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Saturn without aspects

If the planet does not have the main five aspects: trine, square, sextile, conjunction and opposition, it is isolated from all spheres of the horoscope and is related only to the house in which it is located. It is extremely difficult to manage its energy. It turns out that people with such planet have strong ambitions and desires associated with this house of the horoscope, but fate does not give it any clues and opportunities. Everything depends only on themselves, their determination and courage to be different from the rest.

What happens to Saturn without aspects? After all, it is considered the most strict and ruthless measure of karma. It is very interesting that Saturn without aspects, on the contrary, softens the trials of life and helps people develop an individual system of discipline necessary for success. The most important thing is that such individuals are not influenced by other people, it is impossible to force them to do what they do not want, but they, if desired, create a powerful structure of personal power.

Positive influence of Saturn without aspects

The motto of such a position of the planet – there is no blessing in disguise. Such people are very demanding of themselves. Whether this is good or bad depends on the goal they are moving towards and their inner state.

Very often they cannot enjoy life without selfless service and many hours of work on themselves. In their youth, they like to take various austerities: fast, play sports for two hours every day, and harden the body. This has a very beneficial effect on their Saturn: clarity of thought turns on, the ability to manage everything in the shortest possible time, which is very surprising to those around them, and besides, they are extremely hardy.

However, the problem is that the owners of Saturn without aspects can suddenly change: they had just been a model of endurance and self-control, and suddenly they lost their caution, spilled secrets, forgot about an important meeting. This does not happen in bursts, but for long periods. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to reorganize the system of personal success, write themselves a daily routine and follow it.

This feature is very important to understand, because if they allow themselves to not finish something every day, put it off for later, then they turn from a powerful spring into a sluggish wire, which is extremely difficult to twist into a working tool.

The owners of Saturn without aspects are incredibly hardworking, but only in the area of the house where the planet stands. For example, if this is the 6th house, they will work day and night at work, eat only the right foods, or go on a diet to exhaustion, which, on the one hand, is not bad, but on the other, such people even go on vacation with a sense of guilt and work out every a thin piece of cake unloading days.

If this is the 7th house, then it is the individuals who work on relationships, invest in them to the fullest and perceive failure in their personal lives as the end of the world.

With all these positive qualities, the problem is that they give more than they receive, work tirelessly, but in the end it turns out that this is monkey work and everything could be done easier.

The negative influence of Saturn without aspects

If someone’s natal chart is dominated by tense connections between the planets, and they are mostly in the fall or exile, then it is extremely difficult for such owners of the chart to get out of constant self-restraint. As a rule, since childhood, they grow up in an atmosphere of carrots and sticks, various restrictions and punishments. Later, this is formed into a stable belief that any pleasure is a sin that will have to be paid for. The owners of Saturn in Leo feel this especially acutely.

Considering that the talent of such people is the ability to create their own system of values, they very successfully prove by their own example that they really have to pay for happiness and convince others of this through their own activities as teachers, writers, psychologists, politicians.

Based on the idea of guilt and sinfulness, they are able to create entire structures of influence, or because of such beliefs, they themselves block the opportunity to become successful, rich and happy.

There are a number of features of the negative influence of Saturn without aspects:

  • lack of self-control, lack of understanding when and what, and in what company one can speak;
  • secrecy, isolation, inability to present oneself in a favorable light, painful shame for one’s virtues: beauty, good figure, talents, privileged position, and as a result, unconscious deprivation of oneself of all this;
  • strictness to one’s dreams and desires, for example, people allow themselves to buy only one good thing, not two, although no one forbids them, or saves on food and comfort, although they can quite afford to ride a taxi rather than a bus;
  • loneliness, infantilism, inability to bring things to their logical end, lack of punctuality and complete everyday chaos;
  • fear of responsibility, shifting it to others, they make decisions, and they only obey, lack of sympathy, empathy, unscrupulousness.

At the lowest level of development, such people have no remorse at all, pang of conscience, they do not understand that thier callousness hurts other people.

Elaboration of Saturn without aspects

A child with such a position of the planet must initially be brought up in love and through it instill a system of higher values. Ideally, such individuals are the creators of new Universes, for the sake of a great goal, they can sacrifice worldly pleasures for a while in order to get much more output, but they can do it right, without distortions, only if they initially have a powerful spiritual core and inner light.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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