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Opposition Saturn – Lilith: the king in the head

With opposition, the planets do not understand each other and strive to take the palm at all costs, as a result, a person lives in extreme tension, which is all the more noticeable when the theme of the houses where the planets stand is activated. Lilith (Black Moon), however, does not have its own power, but acts indirectly through the second participant, like a distorted mirror in the head of the native.

He perceives the world distortedly, and Saturn reacts to this , prompting protection through long-standing generic programs.

Once upon a time, the ancestors of the native were forced to hide the truth, restrain emotions, live by dry reason and logic. A person unfamiliar with astrology will also act now, only one has calmness and self-control, the other has callousness and ruthlessness.

The dangers of the opposition Lilith – Saturn

The degree of dispassion in this aspect depends on the position of the Moon and Venus. Of course, if they are in the signs of water, the native is quite harmonious in the manifestation of feelings and a rational approach to life.

In the case of their stay in the fiery element, such an opposition, on the contrary, will help to hold on and not break firewood, as well as plan a forward movement towards the goal.

However, the signs of the earth do not allow the native to open up emotionally. This is a dry, somewhat clamped, man-calculator. He has a lot of internal complexes, laid down in childhood as a result of improper upbringing.

Someone in the family, perhaps grandparents, or one of the parents, which is much older than the other, understood education in their own way, teaching harshly, without empathy and sympathy, punishing mistakes. Sometimes the teacher plays the role of a severe punisher.

As a rule, the Saturn-Lilith opposition manifests itself for the first time at the age of 9 through Lilith. At this age, the first lesson of humility, endurance, non-resistance to evil by violence takes place. The second inclusion happens around the age of 15, when a person withdraws into himself due to some difficulties and injustice, or rebels against cruel relatives, society, takes revenge or goes on strike. However, protest is rare.

The main difficulties of the opposition Saturn – Lilith:

  • contradictions between the two parts of the ego: one passionately longs for success through Lilith, the second is just as much afraid of it (Saturn);
  • fear of rejection, failure or criticism as in childhood;
  • the desire for isolation, rest from a large number of people, especially if Saturn is in the 12th house;
  • intense anger if one tries to question the authority of the native.

From childhood, a person grows with the idea that in order to survive, one must be silent, not show one’s emotions, not be vulnerable, but gradually forbids oneself to feel, rejoice, love. That is why it is easier for the owners of water and fiery Venus and the Moon to resist this effect, but the signs of earth and air are initially rational. Their logic does not accept any other scenario than living by calculation, because it is easier that way.

Positive properties of the opposition Lilith – Saturn

Owners of oppositions can achieve greater success than owners of trines, because internal tension forces them to look for ways out through achieving high status and rewards. Saturn is already considered the patron saint of careerists and workaholics, therefore, at a conscious level of development, a person is able to realize the most seemingly unrealizable dream of Lilith through systematic actions.

It’s like he has a king in his head, indicating where to go and how to act. He paints the movement towards the goal in the smallest steps, takes into account deviations from the scenario, financial savings, additional options, and as a result, he is ahead of the owners of harmonious and promising cards who are lying on the couch and waiting for manna from heaven.

Saturn Opposition Lilith and Relationships

Under the influence of the aspect, men and women hardly express their emotions, although in their souls they can acutely and painfully experience crises and plan a wedding with a person they like, but in public they won’t even pretend that they feel sympathy for him.

At a low level of development, the owners of the aspect are dangerous. It is they who serve their offenders a cold dish called revenge after many years. A woman with the opposition Saturn – Lilith can live with her abusive husband for a long time, outwardly accepting the rules of the game, quietly hating him, and preparing an escape or something worse.

A man with this aspect is a dictator himself. Outwardly decent, in the family he can do very bad things under the influence of the Black Moon.

At a high level of development, on the contrary, such people turn from stiff officials into creative and caring parents or spouses for their second half, especially with harmonious Moon and Mercury.

That is why it is important to take into account the most diverse aspects of the natal chart and not hang on a person the stigma of a gloomy workaholic pessimist. Also, the owners of the opposition Saturn – Lilith are distinguished by fidelity and constancy, but in a good version this applies to their life partners, and at a low stage of development, the native may have a long-term connection on the side that he cannot break, especially if the opposition is on the line 1- 7 houses.

How to work out the opposition Lilith – Saturn

Since both participants symbolize karma, it is vital to always act with justice, not violate other people’s personal boundaries and defend your own. You need to build a career, but choose an original way for this, which differs from generally accepted standards, and embody it with Saturnian perseverance.

If Venus, Mars and the Moon are in the signs of earth and air or are affected by negative aspects, a person may lack personal energy, he quickly runs out of steam and loses interest in business. We need periods of isolation in nature, especially in the mountains, in silence, or just stay at home, listen to music, read.

An excellent source of energy for the native will be blue sapphire .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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