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Saturn in the 12th house

Saturn is a planet with an evil nature, and its presence in the Twelfth House of the horoscope can bring life trials, difficulties and hardships to the subject. Evil fate often prevents the owner of Saturn in the 12th house from achieving success in the profession, stability in life and high social status.

People with such a Saturn feel the limitations of fate. They fail to intervene in the course of events and direct them in the desired direction. It remains only to look at the development of the situation and passively await its outcome. The fatalism of the owners of Saturn in the 12th house of the natal chart leads to enthusiasm for the occult sciences.

Such a person can work hard and hard, but the results of his work never become public. However, the subject can do well in charitable and medical work. Holders of Saturn in the 12th house sometimes choose to work in secret organizations and closed institutions. They can also be found in hospitals, sanatoriums, children's camps, nursing homes, etc. They are often in charge of confidential information. In the lives of such people, there are periods of seclusion, emigration and seclusion.

The twelfth house of the radix is ​​also responsible for disease. Exposure to stress and nervous strain can make the native want to escape from adverse environmental factors. Sanatoriums, dispensaries, trips abroad, non-traditional treatment – all these opportunities the subject can use to restore health and peace of mind.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of Saturn in the 12th house of the radix has a balanced, judicious and calm character. Such people do not tolerate haste and fuss around them. Work is done in their hands if they work alone and no one bothers them. They strive to bring any business to a victorious end. They attach great importance to analyzing their past performance, working on mistakes and planning future actions.

Such people should not violate the laws, both earthly (i.e. established by society) and spiritual. Otherwise, periods of imprisonment and repeated study of karmic lessons are likely. By depriving other people of independence, the subject himself finds himself in a situation of restriction of freedom. A native who repeatedly goes through this cycle begins to understand karmic laws, tries to grow spiritually, and shows interest in religion.

Saturn and zodiac signs

The possessor of an essentially strong Saturn (in Capricorn, in Libra) in the 12th house is distinguished by perseverance, honesty, conscientiousness and great psychic strength. Staying abroad strengthens the native's character, makes him invulnerable against everyday difficulties, gives him a wealth of professional experience and applied knowledge.

Saturn, damaged and weak in quality (for example, in Cancer, in Aries), causes mental disorders, accidents, long periods of forced isolation and emigration. A person can suffer from bad habits and addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.), be subject to the evil eye and damage.

Saturn and its aspects

The possessor of a negatively aspected Saturn is distrustful, indecisive and overly cautious. In his life there are many intrigues, betrayal and treachery. He is not inclined to trust others, tries to do everything on his own, and most of all he appreciates peace, silence and solitude.

If Saturn in the 12th house is harmoniously aspected, then the owner of the horoscope is distinguished by attentiveness, patience and a high spiritual level. Nature endowed him with the ability to understand the inner world and the state of other people. A native can show his abilities by working as a psychologist, doctor, psychotherapist, etc.

Lilia Garipova


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