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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Uranus: accept yourself

The lunar nodes direct the generalized influence of the Moon and the Sun on the native, therefore their axis is a cosmic compass, indicating the path to a destiny consistent with the will of God. The descending (South) node of Ketu symbolizes the closing portal of past life achievements. It always pulls there, but you don’t need to go in that direction. The vector of development is in the new experience in the sphere of the house and the sign where the Ascending (Northern) Node stands. If a person cognizes himself and the world through him, all higher powers will help him.

Uranus is a difficult planet, the patron saint of bright, eccentric creative people and the creator of unpredictable twists of fate. Unexpected events can be both surprises and blows, when everything collapses and you have to start over. But the main enemy of the native is his violent impulsive nature, at least it manifests itself in the area where Uranus stands, and interferes with the realization of the destination.

Uranus Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The planet of individuality and unique otherness in opposition to one of the nodes will be in conjunction with the other, making Uranian themes incredibly important to the native. However, the superior planet does not always manifest constantly. In fateful moments, the native will have to make spontaneous decisions based on intuition, through the resistance of others, and this requires faith in oneself.

It is important for the owners of the opposition of Uranus with the Ascending (Descending) nodes, like no one else, to rethink the path of the past. One gets the feeling that a person always lives in a state of midlife crisis, looking for vivid sensations, emotions, runs into scandals, literally flies into relationships and also quickly breaks them.

This is all due to the opposition of Uranus with the Ascending Node, when in a past life extravagance covered spiritual emptiness. Being a jester or a mad scientist was beneficial in order to attract attention to yourself at any cost, closing internal holes.

The native never learned attachment, he was like a tumbleweed, at the same time with everyone and close to no one. He may have been the great Gatsby or a traveling entertainer, and even now he is trying to cling to the past experience of an eccentric star in order to feel his own importance.

The opposition of Uranus with the Descending Node is easier. A person intuitively feels that the past is gone and there is no meaning in it. He is directed to the future, to great achievements and new victories. Most likely, in that incarnation he gained enough experience, knowing the physical and subtle worlds, and now it’s time to start making practical achievements in a new area. The main thing is to recognize your self-worth and not limit yourself in the manifestation of the true nature, as happened in the past incarnation.

Harmonizing Opposition Uranus with the Descending Node

In this situation, a person will not go unnoticed. If in a past life he was a nihilist or a revolutionary, then now he will want to violate social conventions.

There are no borders for the native. Time goes differently for him, he manages to do a hundred things in a short period of time or live a whole life over the summer. It cannot but cause envy in other people. First of all, you need to be calm about the fact that there will always be dissatisfied people. You can’t be a unique progressive person and not cause irritation. The most important thing that a native can do is to accept himself, but at the same time be aware that the personal boundaries of other people and the norms of social behavior cannot be violated. Then the path to its destination through the North Node will go like clockwork.

Unusual friends with a creative streak will help a person reach a new higher level of consciousness and development. The study of the opposition of Uranus with the South Node always goes through extraordinary activities. It is best to choose an unusual profession: to become a director, a pilot, an astronaut, a circus performer, an astrologer, or to go into a Uranian specialty – to be an engineer or a programmer. If you have already chosen a profession in another field, you should definitely find yourself an unusual hobby related to speed, reincarnation, movement, fashion or space.

Uranus Opposition Harmonization with Ascending Node

When the planet connects with the South Node and opposes the North Node with it, and therefore at the same time the destination, the native has a hard time. It is not easy for him to change his habits and behaviors hidden in the subconscious.

A person wants to play with fire again, incite revolution and upheaval even within the place of study or work, everything always does not suit him and annoys him. If this intensity of energy is not merged into creativity or a stormy social life, then self-destruction occurs.

In the case of suppressing these emotions and resisting the attraction of the North Node, life itself begins to throw up events to which the native is forced to quickly respond: he is evicted from the apartment, fired from his job, they declare a break in relations. This is a sign that he is going the wrong way.

The owner of the opposition of Uranus with the Ascending Node can also experience the consequences of wars and revolutions. It is in such an atmosphere that his talents as a predictor, astrologer, and inventor are revealed. Elaboration also goes through the right choice of profession. It is good for a native to work as a journalist, TV presenter, marketer, engineer, surgeon or dentist, but in addition to this, it is important to be able to quickly respond to danger and avoid people of the Uranian type of behavior: eccentric, unpredictable and eccentric.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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