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Opposition Sun – Lilith: to become the first for the sake of dad

Opposition is the most difficult aspect for the native, requiring harmonization throughout life. It never weakens and all the more disturbs a person if one of the participants is the Sun , our consciousness, ego, the very core of the personality, and the second character is Lilith (Black Moon), the fictitious point is a vampire, a place of accumulation of the sins of the family.

The stronger the planet that is in connection with it, the more it tries to pump out energies, provoking a person to show the dark side. The native cannot resist the temptation to manifest the negative side of the Sun wherever it is required to be a leader or just an independent person, that is, almost always. There is a surge of vanity, selfishness, the desire to achieve one’s own at any cost, regardless of the consequences.

Dangers of Opposition Sun – Lilith

The aspect creates an endless war between the deepest desires of a person and his consciousness. He passionately wants the forbidden fruit, trying to get it outwardly decent ways, but in fact he is ready to do anything to eliminate competitors and become the first, both in life in general and in the affairs of those houses where the planets stand.

Paradoxically, the weak Sun is less susceptible to the temptations of Lilith and eschews her provocations. A strong luminary in the horoscope makes the ward more impulsive, hot and decisive, but unfortunately this most often concerns selfish and ill-considered actions when a person acts from the position: I want it this way and it will be this way, completely disregarding the wishes of other people. In this case, the following manifestations are observed:

  • pride, boastfulness, vanity, exorbitant ambitions, sometimes without adequate grounds for self-admiration;
  • denial of any laws, divine and human, other than one’s own, or a selective attitude depending on the situation;
  • the desire to have many children and partners, especially if the axes 1-7, 5-11 houses are affected;
  • dominance as a father and husband among the representatives of the stronger sex, when it is he who is the king and god, and the household must unquestioningly obey;
  • the need to play a male role in women, or incessant acting in relationships.

There is also a passive manifestation of the opposition Sun – Lilith, when it shone in Libra, Pisces, Aquarius. The native seems to block his creative abilities, it seems to him that they will laugh at him, criticize him, and it is difficult to survive this, because he has already mentally assigned himself to the role of a genius and a star. It’s just too scary to get out of the shadows and take your place in reality.

Such people more often only dream of fame and applause, but if they come out of the twilight and do not hesitate in front of failures, they can conquer the whole world. However, in a passive position, fate is plagiarism, loss of interest in life, skepticism and criticism towards more talented people. Sometimes the owners of such an opposition do not like children or cannot have them until they come to inner balance.

The positive influence of the opposition Sun – Lilith

The sun is associated with willpower, conscious development and confident self-positioning, and Lilith includes creativity and the ability to think and act creatively. The tension between them encourages the spiritually developed native to reveal his potential in an unusual and noticeable way for others. A person finds new ways in his profession and attracts the attention of society with a unique style of clothing, appearance, and especially personal creativity.

Opposition Sun – Lilith and relationships

A person with this aspect really wants an unusual and memorable relationship with drama and fireworks of feelings. Smooth and calm will not suit them and they will deliberately rock the love boat, arranging provocations on the topic of jealousy for their partner. This is especially acute if the axis of 1-7 houses is affected.

A passive position with a weak Sun attracts abusive partners who trigger some kind of childhood trauma, most often associated with dad: he didn’t love, didn’t admire, strictly brought up, limited in some way. Men or even women similar in character to the father, depending on the gender of the native, will become the notorious sticking point for Lilith, when it seems that it is impossible to live without this person, but in fact it is a co-dependent relationship.

An active position with a strong Sun encourages the native himself to abusive actions. He plays with the feelings of loved ones, vampirizes their energy, makes them play by their own rules. Here there is a strong dislike for children or the perception of your child as a competitor who needs to be defeated.

How to work out the opposition Sun – Lilith

The key to reprogramming the opposition lies in childhood memories. It is necessary to work out relationships with parents, especially with dad, to understand where such a fear of being rejected comes from. The native is afraid that if others know his true face and needs, they will never fall in love with him. Perhaps in childhood, his parents wanted to see him not as he is, they expected only brilliant results, and he suppresses his true desires, or goes ahead, deliberately shocking and provoking, but there is pain behind this. It can be poured into creativity, worked out with a psychologist, but it certainly cannot be suppressed or turned into aggression, because every 9 years Lilith returns and asks for broken rules. Tension must be melted into creativity along the line of the house where the Black Moon stands.

An excellent harmonizer of the aspect will be yellow quartz or amber .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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