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Opposition Uranus – Lilith: between lightning and demon

This aspect will not give the native the slightest chance for a quiet life. A person seethes with a need to stand out from the crowd, and in the most extraordinary, shocking, extravagant way. The opposition gives a wild tension that accompanies its owner all his life.

It is dreary and unpleasant for him to meet the standards of society and he does everything in his power to blow up imaginary decency with provocative and strange images, actions, style and behavior. Nikolai Baskov, Zemfira, Gianni Versace, Theresa May, Marie Curie, John F. Kennedy are clear proof of this. The native needs glory as air and danger as seasoning for it. He himself creates a destructive atmosphere around himself in order to burn brightly, while demonstrating extraordinary talents.

The danger of the opposition Uranus – Lilith

This aspect encourages the native to turn his whole life upside down. Sometimes one impulsive act is enough to fly up to the starry Olympus from obscurity or destroy fate through negligence.

A person is either uniquely talented and does not hesitate to demonstrate and even impose it, or is vulgar, dangerous and unpredictable.

If the owner of the opposition has the Sun in the signs of fire, and vice versa, in a weak position in Libra, Pisces and Aquarius, he will do everything in the world, even go to any illegal action in order to attract as much attention to himself as possible.

Lilith encourages Uranus to do something shocking and extraordinary so that everyone gasps, or creates such conditions when a person must transgress morality in order to achieve their goals, for example, for the sake of a role, an actress must enter into a certain relationship with a producer.

If a person is not connected with show business, he is involved in some kind of fraud, gossip, intrigue, which, in general, is interesting to him, but there is no way out of this whirlpool. If Lilith is in air signs, her ward can simply lie. For the sake of creating a bright image, he pretends not to be who he is.

An atmosphere of chaos and confusion is always created around the native, even at the everyday level.

Very often he defies both social conventions and circumstances. For example, many figure skaters, hockey players and other athletes experience incredible stress in an effort to set a record for speed, rotation, overcoming the impossible for the sake of a beautiful spectacle. The main thing here is not to succumb to the temptation of Lilith to take doping and force things, but such a choice will arise before a person more than once and not only in sports.

The positive influence of the opposition Uranus – Lilith

The native is really talented and able to create a new direction in everything he does, from science to art and even esotericism. He sees no boundaries and obstacles, so he goes much further than his competitors in his quest. The most distinctive features of the opposition Uranus – Lilith:

  • powerful intuition, the ability to work at the limit of possibilities, genius in the affairs of the house where Uranus stands;
  • the feeling that a person is ahead of his time, he is an innovator who dreams of making discoveries;
  • unique and inimitable style of a personal brand, which cannot be copied;
  • movement towards the great noble goal of freeing the world from something bad in the face of specific people, diseases, influences.

The native is equally talented both in the humanities and in the exact sciences, but develops where he is specifically interested.

Opposition Uranus – Lilith and relationships

This aspect is one of the indicators of non-traditional orientation or, at least, the desire to go on various experiments in this area. Moreover, it does not come from real love, but from an abstract physiological interest. Most often, the owners of the opposition Uranus – Black Moon are easily cheated, but physical intimacy for them is not emotionally important. They can have as many connections as they like, but they will remain with the person with whom they share a friendly and intellectual relationship.

The greatest value of a native is freedom, therefore, either marriage is postponed indefinitely, or it takes place in a guest form, or a person, in principle, is not going to bind himself with a long-term relationship, because he is interested in diversity. It happens that the native devotes himself to his favorite business and does not want any family routine, life.

How to work out the opposition Uranus – Lilith

This aspect is very difficult to harmonize, mainly because the native himself is satisfied with the shocking eccentricity and extravagance of others. He is an eccentric revolutionary who destroys someone else’s peace, but he likes to break stereotypes and at the same time his own destiny.

If he still wants to go straight to the goal, and not by winding paths, he must remember: childhood fears, dislike and mental trauma lie in Lilith’s house, from here you need to start working through to reach the highest, third level of the Black Moon. Then Uranus will help to show their talents in a unique, and not shockingly provocative way, even if it is show business, and besides, the circumstances themselves will develop in such a way that the native will be noticed.

The study begins with the analysis of the house and the sign of Lilith, the definition of the main karmic problem of the family according to them and the conscious rejection of these sins. The native needs to accept and approve his desire to be different from others, but think about how to do it creatively and brightly, and not just annoy everyone around.

The best talisman stone for harmonizing the energies of Uranus is light-colored fluorite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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