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Opposition Chiron – Moon. sensory experiences

The aspect shows the presence of a strong tension between the two planets. Because of this, it is difficult for a person to choose on which side he will develop. He is thrown into extremes, especially if both members of the opposition are strong and contradictory. Few people manage to take the best from the two polar signs, where the planets stand, and effectively introduce these qualities into their lives. To do this, you need not only to know astrology, but also to understand how to work out a complex aspect.

The opposition of the Moon-Chiron is a deep dissatisfaction with the outside world and one’s place in it. Even if a person was born in wealth, love, harmony, consciousness requires something else, excessive sweetness needs the addition of pepper and salt. A person is looking for suffering, problems, difficulties and begins to “treat” them with pleasure, not noticing how smoothly he switches to the event line of pessimism and negativity.

The influence of the opposition of the Moon-Chiron on fate

The native has a distorted perception of reality. It comes from the feeling of insecurity and vulnerability that Chiron creates in the house of his standing. It distorts the sensual experiences of the Moon so much that it seems to a person that the whole world is enemies, everything said by others is directed at him with the aim of offending him, and it is better not to expect anything good from life. As a child, he resembles a donkey Eeyore, and as an adult, he often becomes embittered and hurts those around him, poisoning their joyful feelings with black pessimism.

When analyzing, it is important to pay attention to the houses where the planets are located. Even the harmonious Moon sometimes covers a person with a wave of uncontrollable emotions, and even being in opposition to the provocateur and the main joker of the horoscope Chiron, she simply spins a whirlpool of conflicting feelings, from which it is difficult to get out.

If this is the 6th house, then the problem that haunts will be the workplace, the team and the state of health, and the state of affairs in these areas will rock the emotional swing and create confrontation. For example, the evil jokes of colleagues, gossip behind their backs lead to suppressed painful experiences and loss of work due to a shattered nervous system. If the 9th is the fear of novelty, travel abroad, lack of confidence in one’s knowledge, lack of self-worth, because of which a person loses the chance to enter a prestigious university.

The Moon-Chiron opposition is characterized by certain signs both in character and in life events:

  • dissatisfaction with the emotional return of others: it seems to the native that others are inattentive, callous, envious, and he is a real angel;
  • vulnerability, resentment, tendency to become discouraged;
  • dependence of intellectual confidence on emotions: if he gets upset, he is no longer in the resource;
  • difficulties with conception and sometimes pregnancy in women, especially if the 5th house is affected;
  • problems with finding your corner, it seems that it’s bad at home, but it’s scary to go to another country.

The less consciously a person lives, the more difficult it is for him to build relationships with others. This leads to loneliness, health problems, alcoholism, if there is an additional aspect from Neptune.

Opposition Chiron-Moon and personal life

Relationship problems in the native appear from childhood. The moon symbolizes the mother, which means that from an early age, men and women with this aspect feel the inexplicable hostility of the parent and become the target of her nagging and bad mood.

The mother of the native either suffers from mood swings herself or creates them in her children, asserting herself at their expense. It is possible that the birth of the native was an accident, and therefore she blames him for personal failures. Later, the mother will want to keep the child under control and she will interfere in his personal relationships with the opposite sex.

In men with this aspect, family life often does not go well for this very reason. It is difficult for women to get pregnant because there is no maternal resource and no idea of how to be a good mother. It is difficult to harmonize these moments, because it will be necessary to become a symbolic parent of the mother and forgive her and the circumstances that made her emotionally eccentric and unstable, and this is very difficult.

Relations with relatives are also often strained. The native feels hostility towards the old family members, although karmically it is through them that one needs to treat one’s own problems in love, including by giving attention and care.

Study of the opposition Luna-Chiron

The problematic Moon causes swelling, fluid accumulates in the body, and if Venus is also affected, problems with the kidneys and the urinary system as a whole are provided. However, the root cause is psychosomatics. The native needs to work out his fears, greed, a sense of threat from the outside world, suspicion and suspiciousness. In an effort to show others that everything is fine, he suppresses destructive emotions, tries to seem bigger, more important than he really is, and gains weight according to the Moon, that is, with fluid retention.

Relationships with mom should also be “treated” according to Chiron and the Moon: approach this issue in a non-standard way. Astrology, family constellations, meditations, forgiveness and prayers will help here.

Most importantly, one must understand that the vulnerability and vulnerability of Chiron should be treated with the higher energies of the Moon, and this is maternal love, sympathy, attention to the problems of others, healing, yoga, herbal medicine, caring for those in need. Taking care of the elderly and children, doing charity work, it is easier to connect to the lunar force.

Jewelry with natural stones – selenite, lepidolite, angelite – will become mascots for natives.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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