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Opposition Chiron – Neptune. big dreamer

What will happen when a cunning and many-sided teacher enters into a confrontation with an idealist dreamer who does not distinguish reality from fiction? He will certainly want to impose his own system of values and coordinates on a passive and influenceable opponent.

Approximately such a confrontation goes between Chiron and Neptune , however, if the latter is strong, and the former is struck or initially in a weak position, then dreams not only lead away from painful experiences about a weak spot in the psyche, but also require immediate implementation in order to prove to the whole world creative and personal viability.

The influence of the opposition Chiron – Neptune on fate

The native suffers from inner dissatisfaction. He is not satisfied with the system of relations between people, the level of culture, morality, religious zeal. He longs to become a new prophet, bring a different faith and heal the wounds of society, but does not suspect that he must first cure his main problem in the location of Chiron.

Even in childhood, under the influence of books and films, a person develops an idealistic perception of reality. If the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon are in Pisces or Neptune in the 1st house, then this is a big dreamer, for whom the world of dreams is even more real than real life.

There are 2 options here: going into fantasy and a passive life position, or an active embodiment of a dream in practice. This is more likely if the elements of fire and earth predominate in the horoscope. The energy of water, although it stimulates creative talents, is too passive to overcome obstacles, and they will certainly arise during the opposition of Chiron with Neptune.

The main features of her influence:

  • lofty way of thinking, romanticism, spiritual appearance, but at a low level of development there can be a strong contradiction between external angelicity and a tendency to alcohol, drugs, lies and fraud;
  • elevating personal intuitive insights to an absolute and creative awareness of reality: they can really believe and convince others that they are chosen, that they are new messiahs, create sects with complete dependence of adherents;
  • the incredible talent of acting reincarnation that needs to be revealed, a person may be too restrained and shy, but if approved and admired, he will amaze with his art;
  • artistic and dancing abilities, incredible plasticity, poetic gift;
  • an attempt to heal their painful need for a different reality through mass role-playing games, joining the church, theatrical performances;
  • a strong need for care and maintenance, organization of life in order to focus on creativity;
  • withdrawal from reality into alcohol and drugs at a low level of development, a monastery with a strong 12th house.

The native really wants the world around him to correspond to his ideas, but since it is difficult to do this in reality, he manages to create his own universe in literature, poetry, drawing, fashion, and even invent new effective medicines for long-standing diseases, which very effectively heals his own Chiron, and also creates a financial springboard for the further embodiment of dreams.

Opposition Chiron-Neptune and personal life

The owners of the aspect are great idealists, and they are really capable of being true friends, comrades-in-arms, spouses who will follow comrades and partners through fire and water, support in difficult times and rejoice from the bottom of their hearts in moments of happiness.

There is only one small condition for the implementation of this rosy picture: they need to feel the return. If the native sees that he is loved, appreciated, respected, he will give his all, most often the opposite happens. The soft and sublime carrier of the opposition Chiron-Neptune is not taken into account, used or squeezed out of his sympathy in difficult times without a trace. As a result, a person is disappointed in friendship and love, preferring only to dream about them, but in reality not to get close to anyone.

On the other hand, if this experience is comprehended and worked out, there is an option to become an expert in human relations, help others avoid mental trauma or cure them with the help of psychological practices developed by the owner of the aspect.

Study of the opposition Chiron-Neptune

Mental problems begin when the native denies their mental trauma or pain in Chiron’s area of influence. The aspect is not very pronounced if this problem is in the sectors responsible for finance, work, purpose, because Neptune just blurs the idea of reality and a person easily flies to the pinnacle of success, simply not knowing that this usually does not happen.

However, in personal homes, the Chiron-Neptune opposition makes you constantly doubt yourself, step back, take a passive position in relationships, expecting others to be the first to show interest. These are the paths to complete defeat and degradation. Elaboration goes through demonstrating your talents to the world. You need to perform in public as much as possible: dance, play on stage, engage in astrology or any other esoteric direction, draw and participate in art exhibitions. It is good to engage in water sports, which at the same time will strengthen Mars. A person’s vocation may be in the work of a psychologist or a priest, to console and support, to guide on the true path, because he has already been on the other side of the pain and knows how to get out of it.

The native often attracts energy vampires. Green aventurine , jade , amazonite , angelite, lepidolite will help him replenish his energy reserves .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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