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Opposition Chiron – Uranus. No stop light

The higher planets fight in a tense aspect differently than representatives of the septener. Its impact on fate is slower and, as a rule, turns on in adulthood. There is time to prepare and soften the sharp corners. However, in the case of Uranus there will always be a place for surprises, and sometimes a person is afraid of himself, his unpredictable reactions to emotional shocks and trials of fate.

The main problem is the lack of balance in the soul between self-confidence and external manifestations of individuality. The native does not feel where the line of decency is. He has no brake light, and in his pursuit of social approval, he will easily jump off the roof of a skyscraper in the heat of the moment to prove that he is not a weakling. Such children need to be protected from the influence of bad companies and the pursuit of generally accepted standards of success.

The influence of the opposition Chiron – Uranus on fate

The sooner the native finds a good psychologist, the better, but for those whose Uranus affects their personal homes, it is advisable to hurry, because the aspect really affects the psyche harshly. There is a split personality and consciousness. Internal anxiety and uncertainty in the sphere of influence of Chiron pass only through sharp, new sensations in the affairs of the house where Uranus is located.

If this is the line 2 and 8 of the sector, it is easy to guess that a person will get involved in risky financial projects, perhaps he will invest all the money in the “pyramids” and burn out, left with nothing. Of course, there is a chance to take a chance and win a million in the lottery, but this does not happen to everyone and only on favorable transit aspects. However, throughout life, Uranus will beckon with easy earnings through risk. The positive impact comes in the development of ingenuity, the search for new opportunities and acquaintances.

The owners of the Uranus-Chiron opposition are charismatic, energetic and outwardly give the impression of adventurous optimists, although inside they may not even believe in success, getting used to losing, but they cover it up with false bravado.

The main points of the influence of the opposition Chiron-Uranus on fate:

  • originality of thinking and behavior in those matters for which the houses and signs where the planets are located are responsible;
  • short temper and irritability when faced with any restrictions and rules that must be observed;
  • a tendency to do strange, risky and even inexplicably stupid things under the influence of emotions;
  • constant concern for the future, coming from the house where Chiron stands and attempts to heal pain with non-standard methods according to Uranus (if this is the 6th house, anxiety for health will prompt you to look for miracle healers around the world or buy advertised bioadditives, or the native himself decides to become a guru in these areas);
  • the desire to make discoveries and breakthroughs in science, the development of natural resources and energies, to know the unknown by others;
  • independence in decision-making, but with an eye to the standards of success adopted in society (the native chooses the path to them himself, but it is important for him to receive admiration and applause as a result, especially if the planets are in the signs of Leo, Aquarius or Sagittarius).

The opposition between Chiron and Uranus refers to the time period of 1952-1989, and it is comfortable for the native to live in a stream of changes, but periods of stability and calm, on the contrary, excite already strong inner anxiety and fears.

Opposition Chiron-Uranus and personal life

The aspect influenced the formation of the mentality of a whole generation. Its representatives have created a new system of relations, where the husband and wife are more partners, financially and mentally independent of each other. For the owners of the opposition Chiron-Uranus, it is desirable to create an alliance with those who share their spiritual and intellectual beliefs, so that they are united by a common goal, otherwise it will turn out like in the famous fable about the swan, cancer and pike.

Everyone pulls the blanket over himself, considering his mission to be the main one, bucks in search of freedom, insists on severing relationships and agreements. Considering the long-term influence of the opposition, it turns out that both spouses have its influence in the horoscope if their dates of birth refer to the time section of the aspect.

A partner with a predominance of the elements of earth in the natal chart will be more attuned to calm family relationships and will suffer from an air or fiery uranium, especially if the eccentric planet is in the 7th house and the need for freedom is also needed like air.

Working out the opposition Uranus-Chiron

First of all, the native needs to learn how to cope with internal stress. If Uranus is not in fiery signs, when anger and anger push for a powerful choice of emotions outside, then those around you unconsciously mirror the accumulated suppressed conflicts of the owner of the opposition. He does not understand why his actions cause irritation and rejection among loved ones or work colleagues.

However, the results will be surprising if he releases the Uranian passion through unusual sports, such as rock climbing, shooting, triathlon, track cycling, and astrology. Energy practices from proven true masters are also suitable, but you need to remember that the Chiron-Uranus opposition literally attracts charlatans of all stripes to the native, so you should carefully check any teacher, especially if Chiron is in the 9th house. Self-confidence will come through the development of artistry and intelligence.

The best talisman stones will be opals , fluorites, amethysts of different shades and lapis lazuli .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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