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Opposition Mercury – Neptune

The opposition between Mercury and Neptune is a tense aspect, symbolizing the opposition between intellectual and intuitive cognition of reality.

Mercury is traditionally considered the planet of reason, and Neptune plunges a person into the world of subtle feelings, premonitions, and sometimes illusions. The owner of the opposition between these luminaries is struggling with two extremes. Sometimes he completely rejects everything mystical, supernatural and not amenable to logic, underestimating his own intuition and making mistakes on this basis. Sometimes the native, on the contrary, loses sight of important facts and realities of life, as if afraid to face the truth.

Working out the astrological aspect makes a person intuitive, attentive, psychological, able to navigate and act in a situation of uncertainty.

Aspect and its influence on the character and intellectual characteristics of a person

The opposition between Mercury and Neptune attracts situations of overcoming to the life of the owner of the horoscope. A person wants to know the truth, but it is not always easy to find out. A lot of effort and energy is spent looking for accurate information. All this exhausts the native, makes him lethargic, apathetic and passive. He has to fight against chaos in everyday affairs, learn to avoid the circumstances of ambivalence, lies and deceit.

The people around him find the person mysterious and mysterious. He really believes that not all secrets can be entrusted even to close people. Meanwhile, the owner of the horoscope has a deep mind and a rich inner world. If he shares with the surrounding beautiful images that his imagination creates, this will make the world more perfect, beautiful and harmonious.

Thanks to the ability to subtly tune in to the interlocutor, the native manages to understand the essence of the problems that torment people, but often remain unspoken. Soft, soothing speech and a trusting attitude attract people to the owner of the horoscope and encourage them to share their most intimate with him.

A person with this aspect can find the use of his abilities in such areas as psychology, literature, linguistics, religion, medicine.

Opposition of Mercury and Neptune in the natal chart of a child

Adults often consider a child with this aspect to be absent-minded, forgetful, sloppy and inattentive. It seems that the kid is in the clouds, and therefore failures in school sometimes lie in wait for him.

Meanwhile, you cannot be too strict with this dreamy and at the same time gifted child, because screaming and punishment will only make him more nervous and deprive him of faith in himself. You need to give him the opportunity to read books that interest him. In the world of literature, there are sure to be images that will inspire a child and encourage them to look for interesting and promising opportunities in life.

Elders need to avoid an authoritarian style in dealing with such a child. He responds better to warmth, trusting and soft tone of communication. The understanding and tactful attitude of adults will relieve the child of the need to distance himself, lie and avoid responsibility.

Opposition of Mercury and Neptune in some signs of the zodiac

Opposition is a negative aspect, but if the planets that form it have essential power, then the native has every chance to resolve the internal psychological conflict and achieve success in life.

For example, Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces are strong in quality. The subject will show not only practicality and rationalism in business, but also high spirituality. After becoming a successful businessman, he will donate funds to charity. Having chosen the path of a doctor, he will successfully apply both traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment.

Lilia Garipova


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