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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Pluto: rise from the ashes

The axis of the lunar nodes implies a smooth movement of the native from the point of past developments, attitudes and achievements to new heights of future victories. The South (Descent) Node symbolizes everything that a person unconsciously gravitates towards, choosing these methods as an easier path. Northern (Rising) is a completely new sphere for the native, he has to overcome fears and discover unexpected talents in himself.

Since Pluto is the planet of transformation, if the owner of the horoscope avoids working out the opposition on his own, he is given a shake-up from above in order to encourage him to develop. After all, among other things, the nodes show those lessons that need to be passed and those that no longer need to be repeated. If you study from year to year in the 5th grade, you can lose interest in life and degrade. Pluto will not allow stagnation in the life of the native, but he will also have to learn from global events.

Pluto Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Pluto itself is a karmic planet. This is a powerful energy of destruction and rebirth at the same time. It is no coincidence that a person goes through the strongest crises and realizations in those houses that are affected by aspects with the lunar nodes. The main point of the pulsation will be the sector where Pluto stands, and the nodes themselves will already show the direction of action.

The opposition of Pluto with the North (Ascending) node suggests the connection of the planet of karma with the South (Descending). This means that the Plutonian theme was the main one in the last incarnation of man.

He can be drawn to black magic, crime, violence at a low level of development, he initially seeks to regain power, money and influence, the memory of which lives in the subconscious. However, now the acquired ability to command the crowd and finances needs to be put into practice in the sphere of the house and the sign of the Ascending Node.

Unfortunately, the low vibrations of the Descending can only hinder the new mission. The native must first gain success and a calm attitude towards him based on the past life, and only then, with a sober head, transfer his talents to the affairs of the North Node.

Opposition with the Descending Node suggests a conjunction of Pluto with the Ascending. If the native feels his calling, he is destined to become famous and successful in the affairs of this house. Moreover, the topics of this sign and sector will become so burning as a person grows up that it is not only impossible to ignore them, but also dangerous. The native will be forced to behave in a Plutonian way: change externally and internally, dominate, resist, defend their rights and boundaries.

In a past life, he either did not do this, or he suppressed others too much and now he must change in order to take what is due to fate.

If Pluto or the Ascending Node is in the 7th house, the changes will affect the topic of enemies and partners, in the 8th – money and business, the 4th – family relationships and real estate issues.

Harmonizing Pluto’s Opposition with the Ascending Node

With this aspect, it turns out that the Ascending Node opposes not just Pluto, but also the Descending Node in conjunction with it, because their axis is always in opposition. It turns out that initially a person will have to overcome the tendency to cling to attitudes and subconscious behaviors that no longer correspond to the prospects that open before him. If you live according to the South Node, expecting that the world itself will bend, give fame and money, taking the position of an insulted king on the throne, then conflicts, losses and crises cannot be avoided.

The native needs to be analyzed: what upheavals of childhood and youth tempered his will and taught him to overcome obstacles. This is a resource that can be taken into the Ascendant Node realm to investigate the causes of problems and help others. The owner of the horoscope seeks to have power, but with the opposition of Pluto with the North Node, it should be used very carefully, only for the sake of a good cause. You cannot use money and fame exclusively for yourself, without giving to others. The native will achieve success in politics, medicine, science, show business, law and criminalistics, only if he is on the bright side of the universe. Otherwise, he will simply not be allowed to move up.

Harmonizing Pluto’s Opposition with the Descending Node

This aspect is perceived by a person easier than the previous one. He himself wants to break with past attitudes or consciously transform them into new ones, he does not need to learn this on purpose. When Pluto actually stands near the Ascending North Node in opposition to the Descending, the native feels from childhood that he was born for a great purpose and prepares himself for this mission. Such people are fond of different things, they have no time to be bored. Already from childhood, they want to be in the spotlight, or their innate talents for Venus, Neptune, Mars and Mercury literally throw them on the crest of a wave of social interests and requests.

Owners of the opposition Pluto – Descending Node can become the personification of generational expectations, but this only happens if the native works out the fear of success and popularity, big money and the need to work hard. Opposition is not an easy success of a trine or sextile, but a constant work with oneself. A native, for example, may have a hidden fear of death, which manifests itself when a high check for services appears. This happens if someone in the family died because of wealth.

The theme of death and subtle worlds always arises to one degree or another, therefore, if there are obstacles in achieving the desires of Pluto, and you can’t get rich, become famous, and besides, enemies and illnesses overcome, you need to dig in this direction, at the same time assessing the situation Lilith and Saturn in natal and aspects to Pluto.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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