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Elaboration of Venus in the natal chart

A strong Venus is not only a guarantee of good luck in love, a guarantee of beauty and youth for many years, but also the ability to arouse sympathy in any people, earn money easily, attract a happy set of circumstances and follow a personal value system without fear. If individuals with such Venus can’t find  life partners or, as luck would have it, scoundrels, gigolos, tyrants and abusers are attracted, and the salary has not been raised for many years despite the obvious merits, it’s time to work out Venus in the horoscope.

The problem of the affected planet is that even if a wonderful husband or wife meets, individuals with such planet will still acutely feel loneliness, will not appreciate a good attitude towards themselves, will insatiably demand proof of fidelity, or vice versa: they will feel unworthy of love, money, just happiness.

Strength and weakness of Venus in the horoscope

Affected Venus always provokes wars in a person’s life. In a calm relationship, it is boring, quarrels, scandals, showdowns and violent passionate reconciliations are necessary. A perverted understanding of love is being formed, and caring, kind partners are perceived as gray wimps. This will not happen if Venus is in a strong position:

  • in the signs of Taurus and Libra in the monastery, in Pisces in exaltation, but with favorable aspects, because without them there is too emotional and obsessive manifestation of feelings;
  • has several harmonious connections with benefic planets or is included in positive figures of aspects.

In astrology, Venus is considered a small benefactor, bringing wealth and good luck after Jupiter, but this does not mean that she is not evil. The most difficult thing will be for people who have a symbol of love:

  • in the signs of Aries and Scorpio in the power of Mars, which they try to imitate, in Virgo, where they are ashamed to show sexuality and interest in the opposite sex;
  • burned by the Sun, hiding the principles of the planet;
  • in the mine – without aspects, which means with zero idea of ​​love and intrinsic value for the world;
  • afflicted by the aspects of the malefic planets, Neptune and Lilith.

However, this is not a sentence and personal happiness depends on willpower, desire and the correct application of astrological methods of correction.

Signs of weak Venus in the horoscope

If it is difficult to understand the level of power of Venus in the natal chart, people need to pay attention to how it is manifested in life. There are a number of signs that point to growing Venusian problems:

  • lack of confidence in personal attractiveness, lack of fans, ridicule and hostility from others, bullying at school, lack of friends in adulthood;
  • poor taste and indifference to clothing, jewelry, development of personal style and brand, preference for black and gray colors, ignoring bright colors;
  • excessive pretentiousness of appearance, a tasteless combination in clothes of variegated colors, gold, silver, lurex, sparkles;
  • the choice of a popular image that is alien, just to please the trends of society: plastic surgery, obvious tattooing of the eyelids, overly enlarged lips;
  • a ban on pleasure, entertainment, petty pleasures;
  • lack of interest in art, investment, personal health, sports;
  • inability to earn money, fear to declare oneself as a specialist, ask for a promotion or an increase in salary;
  • physical tightness of the body, lack of a sense of rhythm, ear for music, fear of dancing, singing, performing in front of an audience.

Any inadequacy in matters of relationships, beauty, style speaks of the imbalance of Venus and requires compensatory measures.

Elaboration of Venus in the mine

The absence of aspects, especially sextiles, deprives the owners of Venus, primarily in the possibilities of realizing talents. This is especially clearly seen when the planet is in the monastery, but in the mine. These people have an obvious talent, but they do not believe in themselves, they are afraid to get paid for it, or life itself does not provide opportunities for development. For example, a future gifted actor or dancer lives with the parents in a small town where there are no schools, clubs or a theater stage. In this case, the parents must move or look for opportunities to develop the talent.

In adulthood, such individuals will have to replay fate themselves, also choosing a successful relocation horoscope, investing in additional education, psychological sessions to work out complexes, work with a stylist, any actions in order to break out into the dream world from limiting internal beliefs and external circumstances.

If possible, they need to analyze Venus in the horoscope of the family, starting with the parents and going on. Most often, a certain regularity of the mine is clarified and weak points are identified that need to be harmonized in the first place.

Venus in the mine gives loneliness and fear of relationships if a person does not take action, so need to take the first step in dating and respect the feelings of fans, even if they do not meet the criteria of beauty.

Elaboration of the burnt Venus

The planet burnt by the Sun has a strong desire to escape, to show its individuality and beauty to the world. At a low level, this manifests itself through narcissism, self-centeredness and humiliation of other people, when only on the basis of the fact of personal beauty, these individuals consider less attractive others unworthy of their majesty and mediocre, ignoring spiritual qualities. Hence the loneliness. However, at the highest level of development, burned Venus gives a strong desire to create beauty and share it.

Elaboration is done through:

  • development of creative talents;
  • disclosure of femininity in girls, the study of female psychology and building competent relationships with an understanding of its features in men;
  • the courage to be yourself, but not to rise above others, to feel like an equal among equals, where everyone is talented in their own way.

The main thing is not to get hung up on appearance,  because often men and women with burned Venus are looking for an ideally beautiful life partner without flaws.

Elaboration of  Venus with practical actions

Harmonizing Venus is very difficult because of the strong emotional involvement in the topics of love, appearance, self-affirmation, creative recognition. Therefore, it is important to follow the Venusian principles of the general plan in order to prepare a fertile ground for work:

  • always look nice and neat, even if one is at home;
  • create an atmosphere of comfort and cleanliness at home, if possible, then acquire luxurious furniture, paintings, make a place of power out of housing;
  • dance, sing, draw, participate in art competitions for experience, not for win;
  • cultivate self-love, understand the value to the world, make a list of the talents and best qualities, tirelessly develop them;
  • give up gluttony, do not eat a lot of sweets, go vegan as much as possible;
  • keep the body in good shape, eradicate laziness, selfishness, arrogance, develop friendliness, make compliments and be able to accept them;
  • wear clothes of white, silvery colors, jewelry made of copper and silver with stones-mascots of Venus: turquoise, malachite, emerald, diamond, zircon, white sapphires, tourmalines;
  • fast on Fridays or attend theaters, concerts, exhibitions;
  • communicate as much as possible with the opposite sex, studying the psychology of relationships in practice.

The harmonization of Venus is not a one-time action, but a certain way of life, but the reward will be love, creative recognition and financial stability.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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