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Malachite – the magical properties of the stone

Malachite is a semi-precious mineral with a luxurious palette of shades, from light green-turquoise to emerald black, due to the high copper content. Its surface can be both velvety and smooth as silk, it is opaque, but radiates an inner glow.

Magicians and esotericists have established that its inner light is similar to the energy of love coming from an open heart chakra. This explains the charm of malachite jewelry, putting on which, any woman becomes more beautiful, and products made from the mineral of emerald green tones ennoble the interior and attract new friends and clients.

Despite the fact that malachite is associated with Russia after a series of Ural tales by Bazhov about the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, who owned wonderful malachite deposits, and craftsmen who knew how to open amazing drawings of flowers, patterns and wonderful curls in a stone layer, a wonderful mineral has been known since ancient times:

  • the Greeks called it “malache” – a stone mallow of bright green color;
  • Persians – “with a peacock's eye” because of the frequent pattern of rings diverging to the sides;
  • Egyptians – through the eyes of Isis, symbolizing pure and selfless love.

But it was the Russian nobles who introduced the fashion for malachite throughout Europe. After the opening of the richest mines, the chambers of the palaces were faced with solid slabs with amazing patterns and turquoise-emerald overflows – in the Catherine Palace and in St. Isaac's Cathedral, the supporting columns were made entirely of the Ural mineral, and decorations from it were considered a sign of good taste, as well as boxes, glasses, figurines and countertops. For a long time, the crushed stone was used by artists for paints and women of fashion – as cosmetics.

The magical properties of the stone

Alchemists believed that the patterns on malachite are a direct reflection of the energy pattern of the Universe, the information encrypted in them harmonizes the human biofield and opens the heart chakra, which makes the owner of the stone irresistibly charming for others.

The more patterns on a polished mineral, the more powerful its magical power. Unfortunately, the recipe for the elixir of life of medieval alchemists, based on malachite powder, has been lost, but even if worn as a decoration, it awakens in a person the desire to live and create, and most importantly, it fulfills cherished desires. Malachite magic will help first of all:

  • artists, singers, artists – will attract fans, remove the excitement during public performances;
  • for doctors and scientists – it will help to see the essence of things and to approach research outside the box;
  • for pregnant women – jewelry in the form of a cross or heart will protect the baby and facilitate the process of childbirth;
  • children – being traditionally a protective amulet for children, the stone regularly protects little owners from dangers, evil people and attracts good friends, also helping to concentrate during study.

It is better to set malachite exclusively in silver, because in combination with gold it, of course, makes its owner a “star” of society, but attracts a continuous stream of people into his life, not dividing them into good and bad. This can be especially dangerous for women, who may be harassed by overly enthusiastic fans. Silver, on the other hand, guarantees protection from malicious individuals.

The healing properties of the stone

The stone of any shade harmonizes the work of the heart and lungs – dull pains and arrhythmias disappear, inflammation disappears. For the best effect on the cardiovascular system, malachite jewelry should be worn on the left hand in the form of a bracelet and a large ring, and for recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia – in the form of large beads or a pendant in contact with the center of the chest. In addition, the Ural “peacock eye” is able to heal from:

  • skin rashes and irritations, as well as improve complexion with daily stroking with a malachite roller massager;
  • problems with vision and hearing – in this case, it is better to wear it in the form of earrings;
  • radioactive exposure and the consequences of chemotherapy in cancer;
  • panic attacks, depression, obsessive thoughts;
  • epileptic seizures in children;
  • motion sickness on the road, problems with pressure;
  • disorders in the thyroid gland;
  • premenstrual syndrome and discomfort with menopause.

The stone acquires the greatest strength in May, so if you present it at this time with the wish of health, it will very quickly have a healing effect.

Who suits the zodiac sign

Soft green hues and the ability to attract and awaken love are gifts from Venus, who patronizes malachite. He will be a happy talisman for Taurus and Libra , enhance their natural charm, but at the same time remove excessive shyness and internal conflicts. He will bring good luck in love to the cheerful Leo and Sagittarius , and Scorpio , Pisces , Virgo and Capricorn will give the ability to enjoy life without unnecessary reflection. In any zodiac sign, malachite will enhance its positive characteristics.

If, in a personal horoscope, Venus is struck by a negative aspect, for example, in conjunction and quadrature with Mars and Saturn, or with its weak position in Aries, Capricorn and Virgo, this is usually expressed in the inability to win sympathy, profitably present oneself and maintain financial well-being. The energy of malachite will gently even out the imbalance of energies, remove unnecessary stress in communication with the opposite sex and attract opportunities for increasing income.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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