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Opposition Moon – Uranus

If there is opposition in the subject's horoscope , then it fills his life with trials and contradictions. For example, the opposition between the Moon and Uranus will inform about the unstable position of the native and about frequent life changes.

The moon is responsible for the feeling of calmness, coziness and comfort in the place where the subject is: in the home, family and workplace. The evil planet Uranus is the antipode of stability and peace. Its influence causes anxiety, tension and a desire to get rid of the source of problems quickly and irrevocably in the native. As a result, the old habitual way of life is completely destroyed, and a person has to build a new life from scratch on the ruins.

Meanwhile, the subject with this aspect believes that the changes bring a fresh stream to the gray everyday life. Since both the Moon and Uranus are associated with intuition and foresight, a person manages to feel the approaching events in advance and tune in to the corresponding wave.

Opposition Moon - Uranus

The influence of opposition on a person's character

The owner of this aspect is distinguished by a sharp character, impulsivity and irritability. Many find him too restless, impulsive and inconsistent. But despite some of the subject's shortcomings, people are drawn to him.

The native has a sociable nature, shows friendliness, is charismatic and demonstrates outrageous behavior. Such a person needs friends and associates, but his independence and love of freedom prevent him from building really strong and stable relationships.

The owner of the horoscope can also be distinguished by ingenuity, original thinking and non-standard approach to business. Strong intuition and insight help him to comprehend the most complex phenomena and human natures, as well as find a common language even with closed and uncommunicative people.

Opposition Moon – Uranus in the radix of a man    

The tense aspect of the Moon (the indicator of marriage in a man's horoscope) and Uranus indicates problems in his personal life. Love for freedom and inconstancy prevent the native from building strong relationships and starting a family.

A woman who does not limit personal freedom and gives the right to choose is best suited for him. In such a partnership, there must be a constant exchange of ideas. A successful union will have a unity of worldview and a lot of intellectual creativity.

Opposition Moon – Uranus in the woman's radix

In a woman's birth chart, it is very important to pay attention to the Moon, as she will describe the character warehouse and some of the habits of the owner of the horoscope.

The tense aspect of Uranus to the Moon evokes impatience, obstinacy and willfulness. Such women do not tolerate encroachments on their personal space and, as a rule, strive to heal as early as possible separately from their parents. Personal life can develop in different ways, but in the life of the owner of the aspect, friends and girlfriends will always play an important role.

Opposition Moon – Uranus in the children's horoscope

Don't be surprised if a child with this aspect has discipline problems from an early age. Such children perceive any framework and restrictions sharply negatively. As a result, irritability and moodiness arise.

Any prohibitions and too strict control on the part of adults will cause a protest from such a child, therefore, the most successful upbringing style for him will be a democratic one. The friendliness and sincere participation of the parents will help to find a common language with the child.

Action of planets in different signs of the zodiac

The opposition of the Moon and Uranus is one of the indications of nervousness and a tendency to complex psychological states. However, if the Moon in the horoscope is strong, then it will be easier for a person to cope with the negative manifestations of this aspect.

In the event of opposition between the Moon in Cancer and Uranus in Capricorn, the native will get away from stressful situations in time, take a vacation and organize timely treatment.

Lilia Garipova

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