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Jasper – magical properties of stone

Jasper is an amazing mineral of siliceous origin, which has a unique composition of many crystalline rocks – quartz and chalcedony, pyrite and chlorite. Bright variegation of shades: red, yellow-green, brown, blue and even purple-black, due to the presence of impurities of manganese, iron and mica. Each mineral is a picture of unique patterns and lines. In the ribbon color, the main shade is more often in the lead and is complemented by another color, and in the variegated version the entire jasper palette is presented:

  • bloody – scarlet – pink, red, coffee-brown and ocher overflow;
  • green – light green and emerald shades in combination with yellow and light brown;
  • white – the color of baked milk with white-gray threads;
  • gray-blue – a rare combination up to black and purple shades.

Monochromatic stone is extremely rare, therefore in ancient Greece it was called “jasper” – multi-colored, and in Russia this name was changed into “jasper”.

In China, they believed that the processed mineral is a projection of the Universe and is able to harmonize the aura of a person, restoring lost health. The ancient people of the Paleolithic era used jasper to make arrowheads and knives, as it is very durable, but quickly noticed that the mineral promotes wound healing.

Later, amulets were made from it – in ancient Rome it was the name of the owner, made in the form of a pendant, and blood-red jasper was placed on the bed for women in labor for successful childbirth. In Russia, the hem of soldiers' shirts was embroidered with red and green stones, so that in case of injury, they could stop the blood.

The magical properties of the stone

Since ancient times, the mineral has been a stone of health – jewelry made of jasper was worn to protect against enemies, they drank from jasper cups that charged drinks with healing energy, priests kept religious objects in jasper boxes to fill them with greater power.

Jasper amulets help to get out of depression, strengthen intuitive abilities and make the right choice in a difficult situation. For insecure people, jasper will help them win through the development of determination and courage. It was not for nothing that the Slavic Magi called it the stone of victory and advised the Russians to decorate the flagpoles with minerals of all shades. The targeted effect of the stone will depend on its color:

1. Red – enhances attentiveness and eloquence, good as a talisman of lawyers, scientists, writers and doctors. It helps women to attract love and attention of the opposite sex. Best worn on two wrists or as a necklace;

2. Green – supports purposefulness and ambition, gives confidence and calmness, keeps from reckless actions. Indispensable for travelers and scientists, and also – an excellent amulet for a child;

3. White – a real antidepressant, capable of developing intuition up to clairvoyance, a powerful talisman against the forces of evil.

Jasper feeds a person with positive and creative energy and also attracts stable income opportunities to him.

Healing properties of the stone

The famous Avicenna wore an orange-red jasper pendant, placing it in the center of the solar plexus. The stone of health provided his entire body with a charge of vivacity and gave cheerfulness. The green mineral harmonizes the nervous system and treats mental disorders, while the diseases of the physical body heal red minerals. They should be placed on those parts of the body where the pulse is felt: in the region of the heart, abdomen, ears, wrists. This situation will help cure:

  • cardiovascular problems;
  • hypertension and anemia;
  • gynecological inflammation;
  • infertility and stagnation of bile.

The stone relieves pain – during a visit to the dentist or a small surgical intervention, it is useful to squeeze a large stone in your fist, it will accelerate the effect of anesthesia and calm the nerves. Jasper in earrings has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision and protects against airborne infections. For therapeutic effects, you need to choose jewelry with large minerals.

Who is suitable for the zodiac sign

Surprisingly, jasper of any shade will bring harmony and benefit to all 12 signs of the zodiac . This is the rare case when there are no contraindications even for an individual natal chart . Planet patrons mineral – Jupiter and Mercury , respectively, the greatest benefit and support will be the Virgin , which often lack the optimism and self-confidence, and the Archers , who will help to ground jasper fiery temperament.

Capricorns and Taurus , as representatives of the Earth element, will immediately feel the influence of jasper due to the emerging ease in communication with people and an increase in prosperity. Scorpios need to wear scarlet stones as a talisman against their inherent resentment and tendency to depression. Solar Leo and Aries will feel that their energy resources are not wasted as quickly as before, before the appearance of jasper. The health and intuition of Libra , Gemini and Aquarius will be supported by a green mineral, and Pisces and Cancers will be supported by blue.

Struck by the negative aspect, Jupiter and Mercury in the natal chart successfully harmonize if you regularly wear jasper of the shade that corresponds to the house of their location. For example, a weak Mercury in Virgo is green, Jupiter in Pisces is blue-gray. The stones should be worn on the area of ​​correspondence to the planets on the body: throat, ears, fingers – Mercury, shoulders, solar plexus – Jupiter. But we must also remember that even the strong position of these planets in combination with jasper will provide the cardholder with even greater happiness and health.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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