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Pluto in the 4th house – plutonic personality

Pluto in the 4th house of the natal chart is a very plutonic personality, especially when it is near the cusp of the fourth house. Your inner sanctuary is a dark and mysterious place. It can be comfortable, or it can generate misgivings, but in any case, it contacts the unknown. Your inner self is a mystery located in the realm of psychological tornadoes, in the crucible of transformation, not in a safe paradise. The trap lies in the possible absorption of your conscious self into this unknown space, while the task is to use the inner sanctuary in the same way as the caterpillar uses its cocoon: to promote fundamental changes in consciousness.

Often, people with such a Pluto are often endowed with phenomenal abilities, such as, for example, the ability to work with a vine or a frame, heal with the help of a bioradiological method of treatment, that is, laying on of hands, at a distance or from a photograph, etc. They often possess hypnotic abilities, engage in psychotherapy or other kinds of suggestions, but can also train animals. Luck can be brought about by activities related to the sale and purchase of land plots, real estate, or research work in such fields of knowledge as geology, archeology, anthropology, ancient history.

Home is the center of your life, it is very important for you to have authority in the house. Due to certain circumstances in childhood, you were often prone to quarrels and scandals. There was probably something special, strange about your childhood as a parent-dictator or family frustration.

Important aspects

A good configuration with other planets and elements of the horoscope contributes to the disclosure of phenomenal psychic abilities, success in the field of occult sciences, such as parapsychology, metaphysics and magic, and so on. Usually these classes are conducted at home. You can get rich, especially if you do geology, research work, buying and selling real estate, or science. If there are difficult aspects, you may be openly rebelling against accepted values ​​and distance yourself from society.


Somewhere within you is hidden a source of boundless power and knowledge, which is like a secret weapon used only in very important situations or in case of great danger. The trick is that it is usually invisible to the conscious mind: you have to hunt for it, keep an eye on it until it discovers itself; you chase him until he catches you. The function of personal intuition in this case is the destruction of outdated, old-fashioned games of life, a radical change in your emotional orientation from the inside out. At a high level, a person can greatly change and rebuild himself. Working out gives the desire for power in order to destroy in life that bad that prevents the world and people from living.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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