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Pluto in the 3rd house – the mind games of the “gray cardinal”

The planet-reformer Pluto in the 3rd house endows with great potential for overcoming obstacles and difficulties in the line of school education, communicating with teachers, classmates, relatives and neighbors. These are sources of potential danger, but when working out the personal “ego”, refusal from resentment and destructive anger, open opposition to the system, the native achieves success and harmony and goes to the highest level of life.

He has a sharp mind, excellent analytical skills and a subtle psychological intuition. The adult expression on the face of a schoolboy with Pluto in the 3rd house hides an irrepressible curiosity: any information is important – from the structure of the Universe to the history of the origin of a bruise in a neighbor’s boy, and not at all because of idle interest.

The native came to Earth to realize the cause and effect relationship. Its brain is like a computing system with an updated database. He is trying to figure out the patterns of events. The Plutonian should remember that harsh, thoughtless words will lead to the breakdown of family relations, fights and accidents.

Communication at school and with relatives

Astrology advises parents of a child with Pluto in the 3rd house to carefully choose a team and mentors, starting with kindergarten. Opposition to a system that infringes upon the interests and freedom of the individual is the native’s Achilles heel. He attracts companies of hooligans, boycotts and bullying, domineering teachers, and he actively provokes quarrels with defiant behavior.

The Plutonian argues with the teacher on equal terms or proves the theorem at the blackboard in a faster way, slyly undermining the authority of the teacher. This is a “gray eminence”, hiding a brilliant mind, because he sees no reason to flaunt them. In high school, he can drop out of school, simply because it is boring, and at the same time achieves brilliant success at the university.
In relations with loved ones, there are common features that determine the character and require elaboration:

  • sarcastic older brothers and sisters, sharp-tongued, degrading the dignity of the native;
  • a relative teaching occult or martial arts;
  • conflicted neighbors, annoying and harassing in childhood and adulthood;
  • pugnacious, rude classmates;
  • unjust teachers, destructively criticizing and breaking the psyche.

These points are worked out by working with a psychologist and choosing adequate teachers, but in difficult moments it is astrologically correct to accept the problem with humility, refusing to destroy the offenders, and start life from scratch – move, go to another school, concentrate on the positive qualities of relatives. Holders of Pluto in the 3rd house become wonderful teachers, whose words are caught by the whole class with bated breath.

The influence of the zodiac signs

Without the softening aspects of the planet, the native is excessively rude and straightforward, does not know how to present information correctly, dominates in friendship and cuts off the shoulder if he is dissatisfied with something. The zodiac sign influences behavior in conflict situations and demeanor:

1. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – make the right conclusions, avoiding the recurrence of painful cases. They know how to adapt and avoid quarrels thanks to innate diplomacy or are sharp-tongued and the offenders are afraid of them. The external beauty of girls is the best defense against bullies falling in love with them, but also a source of envy. They assert themselves in literary creation, rarely violate moral norms.

2. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – school terrorists: depending on the level of spirituality, they keep their classmates at bay, or, on the contrary, superheroes who save the weak from violent groups, but will never allow themselves to be humiliated. Compete with brothers and sisters. Aggression must be dumped in sports and on stage, learning to restrain emotions.

3. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – a key image to understanding – Sherlock Holmes. They are immersed in their studies with their heads, it is important for them to go to an outwardly beautiful, prestigious school and receive encouragements from a teacher, otherwise they will simply graduate as an external student or switch to home schooling. Individual farmers, take revenge secretly and scary. Houses are subordinate, forced to yield to brothers-sisters under pressure from parents.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – vulnerability and explosive temperament – a dangerous combination. They keep themselves apart or provoke danger themselves. Magnetic loners, not burdened with moral principles, can become the sex symbol of the school. Learning is easy, thanks to deep insight and excellent memory, but within the framework of the system it is boring – they go into free swimming. They patronize a younger brother or sister, and may suffer from older ones.

Important aspects

Harmonious aspects soften Pluto in the 3rd house and align relationships with the environment. Conjunction with Jupiter – intellectual achievements will turn the world upside down (an example of this is Bill Gates), with Venus – harmony in the family, with the Sun and Moon – the native performs the functions of a parent in relation to brother and sister. With Saturn – success is foreshadowed by connections with the public, audience, crowd, popular masses. Harmony with Uranus – willpower, decisiveness, hot temper, determination, punching power, and with Neptune – success in matters related to sports, military affairs, forensics, detective offices.

Square with Uranus, Mars – the risk of road traffic accidents due to speeding, with Neptune – an accident in alcoholic intoxication, the danger of sea travel. Opposition with Mercury aggravates the confusion with documents that Pluto in the 3rd house brings to life – erroneous fines, loss of important papers, passports, errors in air tickets.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Pluto in 3rd House:


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