At the end of life, there is a strong desire to go to a monastery or to live in a secluded house by the water.

Planet in the signs of the zodiac

Neptune in Natal’s 12th house excites the imagination with dreams and good intentions, but the native often postpones their implementation, which gives rise to melancholy and depression. The planet must be worked through with the material embodiment of secret dreams, especially through charity, ordinary help to others and, of course, creativity. The veil over the inner world of a Neptunian will be lifted if you look at the zodiac sign in the 12th house :

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – constant nervous tension, struggle with internal aggression, fear of the personal unconscious and actions to the detriment of oneself. They blame others for the troubles, wear a social mask, playing a role pleasing to society, far from the real “I”. They dream to shine and win hearts, but they are closed and shy. High demands on themselves, work hard to meet imaginary ideals. Enemies attack openly and sharply, or pretend to be well-wishers, and weave intrigues behind their backs.

2. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – are afraid of emotional closeness and verbal expression of feelings. Strong anxiety about their own health: they constantly find symptoms of terrible diseases in themselves or suffer from vague doctors’ diagnoses. They tend to get involved in financial scams and be seduced by dubious enterprises, they do not tolerate sudden changes in plans. Secret enemies among employees and bosses.

3. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – painfully perceive negative information, falling into long experiences if they find out gossip about themselves. They escape from quarrels and conflicts, engage in self-digging alone. Due to excessive talkativeness and frivolity, they get into unpleasant stories, trying to solve problems through mysticism and appeal to psychics. Ill-wishers harm by spreading slanderous rumors.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – hypersensitivity and vulnerability from childhood translate into an inferiority complex. Love is the purpose of existence. They strive to warm and love relatives and friends, but do not believe in reciprocal feelings. They are interested in psychopathy, the dark side of consciousness, think in suicide when problems arise. Having a huge potential to overcome karma and obstacles, they rarely find a way to it, plunging into pity for themselves and offenders, trying to understand their motives. Ill-wishers among distant relatives.

Important aspects

The difficulties and benefits associated with Neptune in the 12th house are manifested in stages, as when developing a photograph. The image is always associated with the images of the subconscious, the degree of elaboration of the planet affects the result. The native hides emotions and talents, going into asceticism, or reveals them through love for people.

Repeatedly affected planet leads to imprisonment, mental disorders, separation from loved ones for many years. Negative aspects with Mars and Mercury portend poisoning and accidents on the water, the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraudsters and armed criminals, with Uranus and Saturn – forced emigration, arrest in another country, fighting powerful enemies, conflicts with fanatics.

Fabulous success and the support of influential persons bestow harmonious aspects with the Sun and Pluto , with Venus, Mercury and the Moon – endow with artistic and healing abilities, with Jupiter – provide beneficial contacts with foreigners and safe sea travel, with Uranus – contribute to incredible discoveries and inventions in cybernetics , electronics and space technologies.

It must be remembered that Neptune does not turn on on its own and the native’s inaction will bury any bright talent.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Neptune in 12th House:


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