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Elaboration of Mercury in the natal chart

Mercury in the natal chart shows the intellectual potential of a person, the ability to communicate, to express oneself in the world with the help of words, thoughts, hands and designate a portrait of one’s personality through communication and a unique presentation of talents. It is good if it is strong and aspected by positive planets, but the owners of Mercury retrograde, burned or imprisoned in the so-called mine, that is, without aspects, it is much more difficult to express themselves and achieve success.To do this, individuals with such horoscope will have to work out the planet of intellect, learn how to harmoniously maintain contacts with people, tune their mind to the energy vibrations of the interlocutor, and of course, constantly study, operate with the necessary information, and improve their skills. But still, strong Mercury is a more voluminous concept – connection with the information fields of the Universe, mental power, the ability to materialize thoughts and words into events and achievements.

The value of Mercury in human life

With a weak Mercury, there is nothing to think about doing business, a scientific career, and attempts to enter the team will run into a wall of hostility and misunderstanding. Such individuals will have difficulty making decisions, hesitate, suffer from doubts, misunderstand others, or thier words will be misunderstood, that is, friendship and family happiness can also be forgotten. If Mercury is not elaborated, it will not be possible to generate and present new ideas, get to know each other, make a good impression, even enjoy learning. Inertia of thinking, memory lapses, hostility of others – a sad epilogue of Mercury, with which they do not work. People with such Mercury can not immediately strengthen the planet if it is initially evil. First they need to harmonize the bad aspects.

The strength and weakness of Mercury in the natal chart

A strong planet of the mind is clearly manifested in the sign of Virgo, the place of its exaltation, and in Gemini, where it is comfortable and calm. In the first case, the whole life of the individual is built on an intellectual basis in the search for new knowledge and impressions, in the second, everything is interesting at once, but without depth and niche in one thing.

Mercury is most difficult in Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius. It is difficult for such people to concentrate, their mind is dependent on emotions and shows itself in all its glory only in a good mood.

Mercury is weakest in position:

  • retrograde, exile and fall;
  • burning (from 5 ° and closer to the Sun);
  • battered by tense aspects.

Even an initially strong planet can manifest itself as evil when struck by a square or opposition to harmful counterparts. Neptune is especially dangerous here, clouding the mind, Saturn, limiting it, and the Moon, tormenting with fears and blocking desires through negative generic programs.

How weak Mercury is manifested in events

Sometimes it is difficult for people to determine the level of strength and manifestation of this planet from an astrological chart. In this case, they need to check which of the following events and habits of behavior are present in life. Mercury will urgently have to be worked out if there are at least three matches to the list:

  • do not like to read, the thought of studying inspires horror, memory fails at the most crucial moment;
  • talk a lot about nothing, gossip or simply condemn others, putting off important things for the sake of empty talk;
  • driving is constant absent-mindedness, fear of an accident, trying to cross the road in the wrong place;
  • others do not take you seriously, laugh, do not help, gossip behind your back;
  • it is difficult to make friends, invite someone on a date;
  • tongue-tied tongue, stuttering, speech defects, blurred diction;
  • dizziness and headaches, insomnia, food addictions often occur;
  • problems with learning foreign languages;
  • a tendency to lie, embellish any stories, steal little things;
  • relationship problems with younger siblings;
  • constant boredom, fear of change, apathy.

If a weak Mercury is placed in earth and air signs, the mind works day and night, analyzing and interfering with the facts, exhausting these individuals. In water and fire, it obeys emotions and people behave inappropriately.

Elaboration of  Mercury without aspects

The first sign is endless talk about nothing, annoying, passion for gossip. Society quickly get tired of such individuals, they cannot be silent, they unconsciously want to prove that they are mentally strong, anyone will speak. Such people enter into an argument, even when they are wrong, just to prove and impose their opinion. Processing methods of elaboration:

  • austerities of silence, for example, 2-3 hours a day, meditation with concentration;
  • freewriting technique – they need to throw out everything that has accumulated inside through a letter;
  • before any performance, it is better to write a plan and follow it strictly;
  • pantomime, stage movement, yoga;
  • strict selection of the inner circle, it is necessary to avoid empty and narrow-minded people;
  • intentionally listening to the interlocutor in the first place, giving  answers later;
  • any activity that requires concentration: embroidery, mosaic, Pilates, wood burning.

Participation in psycho-trainings, public speaking courses and work with a psychologist are not excluded.

Elaboration of Mercury Retrograde

The owners of such a planet achieve great success due to deep immersion in the material, strong intuition and literary talent, but it is difficult for them to express themselves without bluntness. They write to the table, they are embarrassed to enter into a conversation, they are afraid to get bored with their encyclopedic knowledge. Shyness is promoted by the habit of thinking slowly, and a good answer to offenders comes to mind late at all.

This can be elaborated only through overcoming fear: the more often individuals speak in public, train to give a spontaneous answer in disputes, play and sing on stage, happen in companies even in the presence of those who are not attractive to them, the brighter their Mercurial talents will shine. Astrological advice – to approach everything with humor, this is the main medicine for retro Mercury.

Elaboration of the burned Mercury

The planet is completely subordinate to the Sun. Behind its brilliance, no intellectual talent is visible: it is difficult to express thoughts, translate them into words, and even with obvious talent, people are not recognized unless they transfer the functions of Mercury to another planet, as in the case of Mozart, who still had Saturn burned, but both the planets developed their qualities according to Venus. It is no coincidence that many famous writers and actors are born with a burned Mercury. This is a karmic sign of the misuse of its power in the past, and now, through resistance and work on oneself, one must use it for the good, serving the forces of light and creativity. Then the planet will shine as a partner of the Sun. Jewelry with Mercury stones will also help – emerald, demantoid, green jasper, citrine.

Elaboration of Mercury with practical actions

The work goes in 3 directions: through study, mentality, actions. It is important not only to read and expand the horizons of knowledge, but to actively apply them in life:

  • study foreign languages, computer programs, various educational courses of interest, and immediately use your skills;
  • maintain pages on social networks and communicate on forums, in comments, live broadcasts (not necessarily openly, they can come up with a secret image or pseudonym);
  • play musical instruments, sew, knit, fold mudras, even draw pictures by numbers;
  • wear green clothes at least on Wednesdays;
  • do not lie about trifles (a lie to the rescue does not count), develop a sense of humor, diplomacy, empathy;
  • visit people and social events more often, show a sincere interest in brothers and sisters, help them in their studies;
  • maintain strong ties of love and friendship, expand the network of business contacts;
  • read more, get a new education, often travel short distances;
  • intentionally meet new people first, trying to gain trust and sympathy.

The main thing is not to fuss and not worry, Mercury loves calm, confident people who are not afraid to demonstrate their intelligence and talents.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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