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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Moon: Captivated by Emotions

The tense aspect of the night star with the lunar nodes enhances the conflict of the feminine in a person (regardless of gender) with the masculine part of consciousness: will and self-determination. The subconscious mind begins to rule the mind, and fateful decisions are made under the influence of emotions. This is how karma manifests itself in a person unfamiliar with astrology. He is carried in the stream of events and he does not understand what and why he suffers. However, there is a clear relationship: the Ascending Node is the mission of the present, the Descending Node is the experience of the past, and the Moon will show which habits have become obsolete, and what, on the contrary, needs to be developed and rooted in oneself.

The native will have to work through beliefs, beliefs, attitudes about the role of parents, motherhood, relationships and service and create new response patterns. The goal is to make emotions help fulfill the mission of the North Node, and not hinder it. Astrology, psychology, creativity will help with this, but it is important to know how to properly apply their tools for both aspects.

Opposition Karma Moon – Ascending (Descending Node)

The night luminary symbolizes emotions, the comfort zone necessary for a person to relax and peace of mind, as well as mother, spouse, older women, and of course, relationships with children.

All these topics are deeply karmic and are in first place in the life of the native. If he does not realize this, it means that higher forces are leading him to the need for development in this area through stressful events along the lines of the opposition. This aspect is always active, that is, in any interaction with the above topics, whether it be people or situations, the native experiences great tension.

When the Moon is in opposition to the Ascending (North) Node, it is simultaneously in conjunction with the Descending (South) Node, enhancing its influence and impact. It is with their conjunction that the analysis must begin, because a cold and ambitious Moon in Capricorn or Virgo will encourage the native to behave thoughtfully, reservedly and aloofly, unlike the Moon in Taurus, Pisces or Cancer.

It is the sign that emphasizes the importance of certain emotions in the house, which, in turn, will tell you under what circumstances the karmic experience of relationships was obtained. The Moon in Scorpio most likely brought into this incarnation the habit of jealousy and strong attachment, and the sign of Capricorn gives the effect of the Snow Queen in behavior.

The Moon in opposition to the Descending (South) Node automatically finds itself in conjunction with the Ascending (North). This aspect means deep trauma associated with upbringing and motherhood, rooted in past incarnations. The native skillfully hides his feelings or avoids relationships altogether so that the negative experience does not happen again.

Without astrological compensation and work with a psychologist, it is very likely that the mother and spouse (for men) will highlight those deep traumas through conflicts and claims.

Harmonization of the opposition of the Moon with the Descending Node

A native with this aspect has a strong need for emotional security, support, rear. If the Moon has additional positive aspects, then it is easier to overcome karma.

The key to fulfilling your destiny in the North Node house is to accept your emotions without dividing them into good and bad. Love for oneself, for women of one’s kind, for one’s mother frees that wounded part of the subconscious that blocks the possibility of healthy relationships for both men and women.

If the representatives of the stronger sex can unconsciously avoid marriage, fearing again to fall under the influence of the mother figure, girls sometimes experience a strong fear of motherhood and suppress their femininity in the bud.

Here is the largest number of childfree, leaving for creativity and substituting for them the desire to love. Acting, painting, philanthropy, serving the underprivileged provide a much-needed sense of self-worth and a state of freedom.

However, the aspect does not prevent a happy marriage, but the native will have to change the settings in his head. To harmonize, you will need to work with a psychologist to gain internal support.

Harmonization of the opposition of the Moon with the Ascending Node

The mission of the native is in complete contradiction with the attitudes of his subconscious and family traditions. Often, the mother prevents the fulfillment of his dreams, especially if the Moon is in Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, and imposes her ambitions or complexes on him. Such a mother may expect success in an area that is completely uninteresting to the person himself or criticize his choice, believing that he is not talented enough.

The karmic task here is to boldly go towards fears, brushing aside doubts, if the desired goal looms ahead, corresponding to the theme of the North (Ascending) Node.

Negative emotions on the part of close women are the emanations of the South (Descent) Node, trying to lead a person astray from the path of his new incarnation. You will have to overcome internal fears and external conventions all your life, but the reward is personal freedom and self-confidence.

The main problems of the native that require stabilization are touchiness and difficulties in communication. It is incredibly difficult for such a person to ask for help, join a team, generally accept love.

We must learn to get out of the state of eternal defense, tense expectation of a blow. For study, yoga, meditation, singing, pair dancing and any performance on stage are shown.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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