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Opposition Mercury – Jupiter

The opposition is a negative astrological aspect, but if it is formed with the participation of the good planet Jupiter, then this configuration is less harmful.

Mercury is a neutral star. He is responsible for intelligence and recognition of the environment through the study of the details that make up it. Jupiter , unlike Mercury, displays a complete picture of the world. This is a planet of broadening horizons, spirituality and philosophical understanding.

The tense aspect between the aforementioned luminaries is a strong interaction. A person has enough energy to find, receive, assimilate and process the information he needs. True, the owner of the aspect always thinks that there is not enough knowledge for a complete picture of the world, and he again and again seeks to satisfy his information hunger.

Since Jupiter is responsible for the native’s ability to assess the prospects for the future, his tense aspect with Mercury will tend to make mistakes and miscalculations. A person should not rely only on intuition in making decisions. One must avoid delusions, lies and illusions.

Aspect and its influence on behavior and intellectual characteristics of a person

For the owner of the tense aspect between Jupiter and Mercury, the topic of study, education, travel and travel is very important in life. He has to work harder than others in order to understand what he saw or heard. Information from teachers can come in either too much or distorted. The native needs to independently conduct cause-and-effect relationships, look for missing links and logic in what has been said.

The native usually studies and reads a lot. He is rarely satisfied with the level of his education, and seeks to constantly expand his horizons. The people around him consider him both an intellectual and an eternal student.

The aspect can give a person such positive qualities as curiosity, erudition, sociability and the need for self-development. Nevertheless, the native should avoid scattered interests and frequent changes in direction.

People with this aspect are aware of a variety of topics, are well-versed in reality, react quickly and make decisions, but it is still important to make sure that knowledge is more solid and fundamental, contacts with others are reliable, and life is measured and stable.

The owner of the horoscope has a literary talent. He not only shares interesting information with listeners and readers, but also intrigues them with interesting twists of the storyline, pleases with the richness of speech. A person can realize his talents in the professions of the spoken genre, in writing, in linguistics. He can be attracted by journalism, foreign languages, economics, philosophy and politics.

Opposition of Mercury and Jupiter in the child’s horoscope

It is important for a child with this aspect to get a quality education. The range of his interests is quite wide, but adults should direct the child’s attention to areas of knowledge that would guarantee his further advancement in society.

These children love to read. Parents need to instill good literary taste in their child so that his interests are not limited to comics and stories about cartoon characters. The child’s development will be facilitated by reading good adventure books and works of classical foreign authors.

Opposition of Mercury and Jupiter in some signs of the zodiac

One of the most successful variants of this opposition is the case when Mercury is located in the sign of Gemini, and Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Both planets are strong in their qualities, as a result, the owner of the aspect achieves great success in any intellectual, educational, scientific and creative activity.

Lilia Garipova


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