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Neptune in the 2nd house – a free benefactor

The planet Neptune is named after the ancient Roman god of the seas, also called the Earth Shaker. Having settled in the 2nd house, he fills it with emotional turmoil, energy waves blurring the boundaries of attitudes towards earnings and self-esteem in terms of financial independence.

The native rushes between two fires: the desire to get rich quickly and beautifully in order to benefit family and friends, and the feeling of guilt in front of them when he earns more than his relatives, which immediately returns him to low incomes and starts walking in circles.

Neptune in the 2nd house, even in a strong position, encourages a philosophical attitude towards money as something vain and incompatible with high ideals. Astrologers, healers, artists and artists with such a position of the planet are embarrassed to take decent wages for their work, believing that it is inconvenient. The karmic task is to see spiritual power in money, to realize that having it you can bring more benefits to humanity than living in poverty.

The impact of the planet on attitudes towards money

Neptune in the 2nd house symbolizes spending on a whim – the native buys an expensive item for his entire salary, simply because he fell in love with the external beauty of fabric or jewelry.

It is necessary to look at the ruler of which house the ruler of the seas is – it is there that the Achilles’ heel is located, through a sense of guilt, prompting both to strive for earnings and to lower it:

  • fifth house – strive to spend all income on children, their entertainment, hobbies;
  • the seventh – showers partners and life partner with gifts, strives for joint business;
  • fourth, home decoration and renovation is the main driving force for overcoming laziness;
  • eleventh – all income goes to help friends, support joint projects and holidays.

Unfortunately, the desire to bestow the house of the steward has a sharp pitfall – the native is sure that he is not worthy of attention and respect without a preliminary ransom. To love for him means to give something material, which is not always correctly assessed by loved ones.

The main basis for success is self-awareness, which stops Neptunian gullibility. Because of her, the owner of Neptune in the 2nd house is surprised to find himself in the center of a financial fraud or similar crimes are hanged on him.

The strong position of the planet gives easy success and earnings in the field of art, chemistry, medicine. Struck Neptune gives a tendency to fraud, an infantile attitude to money, lack of savings for the future. Money disappears instantly, documents and keys are lost.

Planet and zodiac signs

Wealth can come in a mystical way – winning the lottery or at the races, a donation from an unknown philanthropist. It depends on what sign of the zodiac and elements the planet is in, whether the income will be secret or explicit, and what area of ​​activity to pay attention to:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the desire to get rich and do charity work, secretly enjoying their sacrifice, a propensity for beautiful gestures and purchases in excess of a monthly salary to throw dust in the eyes of others. Such posturing often provokes open robbery: thieves think that the native is rich. Success awaits in the field of stage and circus arts, sports, show business.

2. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – income from applied creative activity: handicrafts, knitting and sewing to order, in the long term the native seeks to manage his own atelier, hairdresser and cafe, but in the presence of negative aspects it is safer to remain a performer. The spending is reasonable, he will not mindlessly buy the thing he likes, but will wait for discounts and purchase. Deceptive situations when buying real estate and paperwork.

3. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – an easy attitude to money, often led by fictional pitiful stories and donate large sums to charity. Profits are brought by intellectual and spiritual activities: journalism, literature, jurisprudence, astrology, theater and PR management. They often work in several places: tutor, copywriter, translator.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – they love to save money and collect beautiful things, think for a long time before buying a practical thing, but gladly acquire expensive books on occultism and esoteric amulets. Secret income and unwillingness to talk about the nuances of getting a salary. Success awaits in astrology, practical magic, psychological training, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, maritime business and tourism.

Important aspects

The possessor of Neptune in the 2nd house, even earning millions, lacks funds. You need to learn how to plan your budget clearly so as not to go broke completely. Indicators of wealth retention are positive aspects with the Sun , Venus and Jupiter. A man like Donald Trump, having lost everything, will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and create an empire anew. Trine with Mars prophesies success in military and commercial affairs, secret services.

Negative aspects in the natal chart do not block financial opportunities, but provoke to go to the dark side and enrich themselves through fraud and speculation. Such a tendency is hinted at by an unfavorable configuration with Mercury, Mars and Pluto. The native himself often suffers from theft, bank burnout, where he keeps funds and intrigues of colleagues.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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